Paint Pouring Fluid Art Masterclass with Monique Oliver



NEWLY ADDED TO CRAFT COURSES: Dive into the World of Paint Pouring with an Award Winning Artist Monique Oliver and her Fluid Art Masterclass! 🎨 Are you ready to unlock your full artistic potential? Join me on an incredible journey through the mesmerising realm of fluid art with FAM 2.0 - the worlds largest online paint pouring course with over 70 (24 hours+) of video tutorials, bonuses and downloadable pdfs. This fully comprehensive course is EVERYTHING you need to finally get to grips with these popular "harder than they look" techniques. Level up your acrylic paint pouring skills in the fastest time possible without the overwhelm and confusion, with my easy to follow, step-by-step course. ✨ Embark on the Evolution: From its humble beginnings with partial funding from the English Art Council and 30 beta testers, FAM garnered rave reviews upon its launch in 2020. Now, witness the transformation first hand with FAM 2.0, meticulously crafted based on invaluable feedback from my community. 🌟 Unlock Unparalleled Learning: Immerse yourself in the largest and most comprehensive paint pouring course globally, designed for beginners and improvers alike. With over 24 hours of premium content, FAM 2.0 offers a wealth of knowledge at a fraction of the cost of private lessons. 🎓 Learn Alongside the Masters: Join me as I share over 9 years of expertise as an Award-Winning fluid artist and qualified educator, alongside lessons from 2 other esteemed veteran pourers. 📹 Discover a Wealth of Resources: Delve into 70 meticulously crafted video tutorials filmed in high definition widescreen format, complete with timestamps for easy navigation. Plus, unlock a treasure trove of supporting materials, including an extensive ebook detailing essential supplies and equipment, a personalised planner, and expert tips on photographing your masterpieces for social media or sales. 🤝 Become Part of a Thriving Community: Gain exclusive access to my dedicated Facebook Support Group, where experienced pourers and past students stand ready to guide and inspire you every step of the way. 🖌️ Seamless Learning Experience: Immerse yourself in a seamless learning experience with professionally edited videos featuring links to recommended supplies and equipment. With FAM 2.0, your journey from novice to intermediate fluid artist has never been more accessible or enjoyable! WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT FLUID ART MASTERCLASS: (Google & Facebook Reviews) "I can honestly say this course has made my year and changed my life – it is the one positive to come out of 2020. Everything I have learnt about acrylic pouring started with these videos and the knowledge I have taken away with me, will be forever. I cannot express enough, how happy I am that I completed this course and would not hesitate to do any of your courses again in the future. You really have been the best teacher/mentor." Elizabeth G.USA "After almost a year of following various artists on You Tube, spending a lot of money on a lot of different products in the process, I still found myself pouring paint onto a canvas whilst pinching one eye shut and hoping for the best! I feel transformed and inspired having done Monique’s Fluid Acrylic Masterclass. Not only have I learned that not all black paints were created equal, we also narrowed down on products that created real results whilst experimenting with a variety of techniques. With great communication throughout the course Monique has an amazing skill to draw one in, knowledge to inspire and she knows how to lead one away from overthinking. With her expert guidance I was able to push my own boundaries and see my work improve by 100%. Being part of a family on Facebook with fellow course members and learning from each other’s work was a huge added bonus. Monique’s Fluid Art Masterclass is thoroughly enjoyable, professional and well structured with tons of support and it was great fun co-creating with others!" YOLANDA L. UK "I’d only start acrylic pouring two months before I found Monique’s course and I discovered very quickly that she resolved many of my problems, explained very clearly and is so supportive of her group. I’d recommend her course without hesitation." MIRANDA D. UK "I absolutely love this program! Monique is so deliberate in her methods, she explains everything and really breaks down the techniques. I was initially concerned that I might not be able to get the same supplies she uses in the United States, but happily, that is not the case! Many of the same brands are available. I would recommend this program for anyone who would like to take a deliberate, technical and creative approach to paint pouring. It is wonderful for beginner painters and seasoned alike!" CAITLIN B. USA

What's included in the price?

