Art Therapy Workbook and Archetype Card Deck Kit



Embark on a creative odyssey like no other with our art therapy workbook and art therapy card deck kit, designed to be your unwavering companion on the path to healing and self-discovery. Each section is a stepping stone towards unlocking your artistic potential and finding solace in the realm of art therapy. Delve into the intricate landscapes of archetypes, where you'll gain insights into your journey and learn how creating your own art therapy card deck can become a beacon of hope. Unveil the enchanting world of Jungian symbolism, as we show you how to infuse your art with powerful archetypes and metaphors, breathing life into your expressions. Embrace the psychodynamic art therapy theory that underpins this transformative process, understanding the connections between your subconscious and your artistic endeavours. But that's not all - this guidebook takes you beyond theory, providing you with invigorating creative art prompts. Through hands-on exercises with your card deck, you'll translate your emotions into vibrant visual stories, fostering a renewed sense of purpose and joy. So, let this guidebook be your palette, and let your spirit be the brush, as you embark on a journey of healing, empowerment, and boundless creativity.

What's included in the price?

12 blank cards to create your art therapy card deck Copy Paper version of The One Life Art Therapy Workbook, full of art therapy theory and creative art therapy directives. A set of watercolours, paint brush, glue stick, pencil and eraser. A sketch book for you to explore art therapy exercises and journal your emotions.

What you will need

Magazines and coloured paper and other ephemera to create your collages. Scissors Any other art materials from your current art stash that you would like to use.



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  • Adults
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  • Suitable for beginners
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