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Celebrating female craftswomen for International Women's Day

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This International Women's Day we are celebrating inspiring females in the art and craft world. Meet 8 artisans who teach workshops on reflecting on what it means to them to be craftswomen who teach.



Annie & Felix

WTF Workshops 
(Women Teaching Fabrication)

It feels good to challenge people's preconceptions about the metalworking craft/industry.

Although gender shouldn't really be an issue at all, we believe that being female tutors might help some individuals feel less intimidated in that environment, male and female alike. 

Our aim is to make metalwork more accessible to all.



Liz Wellby

Liz Wellby - Artist, Teacher & Maker

I am a maker and a tutor and I love both roles.

They allow me to play, explore and connect with other people, make me smile and bring me joy.




Lucille Scott

Little Duck Forge

I love teaching and encouraging young people to develop their natural talent, when it comes to adults I feel I am making them more aware of the skills involved in such an amazing craft.

As an artist, it is such a fantastic medium to create anything that flits into your mind who wouldn't want to use it!




Jo Harris

Henley on Thames School of Art

Being a female artist, as well as a tutor, I really get to witness firsthand the nurturing aspect of exploring our own creativity.

There’s something very special about welcoming fledgling artists into the studio and watching them come to life as they relax into their own drawing style – it can make you feel very motherly!




'As a female doing this craft, I am just one of many but I hope that every girl that sees me feels encouraged and that every person I work with won't give it a second thought. The metal industry is amazing and respects you for what you can do, most professionals are gender blind.'

Lucille Scott, Little Duck Forge


Maggie Cross

Make it in Wales

Being a craftswoman and tutor means I get to help jewellery dreams come true.

Wax carving for lost wax casting is a simple, accessible and beautiful process.

Being a mother motivates me to make more and hopefully through my workshops I can inspire others to do the same. 



Suki Park

Make it in Wales

Teaching is so rewarding.

Being able to share my skills and to see my students feel so delighted with the new techniques they learn and delighted with the things they then go on to make.

As the owner of Make it in Wales, being able to facilitate workshops and courses working with such talented Welsh makers.



Kim Stoddart

Green Rocket Courses
The nurturing of a seed into food is magical and increasingly important.
Yet much of mainstream gardening is very masculine in approach so I delight in teaching how by working with nature you can create a more resilient, productive and enjoyable space in which to be.
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Joe Gregory

Creative with Nature

Being a female craftswoman...

It means freedom and independence, a way I can earn a living doing something totally sustainable, in something I love.

Something I'm truly passionate about.





Are you a female artisan, craftswoman, tutor? We'd love to know your story - please share your image and what you have to say on social media using the hashtag #craftswoman and tag us @craftcourses


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