Looking for hours of creative entertainment for the kids? Look no further than our new Rag-a-Monster Rag Rug Kids Kit. This craft kit is perfect for kids aged 7-12 to learn how to rag rug for the very first time, while getting hands-on fun away from screens. Our Ragged Life "Rag Rug Kids Kit" includes all the tools and materials to make one cute or scary Rag-a-Monster, but once you've got the tools there's no reason why they can't move on to more projects.

What's included in the price?

Here's what is included: A Children's Latch Hook - This latch hook has been specifically designed for smaller hands and makes shaggy rag rugging much easier than with a full sized latch hook. Hemmed Rag-a-Monster Hessian - Our hessian is the perfect weave for use with the children's latch hook and is pre-hemmed so that it doesn't fall apart. This means that the kids can get rag rugging straight away. Pre-cut Recycled Multi-Coloured Fabric Strips - All the fabric for the Rag-a-Monster is pre-cut into the correct size pieces so the kids can get stuck into the rag rugging straight away without having to do lots of prep (bet some of you adults wish I would do that for the adult kits!) 24-Piece Felt Set - A good variety of felt pieces means the children can create a completely unique Rag-a-Monster to fit their personality and preferences. No two Rag-a-Monsters will ever look the same. PVA Glue - Each kit includes a 100ml bottle of non-toxic PVA glue for the assembly and customisation of the Rag-a-Monster. Instruction Booklet - This booklet includes step by step photos and instructions on how to rag rug and how to assemble the Rag-a-Monster. It has been specially designed for kids, so includes plenty of inspirational pictures and an activity part at the back. Kids Kit Bag - This can be used over and over again and is a useful place for the kids to keep all their rag rug materials together.




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