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Needle felting courses, classes and workshops all across the UK. Learn how to needle felt to create beautiful animal sculptures (who doesn't want to re-create their pet in needle-felt?), sometimes using a wire armature structure and sometimes using a core base of wool. Needle felt is a great craft for embellishing your textile arts and other garments. Browse the courses below for inspiration but beware - this modern twist on the ancient art of felting is highly addictive!

POWYS - Next course on 21st June 2019
Come along and create a unique butterfly or dragonfly using local fleece and barbed needles. You will have access to various natural fleece, resources and lots of advice on how to make your very own winged creature. Suitable for all levels. To book your place, please email me using the contact button above, and then secure your place with a deposit of £20.
With Easter fast approaching, we are inviting you to join us for a day of needle felting fun! You will be guided every step of the way in creating an adorable Easter Bunny. The design can be adapted for all levels of needle felting abilities and will be enjoyable for beginners as well as for experienced felters.h Easter fast approaching, we are inviting you to join us for a day of needle felting fun! You...
Create your own individual floral picture made with Merino and silk, using wet and dry needle felting techniques. In the morning you will create the background and whilst this is drying you will make a wet felted flower using pre-felt and sari silk. You will then complete the flower picture with Merino fibres, and yarns. These two projects are completed in one session because the background needs time to dry before being dry felted.
"What you can't hide, emphasise!" Using needle felted wool to visibly mend a moth hole or tear in a much loved woollen garment can bring it back to life and many might say, even improve on the original. Felt is the oldest known fabric to humankind. It is sustainable, visually appealing and its uses are numerous. We all know about darning but needle felting is another, rarer far more versatile way of mending a hole....
This course explores a variety of methods to different shapes and sizes of containers for decorative planters and vessels.Felt is a great medium for growing plants in, and it can be made into planters of almost any shape or colour. This is a one day course covering ideas for several different types of planters, or vessels which can be used for vases or lighting. We will cover free standing felt vessels and hanging baskets ,...
West Yorkshire
Here’s an exciting opportunity to try your hand at the versatile craft of needle felt and to make your very own Sleeping Rabbit All levels of ability are welcome - no experience necessary. These are fun, sociable events where you can take time out from a busy world to explore your creativity. Booking is essential so please message for more info. A £10 deposit is required on booking with remainder to be paid at least...
South Yorkshire - Next course on 7th July 2019
Do you remember when milk came from the milkman in glass bottles and cheeky birds pinched the cream? If so (or even if you are lucky enough to be too young to remember!) Join me at Studio 62 in Rotherham for this Sunday trip down memory lane and create your own little reminder. You will use needle felting techniques to create your bird including how to make wire feet and waxed beaks for a truly...
Ceredigion - Next course on 26th October 2019
A day spent designing and making your very own felted quirky bird with Ruth Packham. Ruth makes probably 10-20 birds in a year and each one is unique. Like yours will, they evolve in the making process and are not fully fledged until having been spun in a washing machine. Ahhh…. Each bird goes through a number of processes and so you will learn about needle felting and dry felting techniques during the day. There...
Warwickshire - Next course on 19th August 2019
Needle Felting Workshop 10.00 am - 12.30 pm Needle felting is a process using a barbed needle to mat the woollen fibres onto a piece of felt instead of using soapy water and rolling wool to create a piece of felt (as used in wet felting). Once felting is completed you will be able to hand or machine embroider on top to further enhance the design. You may not have time to complete your design...
Warwickshire - Next course on 22nd July 2019
Wet felting workshop 10.00 am – 12.30pm Please book in advance Wet felting is a method of producing felt from wool and other animal fibres. Warm soapy water is applied to layers of wool tops. Repeated agitation and compression causes the fibre to hook together to create a single piece of fabric. Using a choice of colours you can create lovely pieces – either by actually creating as you go or by experimenting with colour....

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