Handcrafted Ash Rustic Whisky Tumbler - personalised



Toast a dram in a truly unique handcrafted wooden whisky tumbler made from local sustainable timber from Speyside, Scotland - the heart of malt whisky country. Our tumblers offer unique and distinct properties to enhance your drinking pleasure, which cannot be found in glass. Over time, they begin to retain the notes and flavour of whisky, just like the wooden casks that matured these characteristics originally. Due to the natural materials and handcrafted process involved in every individual tumbler we create, you will experience a uniqueness of warmth and tactile qualities which cannot be replicated in any modern day mass production. Tumbler sizes range from 85mm - 100mm tall and 45mm - 60mm wide. Enough for a healthy double dram!

How this was made

Our Rustic whisky tumblers are carefully hand crafted using a Swedish carving axe and drawknife to shape the outside of the tumbler leaving the axe and drawknife marks giving a rustic feel. Using a hand auger the inside is then drilled out and the tumbler side walls are finely carved with various crook knives to give the perfect drinking experience.

What's included in the price?

A personalised handwritten message of your choice on the tumbler base (up to 45 characters) or you can choose the signature Gedwood handwritten message. See illustrated photos showing both of these options. Please let me know which option you prefer and if choosing your own personalised message, please send this to me via the 'Conversation' button on your order confirmation email.





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Ged first got into green woodworking through renovating his house and garden. He built his own bespoke kitchen from wood and taught himself as he went. He enjoyed it so much he decided he'd like to teach others how to craft beautiful items from natural resources. Ged's interests include hill walking, bird watching, yoga, conservation, environmental issues and northern soul. He's a very calm and encouraging teacher and an all round great human being!

Suitable for

  • Christmas
  • Overseas Holiday
  • Easter
  • Fairs, festivals & exhibitions
  • Father's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Romantic
  • UK Holiday
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