Broadrake reviews

27 Mar 15'

Paul Grayson reviewed: Blacksmith for a day in the Yorkshire Dales

"I would recommend this course to anybody. The makes were not too difficult but did stretch our skills. Adrian (and his beautiful assistant, Andy) was easy going and had time for us all. We worked at our own pace, no pressure to rush. I was really pleased with my makes and the family were very impressed. The food was home made, plentiful and tasty. Rachel and Mike were very hospitable sharing their home with us for the day. Thanks to everyone for making this such an enjoyable day."

24 Mar 15'

Catherine Kemp reviewed: Blacksmith for a day in the Yorkshire Dales

"What a fantastic day! despite finding the black smithing really difficult I came home with a key ring, a dragon that looks like a dragon and a lovely twisted hook. Thank you so much Adrian and Andy for your patience! The setting was beautiful and the food delicious, Rachel and Mike were the perfect hosts and my course mates friendly and helpful; the whole day exceeded my expectations."

24 Mar 15'

Bryan Schofield reviewed: Blacksmith for a day in the Yorkshire Dales

"A great day. I had always wanted to try my hand at blacksmithing, and Adrian (helped by Andy) showed us all what to do and how to do it. Some things seemed easier than I had expected, but others required patience and tweaking to get the desired results. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and were happy to help each other. There was a plentful supply of cookies, biscuits and cake washed down with copious brews, and lunch was plentiful and delicious. Many thanks to Rachel and Mike who made us all feel so welcome to their lovely home Broadrakes - which enjoys fabulous views of Ingleborough and the historic Ribblehead Viaduct. Definitely not an experience to be missed."

23 Mar 15'

Jamie Hyde reviewed: Blacksmith for a day in the Yorkshire Dales

"The Blacksmith course was a great experience which I was given as a 16th birthday present. I already have an interest in blacksmithing/metal working and I thought it was a nice surprise. Adrian took us through all the steps for making three items and offered lot's of advice and help, both for on the day and in the future when I do any blacksmithing at home. Altogether it was a great day and I would strongly recommend it to the experienced or inexperienced. Rachel and Mike were wonderful hosts and provided some lovely homemade food and hospitality which was very much appreciated. Thanks to you all for a great day."

25 Jul 14'

Harrison Cox reviewed: Blacksmith for a day in the Yorkshire Dales

"Me (aged 15) and my Grandad attended the course last February and it was great! We got to create 3 items (each) which turned out really well considering it was the first time Grandad and I worked with metal, so Adrian's tutoring must have been very good. Which it was. Me and my Grandad truly enjoyed the experience and the hospitality was great, and for the price it was, we got more than ours monies worth. We do recommend going on this day course as you will not regret it and you will learn lots of skills which are very useful, especially if you want to do Blacksmithing in the future."

15 Jun 14'

Deborah Davidson reviewed: Blacksmith for a day in the Yorkshire Dales

"Thanks to Mike and Rachel for organising such a great course. I made a key ring and dragon hook and two leaf hooks on this brilliant day; the hooks are up in the garden shed being put to good use, and my key ring is used for my bike lock key. Adrian and his mates were very encouraging and worked with each of us to hone our blacksmithing skills. I was amazed at their patience (and humour) as we tried to craft a piece of steel into something that resembled a leaf!! I went away very satisfied and proud of my creations, and now have a stronger bicep. Definitely want to go again."

14 Jun 14'

Anne Benson reviewed: Blacksmith for a day in the Yorkshire Dales

"An excellent day. Very satisfying to turn a flat piece of steel into something. The tutors are really helpful, friendly and go at the pace of the group. Just the right amount of input, letting you get on by yourself and helping out when your hammering arm is getting tired! The hooks you make are actually quite useful too. The views across the Ribble Valley from the barn are fantastic so you can take a break from hammering and enjoy the scenery. The food is all homemade and delicious. All in all a great day."

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