In this brand new online course, discover how to create calligraphy with a broad-edged nib, where each letter is measured precisely, conforming to a set height, with an end-result of beautifully elegant lettering. Gain an unrivalled foundation of this traditional style, taught in an accessible and fun way. Learn to create beautiful calligraphy in the traditional way, using a broad edge nib. The thick and thin variation comes from the angle of the pen, not from pressure you apply. Within the course you will try different-sized nibs to work at different scales, and discover how to form the italicised letters gracefully. Learning the rules of this formal style is a great way to improve your pen control, even if your first love is modern styles. With a rhythmic movement, this style epitomizes the dance of the pen and will promote fluency in all your calligraphy. No previous experience is required, nor is any special artistic talent, just the desire to learn and to practice. Week 1 Understanding your tools, guidelines and paper position. Skeleton Italics and letter formation groups. Week 2 Weighted Italics in pencil, serifs and spacing. Week 3 Words, inks and scaling down with nibs. Consistency and rhythm. Week 4 Italic Capitals and lettering groups. Using Gouache. Week 5 Adding a Flourish and simple composition.

What's included in the price?

Your Calligraphy kit will be posted out prior to the event and everything you need will be provided.


5 weeks

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Non-refundable - Refunds are not available


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  • Adults
  • Seniors
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Yes all sessions are recorded and sent out the day after the weekly workshop so if you miss a session or simply would like to recap, you can do so.

This course is taught online