Sculpture kit: armature, clay & live tuition



Follow your sculpting desire with my original Stay Home Sculpting Kit - this one comes with clay and an armature mailed to your door. This is far more than just a kit: you will receive the clay, an armature, a manual, access to live Youtube tutorials and demos, model reference images, and two live interactive video calls with me to guide you along and answer any questions you have. Sculpting makes the hours just fly by, keeping my brain active and engaged. You too can now learn how to sculpt a life-size portrait in clay with this Stay Home Sculpting Kit. The method of sculpting I will be teaching you is based on observation. No measurements of the model are required. This allows you to be free with your sculpting and train your eye. You will be able to Fire or Mould and Cast your sculpture. I will be teaching the method for firing during this course.

What's included in the price?

* 25 kg grey or terracotta stoneware clay. This is entirely down to personal preference so please let me know via a message. * Flatpack wooden armature: a two-part wooden stand. Pre-drilled and fixings in the package. (one large screw). The tools needed for assembly are a screwdriver and drill with a drill bit. * Downloadable Model Reference photos: you will be sculpting a female portrait model, and will be able to download the reference photos (in Jpeg). * The 'Stay at Home sculpting manual' PDF Download. This manual is a Step by step instruction booklet written by myself for you to read through. I have written some of my Top Tips for you as well! You will be guided through from building the armature to how to finish your sculpture. * Youtube demos: Each pre-recorded demo will demonstrate the different chapters of the manual. The Demonstrations will be accessible via a link to a private youtube playlist. * Personal tutor video calls: you will receive two half an hour 1-2-1 video calls to discuss your sculpture at different stages. Calls will be arranged between the student and myself. I will be available to answer questions via email on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please feel free to send me images of your work throughout the process, you will receive 6 weeks of Annotated photo feedback.

What you will need

- Internet connection - Computer - Video call - Screw Driver/ Drill - Newspaper - Tape



Suitable for

  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Teenagers
  • Wheelchair users
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