Meet the Makers: Susan Goode upcycler

With the huge surge of interest in sustainability, recycling and climate change, especially in light of the current COP26 summit in Glasgow, we are thrilled to introduce you to a Maker who makes reusing and upcycling part of her everyday crafting! Let's introduce you to Susan Goode...


Q1. Hi Susan, can you tell us about the variety of courses you offer?

Hi CraftCourses! I am excited to share with you that I am an avid upcycler, I love to transform things and save them from landfill, so most of my courses are around recycling materials. I transform vintage crockery into mosaics and jewellery and I use fabric and serviettes to transform home decor, such as lampshades and planters. I also love to use paint pens, alcohol inks and gel stains to update plain items and breathe new life into the tired and the dull.

Wow! Delicate earrings made from recycled crockery!
Q2. When did you start teaching workshops?

Well, it feels like forever that I've been teaching my craft, but realistically, I have been teaching creative workshops with adults since 1995.

Susan encouraging an inspired student- looks fun!
Q3. Tell us about your workshop space/ surroundings.

I am very lucky to have access to some brilliant venues to complete my workshops. Most recently, I have been working in collaboration with my local council and the Allotment Society in North Romford. As you can imagine, a building in this environment, is a superb, natural, community space, with a backdrop of veggies, fruits, flowers and lots of wildlife, all in a hidden part of the suburbs.

Another venue I'm fortunate to work with is in Somerset, in the stunning, sea-side town of Minehead. I work from High Street in the Toucan Vegan Cafe above the health food store. An inspirational environment that serves the most amazing food and regularly supports the local arts community- I highly recommend a visit if you're in the area! 

Everyone gets their own desk and is spaced out safely,
Q4. Please tell us about your team.

I run my craft business with just me, but am thrilled that I get to meet a variety of participants, from all walks of life, who all require different levels of input, during my workshops. It's amazing how much you get to know people during a creative experience.

Everyone enjoys their time at the workshops!
Q5. Describe a typical month as a Maker.

I do something creative every day….if I don’t I always feel like something is missing!

I’m either buying items to recycle, especially vintage crockery, or I'm cutting vintage crockery and making items such as tiles or jewellery. I also adore transforming vintage furniture with a mosaic, or I can be found photographing items I've transformed and sharing them on my Instagram and my own website. I love to showcase my craft and help inspire others to understand and practice the process. I also contribute to a couple of platforms in the USA, Hometalk and Hometalk Upstyle. 

Ultimately I'm either crafting, teaching craft or writing about craft, every day of the month. My aim is to inspire the next generation of upcyclers. 

Transform a lampshade with decoupage
Q6. Do you also craft in your spare time, are there other crafts that you enjoy? 

Absolutely! It's too difficult to list all of the crafts I enjoy doing! I very much enjoy learning brand new crafts and I often go on workshops with other Makers to learn more skills and meet other creatives. It's important to remember how important networking is, it's super to be inspired by like-minded crafters. 

A gorgeous selection of pure 'potential.'
Q7. What advice would you give to other people looking to teach their skill? 

The best advice I can give is to 'GO FOR IT.' Teaching a skill is so rewarding. Not only does it feel amazing to inspire other crafters, but you also learn as much from your students as they do from you, there really is no better feeling. 

Well, we're ready to upcycle with old crockery, how about you?

Inspired to create something new from something old? You can find more information about all of Susan's workshops right here and try them for yourselves! Use the 'chat with the Maker' button if you have any questions for Susan in advance of booking your place or click 'see available dates' if you're ready to proceed with your booking.

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