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Crochet courses, live classes, kits, gifts and online workshops from UK makers. Learn and discover the techniques of crochet and you'll gain an enjoyable and useful hobby for life. The word 'crochet' means hook. Unlike in knitting only one hook is used in crochet and basically it entails pulling one loop of thread through another. If only it were really that simple! Crochet work can be fine and elaborate, demanding great patience and skill to create a highly decorative woven fabric. The experienced crocheter is a delight to observe; their speed and dexterity and fingers so deft and assured. Crochet can be used to make simple but treasured baby blankets and covers by building up a patchwork of smaller pieces. Or gorgeous unique crocheted hats and garments.
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Personalised Stitch Markers
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Craft Stickers - Yarn Stickers - Crochet Stickers - Knit Stickers
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Purple Crochet Geometric macrame wall decor, Beaded and crochet triangle wall hanging.
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