One on one tuition in cutting corundum: two lessons over two days, cabochon and facet



This is a listing for students who have already cabbed and faceted under my instruction, or at least have thier own equipment and actively persue gem cutting. Cutting Corundum - that's Ruby and Sapphire - is a much more challenging process to achieve than even faceting Beryl, ( Emerald, Aquamarine, Heliodor, Morganite and Goshenite), which is next down the list on the Mohs scale, and in the other direction upwards on the Mohs scale it's only Moissanite and Diamond that are tougher! The first day we'll go through the process of cabochon cutting in sapphire: this also covers getting one facet on the back to mirror finish. This should take about four hours, and give you a real taste of the how this material behaves. The second day is going to be challenging. As you will have experience already in faceting we'll select a design from a few favourites of mine, and go for it. We could do a rose cut based on equilateral triangles on a round or a hexagon for example, maybe you'd like to try a barion cut on an emerald cut outline, or want to alter a design or cut an asymetrical gem? I'm open to discussion here. The second day I'm expecting to last at least five to six hours, it could take a couple more. Faceting Corundum is not easy. This is going to really tire you out! It is not going to be possible to do both if these lessons in one day due to the open ended nature of the faceting tuition. Please excuse the stock photos in the pictures. I have recently cut a few sapphires, but they sold before I realised I should have taken pictures. The hand drawn rose cut design is a sketch I did, that design has been test cut now.

What's included in the price?

Tuition in cabbing corundum , 4 hours min. Tuition in faceting corundum, 6 hours min, up to 9 hours max. A natural, glass filled ruby approx 6mm to cabochon. You get to keep this! A natural, heat treated sapphire approx 6mm by 8mm to facet. get to keep this too! A decent opportunity to discuss most aspects of gem cutting in as much depth that I can provide. Tea, cofffee, green tea, milk, sugar: non dairy milk alternative available on request.


10 hours

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Easy - Cancellation and a full refund can be obtained up to 2 weeks before the course starts




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