DESIGN AND MOCK UP BAGS AND ACCESSORIES – LEARN HOW TO PLAN, DESIGN AND COMMUNICATE YOUR PROJECT DATES/TIMES: Two consecutive weeks / Mon-Fri 10 am-3.30 pm From 23/09 to 04/10 As this is the first time we organise this class in this 2-week format we might need to readjust some aspects of its structure in order for it to run at its best. Therefore we are providing our customers with a discount on the tuition. The class might, for example, end up being a little shorter or longer and certain topics may be focused on more or less than initially anticipated. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE COURSE: This course is tailored for beginners and intermediate-level participants, offering a distinctive group class format designed to assist aspiring designers or those seeking guidance in bringing to life a practical and viable collection of bags and/or accessories. Through the sessions, you will gain a comprehensive grasp of fundamental skills in accessory design and what it requires to become a bag designer. It empowers you to transform your creative concepts into tangible realities by providing instruction on the essential steps required for prototyping and manufacturing your collection. In addition to acquiring the skills to design bags and accessories accurately and understanding what information to convey to a prototype maker, this course will guide you through the process of constructing three-dimensional mock-ups for your designs. Unlike courses that solely focus on creating aesthetically pleasing drawings, this programme emphasizes providing a comprehensive understanding of the intricate and extensive processes involved in designing a collection of handbags. It aims to equip you with the insights necessary to navigate the complexities, ensuring you are well-prepared before and during the design phase. By doing so, the course aims to save you time, expense, and potential frustration when it comes to prototyping and manufacturing your collection. This course is crafted to assist both emerging and struggling designers in developing and articulating their ideas effectively for the prototyping phase. It addresses the needs and challenges faced by our customers, aiming to support and streamline the creative process for project realization. Below is a list of topics covered during the classes: - Understanding the role of a bag designer - Before designing: understanding and analsing crucial external aspects that will influence your business success - About your business idea and profile: understanding the target audience, market placement, pricing strategy and more. - Understanding what a moodboard is and how to use it - Understanding the differences and purposes of illustrations vs technical drawings - Understanding the importance of construction and its impact on your design - Overview of the anatomy of a handbag, lining and reinforcements - Understanding the structure of a collection: the use of a collection plan - Learning how to plan a balanced collection of fashion accessories - Understanding finishing options for your designs - Understanding hardware and its impact on the cost price of your collection - Overview of leather and vegan leather - Identifying the right materials for your collection - Learning how to draw three-dimensional bags - Sketching technical drawings - Going through the product development of three designs - Developing patterns and realising 1 to 3 three-dimensional mock-ups of your collection - Providing technical information about your collection to the prototype maker - Understanding the prototyping process - Manufacturing your collection: how it works and what the options are

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Materials provided. You will also receive access to a collection of handouts providing relevant information, useful resources and support in continuing your designing process independently. The handouts will contain: – A glossary containing essential key words related to the topic of the lesson – An illustrated glossary containing information about type of bags and bags’ features – An illustrated guide on common hardware used in bags and accessories – Documents about leather types, finishings, tanning processes – Information about perspective and guides to be used as reference to develop your drawings – A list of recommended suppliers for both leather and fittings (physically in London and online) – A glossary containing information about leather types and characteristics


2 weeks

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The London Leather Workshopis a design, prototyping and manufacturing studio founded by Italian designers and makers Sara Battiston and Melissa Bruscoli. With 20 years of experience in the fashion and accessory industry Sara and Melissa work with both local and international customers ranging from start-ups to established brands. Their studio is able to offer a range of services from design consultancy to product development and from prototyping to manufacturing of handbags, accessories and soft furnishings. Their practical classes will teach you the fundamental techniques of working with leather or vegan leather, how to sew these materials to a professional standard and how to create customised goods. The theoretical classes will provide you with the foundation for designing bags and accessories as well as insights and essential information about the industry.

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