Felted collages using pre-felt Video kit by Purr & Wag It, Tabletop Workshops



Be inspired by the Masters: Miro, Matisse cutouts, Braque birds, Bauhaus weavers to create your very own felt collage masterpiece. Or go "off-piste" and use your own or other artists' imagery. This is the Video kit version of my pre-felt in-person or live online workshop and it's great for children. Once you've received your kit(s) I will send you links and passwords for the inspiration page and the step by step video guide. Once you've purchased your kit message me to let me know what colours of pre-felts you'd like. I'll pack them up and post them off to you. And if you are purchasing more than 1 kit to the same address please contact me first as postage is likely to be less. If you're a school or community group do get in touch as my pricing is different. To make your felt collage you'll use sharp scissors to cut and place different colours of pre-felt atop an A4* size pre-felt background (or two A5*). Once your design is complete you'll use wet felt making techniques to bring your cut pre-felt together into the finished piece without the need for glue or a single stitch! If you would like once it is dry you can then embellish it with stitch or beads. Developing the pre-felt into felt is made up of a series of repetitive actions. Many people find these relaxing and some a stress buster. But, the final stages of wet felting can be quite vigorous and is very hands-on. If you have arthritis or a similar condition in your hands you may find parts of the process more challenging. This does not mean you will not be able to undertake this workshop, just that it may take you a little longer to fully felt your work. * NB during the wet felting process your work will shrink. Pre-felt tends to shrink less than handmade wet felting. By how much varies considerably for lots of reasons including the structure of the pre-felt and the technique of the maker. I find a general rule of thumb is between 5-10%. These figures rise to 10-30% for completely hand made wet felted work. If you're looking for something a little different, click 'message the maker' to discuss a bespoke package/the perfect date for you.

What's included in the price?

- A4 background (NB there is currently a choice of background colours: natural, black, blue or plaster please contact me to tell me which) - a selection of pre-felt pieces in various colours and sizes - 1 x A4 tracing paper and 1 x A6 freezer paper - net - chunk of olive oil soap - bubble wrap (if you haven’t got a large enough piece waiting for recycling). - link and password to the step by step video instructions on my website - link and password to the inspiration page of my website. -

What you will need

All to be found around your home: - your pre-felt kit sent in advance - any designs you have worked up from the pre-workshop notes - embroidery/textile scissors or nail scissors - cardboard tube from tinfoil/cling film or rolling pin - if you have one a plant spray bottle - a couple of tea towels or similar - access to a water supply/sink - creative spirit!


2 hours (flexible times to suit)


Heather Fiona Martin is a graduate of Goldsmiths College, University of London. She is an experienced felt maker who for over a decade has worked in educational and community settings. In addition to her community work she runs Purr & Wag It, fine art felted portraits. Heather holds an enhanced DBS certificate for children and vulnerable adults.

Suitable for

  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Teenagers
  • Children
  • Wheelchair users
  • Hearing impaired
  • Limited mobility
  • Learning difficulties (SEN)
  • Spooky
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Overseas Holiday
  • Engagement, birthdays & anniversaries
  • Father's Day
  • Fairs, festivals & exhibitions
  • Romantic
  • Hen dos
  • Stag dos
  • Mother's Day
  • Intermediate level
  • Christmas
  • Corporate days out & team building
  • Pet lovers
  • Public transport
  • Easter
  • School holiday workshops & activities
  • UK Holiday
  • Tutor can travel
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What does this mean?
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Pre-felt is, as it's name suggests is not a fully formed/finished product. It needs further "work" to become felt. So it's the between stage of having laid out say 3 layers of fibres, wetted and then fulled just enough for the fibres to hook together but not turned into a solid piece of felt.

Industrially made pre-felt can also be purchased. It is made on a needle punching machine which has a bed of thousands of needles moving up and down entangling the fibres into felt without the need for water. With pre-felt the process is halted before the felt is completely formed. Because of the process it is sometimes known as needle punch.

Why work with pre-felt? Well, because it's already sufficiently formed to be a sheet you can cut it into clean sharp edged shapes which on their own give a collaged effect to your making. Because it's part felted it tends to hold it's shape better, but this depends a little on how evenly you full what you're making. Once you've learnt the fundamentals of wet felting it is also great to use as a base to create on top of.

Please note pre-felt is not the same as craft felt. Often that is made of polyester, if you're lucky wool/viscose or quality 100% wool.

Merino wool tops and pre-felt come in many colours and qualities. I like to think I provide some of the best and I will share my sources with you after you've attended a workshop. At in person workshops a very wide selection of different colours and shades are available.

I buy all my wool tops from suppliers who certify it is Non-Mulesed. Mulesing is the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the breech (buttocks) of a sheep to prevent the parasitic infection flystrike (myiasis). It is illegal in the UK.

It has also been dyed to Oeko-Tex Standard 100: meaning the finished dyed wool has been tested for harmful substances and found harmless for human health.


It's the felting business of Heather Fiona Martin and was borne out of a wet felted pet portrait painting of a beloved Bearded Collie. Tabletop Workshops is simply the teaching arm of the business.

Heather is a graduate of Goldsmiths College, University of London. She is an experienced felt maker who for over two decades has worked in educational and community settings. Heather holds an enhanced DBS certificate for children and vulnerable adults.

Heather has been making felt with people of all ages with many differing abilities for many years now. It’s a simple process (once you know how) but elements of felt making are quite vigorous and very hands on. If you have arthritis or a similar condition in your hands you may find parts of the process challenging. That being said it’s not stopped anybody before and Heather is very happy to help you with vigorous parts of the process.

I recommend loose layered clothing. Working the fibres into felt takes a bit of elbow grease so you may find you want to take your top layer off!
An apron is not necessary but if you prefer to wear one when making then please do bring it along.

There is no parking on Stories Mews itself.

However parking is free on the surrounding roads (eg Grove Lane, Grove Park and Camberwell Grove) after 6.30pm during the week and all day at the weekend.

If you’re cycling let me know the Friday before the workshop so I can make room for your bike in the garage.

This varies a little depending on the type of workshop for:

Public 2D and 3D wet felting: I like to keep the groups small, so a maximum of 4. This provides you with plenty of time for one on one tuition.

Private 2D and 3D wet felting: Still small but I'm happy to accommodate up to 6 if everybody knows each other.
Prefelt collage, up to 6, because participants need less one on one tuition and use less room.

Christmas: Usually up to 10, because these workshops make use of crib sheets and everybody is making pretty much the same thing.

With all my workshops because of last minute cancellations you may end up with a private one on one workshop for the apublic group price.

If you're looking for something for larger numbers of participants I'm usually a) able to come to you and b) tailor something to fit in with your timetable and themes.