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What we do


We offer a free course page and free company page to every single creative craft and artisan course provider in the UK, whether they be a college or independent tutor. Register now - it's very easy and quick.

Course pages must advertise one course only (e.g. 'one day mosaic making'), though the course may repeat regularly. Any course which has a different structure, price or length requires an additional page. Additional course pages are £2 per month each or £22 per year on a flexible subscription basis. Subscribers benefit from links to their website and any Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channels they have, as well as the option to promote courses, last minute spaces, discounts and events on the @CraftCourses social media channels.

Large providers should Contact Us for a bespoke service. We also offer an 'upload & optimise' service for a small fee, to save you precious time.

Company pages can be found by clicking on the green company name at the top of each course page. These pages contain a logo or main image and appear in the Course Providers'  gallery and become the central hub for all craft courses run by that company, organisation or independent tutor.


Course page craft coursesCOURSE PAGES

The goal of every course page is to give the prospective student everything he or she needs to know to go ahead and book that course or workshop, by telephoning, clicking through to the course provider's website or by filling in the email contact form. We process one thousand enquiries every week and we know it works. Read comments from our very happy customers!

Each course page includes a Google map of the venue location, a price, a ‘What’s included’ section and a full description of what the student can expect to experience. Ideally, course providers will collect reviews from students, which are posted live onto the course page and work well as 'word of mouth' marketing (using modern technology!) This is a good example of a course page. 

There is one main image and up to 20 thumbnail images in the gallery, each of which can be individually labelled. Images are a great way of demonstrating what is on offer and labelled images also have the advantage of helping search engines find the pages. Images might be of previous courses, the tutor, the finished craft item, the workshop, the surrounding area... anything that will help your future students decide to book.

There is a student review facility at the foot of every course page, which means course providers can collect testimonials and star ratings from their students simply by emailing them the link. More information about how to collect reviews from students can be found here.