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Teapot: ocean breeze fragranced soy candle - dyed light blue (clear glass)



This candle is made using clear glass, heat-resistant teapot and the fragrance is Ocean Breeze. Although designed as an ornamental candle, if the candle is burnt, as the wax melts the dyed wax - Light Blue - changes colour and the effect is a two-tone candle. The candle is embedded within the Teapot in a Gel Wax dyed light blue along with pea-shingle and small seashells. Advised to place this product on a heat resistant surface as the teapot will get hot. Note: Teapot sizes, because they are from different supplies, will vary from 200ml to 250ml - this is the manufactures designed liquid capacity of the teapot not the candle element which is quoted in gm on the Label found on the base of the product.

How this was made

This fragranced Soy Candle is made within a heat-resistant glass Tea Pot and embedded within the Teapot in a dyed light blue Gel Wax along with pea-shingle and small seashells.

What's included in the price?

Only available in the UK. Safety Instructions. Boxed.



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