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Crochet courses

Crochet courses, classes and workshops taught all across the UK. Learn the techniques of crochet and you'll gain an enjoyable and useful hobby for life. The word 'crochet' means hook. Unlike in knitting only one hook is used in crochet and basically it entails pulling one loop of thread through another. If only it were really that simple! Crochet work can be fine and elaborate, demanding great patience and skill to create a highly decorative woven fabric. I am always astounded at the speed and dexterity of the experienced crochet expert with their fingers so deft and assured. Crochet can be used to make simple but beautiful blankets and covers by building up a patchwork of smaller pieces. You can also make gorgeous crocheted hats and garments. Would you like to learn how to do crochet? Come and join a crochet course, workshop or group and be inspired by an expert crochet teacher who will share their skill with you.

Choose to do a half day of big knitting, a half day or big crochet, or make a day of it and do both! - Big Knitting- Knit a small rug in a couple of hours? Yes, you can, with Big Knitting. Fast, fun & definitely different. Using Big Knit Needles 400mmL, 25mm diam, + 1 kg of recycled woven wool Big Knit Yarn (your colour choice), you’ll learn to use either a plain knit...
Devon - Next course on 19th June 2019
Polymer clay is a fantastic material for making buttons. In its raw state, colours can be mixed to suit and shapes can be easily textured and moulded into a huge range of shapes and sizes. Once baked, it's machine washable and lightweight, so if you are a stitcher, carder, knitter or felter, or just enjoy learning a craft, this course is for you. Your tutor, Jo, will explain and demonstrate how to make your own...
Learn a wide variety of crafts, in a friendly atmosphere.
Handspun yarns with Lea A whole five hour workshop just for you in fiber art bliss and all things handspinning whether you are a complete beginner, or looking to or build your creativity and confidence with creative spinning and art yarn. This is a wonderful and inspiring opportunity to learn lots in order to get you started with spinning your first yarns, or growing your creative expression all in a peaceful, and supportive creative environment....
What on EARTH is Amigurumi?! Amigurumi is the art of shaping a 3D item in either crochet or knitting, in this case it's crochet. This course is not a beginners course, but would suit someone who has a bit of basic crochet knowledge and is ready to try something else. If you've mastered how to crochet scarves and blankets, and are ready for a bit more of a challenge, then this is for you. You'll...
Crochet a hanging plant pot with Maite Allwood Learn the traditional skills of crochet using a natural vegetable fibre with a Scottish heritage. After knitting for 30years, Maite taught herself to crochet and went on to develop this into a small business, ‘Knotty but nice’. Based in Angus, and living beside one of the last twine producers in the UK, she now uses twine as her main yarn. For use both indoors and out with...
This 6 hr crochet workshop, spread over 3 sessions of 2 hours will provide you with the opportunity to create a beautiful summer wreath. You will use a variety of stitches and colours to cover the wreath form and you will then go on to create a colourful selection of flowers and leaves to decorate your wreath. This is suitable for beginners or improvers as you will learn a variety of crochet techniques during the...
East Riding of Yorkshire
Join me for crochet and cake in the pretty village of Bainton on the rolling Yorkshire Wolds, in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Please get in touch for dates and to discuss venues. If you fancy learning a new skill this year then come and learn how to crochet a scarf and enjoy scrummy local homemade cakes. This will be a fun, friendly and a hands on experience where you will be creating your own...
Learn the art of crochet in Rochester, Kent Classes take place weekly on; Monday 19:00-21:00 Thursday 19:00-21:00 Sunday 16:00-18:00 (excluding Bank Holidays and annual leave) Have you ever fancied learning crochet or do you just want a refresher on the skills you learned from your Gran or Aunt all those years ago? Here’s your chance to brush up on those doubles, trebles and chains. These weekly crochet classes are suitable for all levels and you...
My name is Natasha and I teach Crochet Classes with Ray's Room! I have been crocheting since childhood and teaching people for lots of my adult life. I love crochet and colour and spreading this beautiful craft further. For me, crochet can be a stress and anxiety reliever and a way to practice mindfulness This course teaches an introduction to crochet. The way you'll learn will mean that you'll finish with two projects to keep...