Terms and conditions: online bookings and gift vouchers


Everything tutors need to know about CraftCourses gift vouchers and our online booking system


What is the online booking system?

Our students have been asking us for this for years... and now we have built it. All tutors are now being asked to use our new online booking service, which makes it easier, safer and smoother to book our courses. Once using the new booking system it is not possible for tutors to revert to the old subscription fee model as this is being phased out. You will receive booking requests from students which can be accepted or rejected (so you retain total control over your bookings). 


What are CraftCourses gift vouchers?

We sell gift vouchers which are redeemable against any of the courses listed on our site. All tutors registered with us are required to accept gift vouchers as payment of course fees if requested by a student. More details of how gift vouchers work is covered in this document.


What are the benefits of CraftCourses Online Bookings and Gift Vouchers?


Benefits to tutors:

Online booking:

  • No subscription required– all listings are free – only pay commission when you confirm a booking
  • Accessible and easy to manage
    • CraftCourses provide the booking and payment facilities


Gift vouchers:

  • Introduces thousands of new people into creative learning
    • Gift vouchers are especially good for those who may not have had the time or money otherwise
  • A great marketing tool to find new students for your courses
  • A positive introduction to your creative workshops – potential longer-term students


Benefits to our mutual customers:

Online booking:

  • Booking requests can be made easily online at any time
  • Confidence in booking through CraftCourses – trust us to look after their booking

Gift vouchers:

  • Can be purchased in any amount (minimum £10, amounts ending in ‘0’ or ‘5’)
  • Flexibility and choice - redeemable against any of the courses on CraftCourses.com
  • Confidence that the recipient will have choice and time to find something suitable
  • Amazing present for anyone creative, or who wants to be (good for the soul)!


Benefits to CraftCourses.com:

  • Online bookings provides us with an online purchase option (something we know is increasing in demand)
  • Gift vouchers are a great solution for those looking for an unusual gift but who want to offer choice
  • Online booking allows us to offer a service to tutors that they can test without paying any upfront fees
  • Commissions help us to fund our marketing activity to find new students, continuously improve our service and encourage more people in the pursuit of craftsmanship



Important information about Online Bookings:

Online booking provides potential students with a quick and easy way to secure a new creative experience, which should also help to increase bookings for tutors. It makes managing the whole booking process easier and more secure for everyone involved. It should be a positive, hassle-free process.

Once using the CraftCourses online booking platform, course listings and tutor profiles will not link to external websites and the exchange of personal contact details and outside urls via our messaging system will not be permitted until a booking is confirmed and accepted. This in order to ensure a smooth booking flow on the CraftCourses website.  Attempting to circumvent the booking platform is not permitted and may result in the account (tutor or student) being suspended.


How Online Bookings work:

The process for both instant bookings* and booking requests is very simple:

  • The student selects dates and makes a booking request, or instant booking, depending on which is available
  • For booking requests, the tutor has 72 hours to accept or reject the booking:
    • If the booking is accepted the payment is processed and booking confirmed (email confirmations sent to student and tutor)
    • If the booking is rejected the payment funds are released back to the student and the student may make a new booking request with alternative dates or other options
  • For instant bookings* the booking is automatically accepted, payments processed and booking confirmed (email confirmations sent to student and tutor)
  • Gift vouchers can be used as full or part payment:
    • If the gift voucher is worth more than the course the change is returned to the student
    • If the gift voucher is worth less than the course the difference is paid by card at the time of booking

*Instant booking functionality is in development


Payment for Online Bookings:

  • Tutors will be paid the value of the booking, minus our 12% + VAT commission, directly via BACS (you will need to provide us with your bank details which are safely encrypted in your Dashboard) within 4 working days of you confirming that the course has taken place (this can be done in the ‘Earnings’ section in your account dashboard).
    • The student has 2 days from the course start date to let us know if the course did not go ahead or was unsatisfactory so that we can look into it before payment is finalised.
  • Your invoices for the commission will be available to view/download from your Dashboard.

Please note:

  1. Payments and change: You will not be required to handle any payments or provide change from gift vouchers. All online booking payments and any transactions involving our gift vouchers will be processed by CraftCourses.
  2. Refunds, cancellations and no-shows: In the unlikely event that the student cancels within 14 days of the course being due to take place or fails to show up, you will still be paid, though we would encourage a rearrangement of the date wherever possible. The student can cancel the booking more than 14 days before the course is due to start and receive a full refund (online bookings only including those made using gift vouchers - see the gift voucher section for gift voucher terms and conditions where an online booking is not involved). Likewise, if you need to cancel the booking at any time, the student will be refunded in full. Please note that bespoke courses made by arrangement, those bookings made for groups or corporate events, cannot be cancelled and refunded unless by agreement with you.
  3. Returns on craft kits and books: In the unlikely event that the student needs to return or exchange their item they have to contact you with this request within 14 days of delivery. You will need to provide them with the necessary instructions to return it to you. The item must be returned to you within 30 days of delivery and once received please let us know so that we can issue the refund on your behalf – we will automatically take the original payment made to you (the cost less our commission) from the account that it was paid into. The cost of the return postage is covered by the purchaser. The following items are not eligible for return:
    • Custom or personalised orders
    • Perishable products (like food or flowers)
    • Digital downloads
    • Intimate items (for health/hygiene reasons)
    • Items on sale/offer 
  4. The commission: We charge 12% + VAT as a fee for finding you the sale and processing the booking and payment. This includes all transactional fees charged to us by payment merchants. This allows us to keep the site financially viable and low cost for our tutors. This commission on bookings cannot be transferred to students by inflating the price.