Over 70 Self-Paced Video Tutorials (24hrs total running time) and Supporting Material Including: Tips, Tricks & Hacks to save you Time, Money, Overwhelm & Frustration! Paint Brands and Consistency Tips Mixing Homemade Pouring Medium Troubleshooting Guide Basic Colour Theory and Saving Money on Paint Various Pouring Techniques: Swipes, Flip Cups, Ring Pours, Cloud/Galaxy Pours, Balloon Rolls & Kisses, Dutch Pours Post-Pouring Care and Varnishing Methods Photography Tips and Display Options Pricing Your Artwork Platform Navigation Guide Downloadable E-Book: "Rough Guide to Pouring V.3.0" Personal Pouring Planner Safety Equipment and Supplies Setup Each module contains detailed tutorials and guidance to help you master the art of fluid pouring. BONUS Content: Transparent PVA, Ninja Swipe Technique Access to Dedicated Private Facebook Group for on-going support & Feedback



Award Winning Fluid Artist Based in Forest of Dean Fully Qualified and Experienced Tutor (20+ years) Private Lessons and Online Courses Available

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YES! Although the course is targeted towards the UK - the majority of the materials and equipment I use (or very similar products) are readily available worldwide. The original FAM had members in both the USA and Europe and no one had any issues sourcing alternate products. It's actually very difficult for UK-based pourers as our supplies here are limited and are generally much more expensive. If you live outside the UK, you will have a much wider choice of cheaper alternatives. Once you've purchased the course, you can always reach out in the Facebook group for advice regarding suitable substitutes.

YES! Complete beginners up to intermediate level (less than a years' experience) are catered for in the course with everything you need to LEVEL UP your pouring in the FASTEST TIME possible. If you're still not convinced take a peek at previous students BEFORE & AFTER pics and read some of the reviews. ALL of these students had little or no prior experience.

I've been pouring professionally for 9 years, my large scale pieces sell for a lot of money and I've been a qualified educator for over 20+ years. All of that puts me in a unique position. As part of FAM2.0 you'll have access to tutorials filmed by 3 EXPERIENCED TUTORS all of whom film their tutorials using professional grade equipment in a HIGH RES format and edit their final work. You'll also receive INVALUABLE SUPPORT as part of a DEDICATED SUPPORT GROUP with Admins. who are VETERAN POURERS who are happy to assist with any pouring questions you have!

I haven’t just thrown this course together and hoped for the best! It’s taken an entire YEAR of CONSULTATION with prior students, filming, editing and authoring to put together what I believe is THE premier pouring program for beginners and improvers available right now!

Youtube videos can only take you so far and are most beneficial once you already have a fair bit of pouring experience – so you are able to watch them with discernment. Provided you fully participate in everything I'm making available to you in FAM - you'll learn quicker than you ever thought possible!

You will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the course content and can start the program straight away.

It is my intention that you will have LIFETIME ACCESS with FREE UPGRADES (no further charge for any new tutorials added). However, in the unlikely event that I have to take the course offline for any reason (I can't imagine why - but then I also couldn't imagine a pandemic which would send the world into lockdown!!!) – you will be given at least 6 months’ notice of the course being taken down.

FAM has been designed as a STANDALONE course and is priced accordingly. Unfortunately, due to all my commitments, I’m unable to answer individual queries as I get scores of questions every week and if I answered them all I wouldn’t have any time left for anything else!

However, this is why you have access to the FAM Facebook Support group. You won't be left on your own when you face any challenges. The group is headed up by the EXTREMELY knowledgeable VETERAN POURER - Dawn Cowan and there are over 30 original FAMers in there who have already undertaken the course. The group is INCREDIBLY helpful - & I pop in as often as I can.

No. The learning platform logs email addresses and your IP address. If it suspects that the material is being accessed by more than 1 household you are likely to be logged out and will need to contact support to re-gain access.

As this is an ON-DEMAND service – the usual regulations regarding a 14 day “cooling off” period don’t apply and there are NO REFUNDS. However, there are plenty of reviews and pre-purchase material and a free sample lesson so you can make an informed choice about whether or not the course is suitable for your needs prior to purchase.

This course is taught online