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Improve Your Watercolour Skills NOW! My new mini-course will teach you about the 3 most important things that you need to do to make your watercolour paintings amazing! If you want to paint loose, vibrant watercolours full of atmosphere, drama, texture & colour but... Usually end up with something a bit naff! Then fortunately in most cases the problem is usually quite simple to fix once you know how. Let me show you exactly why most people struggle with watercolour and more importantly how you can quickly fix it and start producing paintings you are proud of!

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VIDEO LESSON #1 Learn The One Change You Can Make To Get Instantly Better Results! . Every professional artist has done this and as soon as they did they started to improve immediately! There is one small change you can make when you are learning to paint that will massively reduce your learning curve and stop you getting stuck. More importantly though if you are not aware of the necessity of making this change you will forever handicap your efforts. As soon as I realised this and made the change myself I quickly went from struggling to know what to paint to producing original, stunning, atmospheric watercolour landscapes. VIDEO LESSON #2 Learn The Two Things You Need To Do In Every Painting That Will Guarantee Your Success! There are just two things you need to do in every single painting you produce that once you have mastered them will guarantee a successful painting every time! The sad thing is that very few tutors will actually tell you this - very often because they don't understand these simple principals themselves. So I'm going to go one better and I'm going to show you!... This hour long workshop will not only give you a practical demonstration of why these two things are so key to your success as a painter but it will also let me show you how when you move away from just using traditional methods & techniques and adopt a few tricks & shortcuts you can get infinitely better results, much faster & with much less stress! Some of these techniques will increase how productive your painting time is by 10x!! VIDEO LESSON #3 Learn How To Avoid The NO1 Pitfall For Watercolour Artists I have taught a lot of workshops over the years and the one thing I keep seeing people struggle with is detail. They just don't know when to put that tiddly little brush down and just leave things alone! As a result of being left to their own devices, every painting they start will usually end up in the bin because rather than having the lovely painting they set out to produce, they end up with an overworked mass of detail. If this is you then there are some very simple changes that you can make that will prevent this from happening which I illustrate in this short workshop. PLUS.... Access to the Revitalise Your Watercolour Pop-Up Facebook Group! Consider this your go to group where you can post your attempts at the demos, talk and connect with other like-minded individuals - after all we are all in this together. This is an invaluable resource as sharing your work will build your confidence and you will also be able to get feedback that will help you to target the areas where you need to improve. This will help shorten your learning curve even more! [FACEBOOK GROUP] 5 Simple Things You Can Do To Immediately Improve Your Watercolours Let me teach you five very simple things that you can do/change immediately that will help you to improve not only your watercolours but your paintings in general. These are the first things I changed in my own painting practice that helped me to take some huge steps forward in my ability. [VIDEO LESSON] The Ultimate Guide to Watercolour Jargon – Kill The Confusion! A glossary containing clear, jargon free explanations of some of the popular lingo and downright strange expressions you will no doubt have heard many of us more seasoned watercolour artists bandying about. Ever wondered what NOT paper is? - I mean is it paper or not? What’s granulation? Has it got something to do with your Grannie? - Get the answer to all those little niggly questions in this handy pdf guide. [PDF GUIDE] Watercolour Materials – What You Need & (More Importantly) What You Don’t Need! A four part short video guide to materials giving you a list of the essentials you need to paint anything decent with watercolour and more importantly some points on what you really don’t need but will probably be convinced by art supplies shops to buy anyway. Watching this short video guide will take you under an hour but will potentially save you lot’s of time, money & space because after all, you have to have somewhere to put all that crap you don’t need! [4 X VIDEO LESSON SERIES] Get Inspired Bootcamp - Get Your Inspiration Back In Just 4 Days! Ever lost your painting mojo? Don’t worry we all have and it sucks especially when it’s your day job! Well worry no more because this little video/pdf guide will give you my own tried & tested method to get you back to having more ideas for paintings than you know what to do with. This is the exact system I personally use to restart my creative inspiration when I hit that all too familiar mental brick wall. [PDF & VIDEO LESSON] Membership to my VIP Artists Club + 10% Off Art Materials!! The gift that keeps giving! Get FREE membership to my VIP Artist Club where you will receive monthly-ish tips, tricks & inspiration, helpful articles & videos on everything arty as well as access to some very, very special offers. And as an extra special welcome bonus I’ll also give you 10% of your first art materials order placed on my main website! [FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER | DISCOUNTS]

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Two eyes & two ears - that’s it! It is not important that you have the same equipment as me. These sessions are not paint along lessons as such they are workshops designed to give you a practical demonstration of the methods & techniques that I personally use that once adopted into your own painting practice will supercharge your progress. I will also be giving out lots of tips & guidance on equipment as we go which will help you moving forward. I always advise everyone who takes one of my online workshops/courses to watch the videos 1st in full then have a go!



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