Important information about Gift Vouchers:

Accepting CraftCourses Gift Vouchers on all of the listings advertised with us is a condition of using the CraftCourses.com platform.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the process so that you will be able to give gift voucher customers a warm welcome!

The whole experience is (and should be) hugely positive for them and we wish to ensure the process is smooth and enjoyable.


Processing gift vouchers and claiming payment:

Note: steps 1 and 2 of this process do not apply if you are using the online booking system

The process of how to claim payment for a voucher is very simple:

  1. The student contacts and books with you directly in the normal way - mentioning they have a voucher and giving you their 8-digit code - and you arrange a date/agree a booking
  2. You log their gift voucher code, along with their name and the date of the course, in your CraftCourses Dashboard in the ‘Earnings’ section. This verifies that the voucher is valid and of the correct amount.
  3. You confirm once the course has started (we send you a reminder) and the value of the voucher, minus our 12% + VAT commission,  is paid to you directly via BACS (you will need to provide your bank details which are safely encrypted in your Dashboard) usually within 4 working days.
  4. The invoice for the commission is available to view/download from your Dashboard shortly thereafter.

Please note:

  1. Change: You will not be expected to give change. The vouchers can be used for full or part payment of your course. If the student has a voucher worth more than your course fee, we can split their voucher (down to increments of £10), so that it may be spent on two different courses, or you can offer to sell them kits, tools or materials to make up to the value of the voucher. If their voucher is worth less than your course fee, they will need to pay you the difference to top up. Splitting of vouchers is only applicable if you are not using the online booking system.
  2. Cancellations & no-shows: In the unlikely event that the student cancels last minute or fails to show up, you will still be paid. The booking is with you directly, so once the code is verified, they are bound by your booking terms and conditions (only if you are not using the online booking system). If you need to cancel the course and are not able to reschedule, we can unverify the voucher from your account (if agreed by yourselves and the student) so that the student can use their voucher for another course. Student gift voucher terms and conditions can be found here.
  3. Expiry dates: Vouchers are purchased online by credit or debit card or PayPal and issued by email immediately, with a minimum spend of £10. They are valid for twelve months and the expiry date and booking instructions is clearly printed on each voucher. Please note that as long as the course is booked (and the voucher verified with us against a booking) by the expiry date, the course itself can place at a later date. If the voucher is past the expiry date it may be possible to extend it up to 3 months after the original expiry date. This can be checked and requested using this form. **Please note that any voucher booked on a course that is cancelled due to Covid-19 will automatically be given 3 months of validity.**
  4. Your obligation: The vouchers are extremely popular for birthdays, Christmas and special gifts. By listing your courses on CraftCourses.com you agree to accept them as full or partial payment for your courses, and you should gain more exposure and more bookings in return! Refusing to accept vouchers or responding to voucher enquiries in a negative manner will result in a suspension of your account on the CraftCourses site. 
  5. The commission: We only charge a 12% + VAT commission of the value of the gift voucher used (unless you are using the online booking system). This allows us to keep the site financially viable as well as low cost for our tutors. This commission on vouchers cannot be transferred to the student.
  6. Other venues: Please be careful to check that any other venues you may be teaching at are also aware of our vouchers, as if they are taking bookings for courses you are advertising with us, they will need to be ready to accept them as payment.
  7. Other voucher schemes: We are aware that many tutors sell their own independent gift vouchers, but to avoid the inevitable confusion of promoting different types of gift voucher, the CraftCourses platform may only be used to advertise CraftCourses.com gift vouchers.


Important notes on customer service, quality and underselling

  1. Underselling: We are mindful that any subscriptions or commission paid to CraftCourses as marketing costs have to be covered in your workshop pricing - we want your teaching to thrive! However, please try to ensure that courses listed on the site are not knowingly undersold elsewhere on third party sites and your own channels and/or website to avoid putting our customers into a frustrating situation . We make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible to ensure that we do not have discrepancies in pricing which unfairly penalises our mutual customers. We recommend spreading marketing (including commission) costs across all pricing, so that all customers may be treated fairly and equally.
  2. Happy customers: Respecting our business terms and integrity is essential and in order to give our mutual customers a happy, positive experience we ask that you refrain from discussing commission, subscription fees or other topics which may come across as unprofessional or unwelcoming with them. Advertising costs are for you as a tutor and any concerns about fees or site functionality must be raised with the CraftCourses team rather than the student.



Why do we charge fees?

Commission on online bookings and gift vouchers helps to keep our site viable and allow us to continue to invest in improving our service. This allows us to offer much of the rest of the service at a very low cost to our community of artisans and tutors. Commission is a marketing cost for the tutor and in the interests of fairness must never be passed on to the student.

We are a small passionate team of individuals working to create a top-notch resource for both our tutors and students - ultimately to get more people learning and practicing creative skills. If you have any queries or comments for us, these will always be welcomed. Many thanks.

Please contact us on contact@craftcourses.com with any questions or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions


Please note

The above terms apply as a condition of using the CraftCourses platform and we reserve the right to change these terms from time to time without reference to customers or notice. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer and are governed by and in accordance with British law.