The Little Craftery reviews

12 Feb 19'

Anon reviewed: Macrame - plant hangers

"Had a lovely time learning a new craft, fabulous environment and lovely teacher. Would highly recommemd."

6 Feb 19'

Trail423653 reviewed: Silver Jewellery - Ring Making

"Had a very enjoyable day on this course. Jenny was a very patient teacher and I was very pleased with my beautiful silver ring. This was the third course my friend and I have done at The Little Craftery and we would highly recommend the courses to others."

4 Feb 19'

Michele reviewed: Silver Jewellery - Ring Making

"Silver ring making course was brilliant! Jenny made it very relaxed and easy to follow. Came home with a lovely hand made silver stunner. Very happy 😆 Would go on another course, definitely. Maybe come home with some earrings to match next time. Thanks Jenny and thanks Jacquie for finding it and coming with me."

4 Feb 19'

Wendy reviewed: Silver Jewellery - Ring Making

"Thanks for a fantastic course, Jenny is a great teacher, calm, patient and encouraging. I am delighted with my finished ring. Can’t wait to do another course. 😊"

31 Dec 18'

Lynne reviewed: Introduction to candlemaking

"I did Wendy's candle-making course and loved it. We all went away with 7 candles, learnt a load of techniques we can use at home to make some more and had a fun afternoon with some lovely people. I am going back for more of Wendy's classes."

31 Dec 18'

Katharine Jones reviewed: Introduction to candlemaking

"A very relaxing afternoon spent learning about the basics of candle making. As well as coming away with some lovely little candles to light at home, I'm enthused to have another go at making some on my own."

11 Dec 18'

Nicky reviewed: Beaded snowflakes

"This was the first course we had been too and we will definitely be back. The class was well run and although we all had different levels of experience, everyone was allowed to at there own pace and help was always available when needed. We all came a way with a beautiful snowflake and kits to make more."

8 Dec 18'

Kate Locke reviewed: Origami stars

"As usual a very enjoyable workshop. Wendy is a very patient tutor."

28 Nov 18'

Vanessa Gomez reviewed: Papermaking - Handmade Recycled Paper

"Wendy was very friendly and helpful throughout the session and allowed us to use everything we wanted for the paper making. She seemed very passionate about creating and making crafts which is great to see :) Would really recommend her courses and I'll probably be back for another one myself. Thanks Wendy Vanessa"

28 Nov 18'

Claire Morton reviewed: Beaded snowflakes

"Had a fantastic Saturday morning making the beaded snowflake decoration. Wendy is very patient and reassuring that you can in fact do what at first seems like an impossibility. Absolutely love my snowflake and have bought another kit to do at home with the wonderful instruction leaflet that was provided."

28 Nov 18'

Cath Walsh reviewed: Macrame - plant hangers

"When you're learning from scratch it's reassuring to have someone watching and guiding you through the tricky stages. Wendy was friendly and attentive which meant mistakes were picked up quickly and corrected. The atmosphere was relaxed and convivial. I ended up with a piece of craft that I'm proud of and feel confident to attempt it again on my own. Thank you."

19 Nov 18'

Origami Stars reviewed: Origami stars

"A lovely little course, perfect in the run up to Christmas. Well conveyed verbal instructions backed up by clear concise written instructions and diagrams that were printed to take home. A wide range of papers to choose from, both in size and theme. All in all very enjoyable and very informative."

18 Nov 18'

MARILYN HOLE reviewed: Silver Jewellery Workshop

"As a complete beginner to using the tools etc I found the class really interesting, I'd definitely do another. I would have loved to have seen more of Jenny's work, maybe an introduction right at the beginning with a coffee and examples of her work to see what we can aspire to! Thanks, Marilyn"

15 Nov 18'

Daniella reviewed: Papermaking - Handmade Recycled Paper

"I really enjoyed myself and I'm so happy my mum brought me along! You can get through a lot, and it's very do-able at home. Thank you for teaching us and answering questions. Your store/workshop space is amazing also."

15 Nov 18'

Vikki reviewed: Papermaking - Handmade Recycled Paper

"This class was really good value, it is amazing what you can learn in a couple of hours. Wendy was a friendly teacher that explained things well as she talked us through making a deckle ( frame to make paper in) and did a demonstration of what we were going to do to make our paper. It was great fun deciding what to include in each sheet and exciting to see how each piece came out. Wendy was on hand to remind us of the steps and we were given a handout detailing the process as well as our deckles to take home. We were a small group of 4, it was nice meeting the others taking part. Wendy also packaged up our still damp creations ( I made 3 pieces others made 4/5) so that we could take them home to let them dry out properly. I loved what I made and will be turning my paper into gift tags. I will be making more at home but would definitely like to visit The Little Craftery to do some more craft courses with Wendy. Thank you Wendy!"

9 Nov 18'

Pat Jackson reviewed: Papermaking - Handmade Recycled Paper

"I thoroughly enjoyed this class and learnt a lot. Wendy was an excellent teacher who had thought of everything, and the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed."

9 Nov 18'

Jacqueline reviewed: Felting - Christmas baubles

"A very relaxed session with everyone quietly getting on with the task in hand. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Wendy is a very 'chilled' instructor and gives you confidence."

8 Nov 18'

Rebecca Maund reviewed: Felting - Christmas baubles

"A really nice way to spend an afternoon at The Little Craftery. I will be keeping an eye out for more classes in the future!"

6 Nov 18'

Mary Strutt reviewed: Beaded snowflakes

"Thoroughly enjoyed finding out the method of beading, always been intrigued, your clear instructions and experience helped a great deal. looking forward to some more projects in 2019."

6 Nov 18'

Jane Starr reviewed: Beaded snowflakes

"Wendy was very patient and calm, excellent tuition, easy to understand instructions. Taught in a small group, help always at hand if needed. Came away with a lovely snowflake and making another at home with the instruction sheet provided 😊"

6 Nov 18'

Sue reviewed: Beaded snowflakes

"Had a lovely afternoon making a beaded snowflake. Well explained, plus a useful leaflet of instructions, so definitely do-able at home. Lovely atmosphere, calm and patient teacher, hope to come to more classes."

6 Nov 18'

Yvonne Freeman reviewed: Beaded snowflakes

"A very enjoyable course expertly and patiently taught. I’ve made several since."

6 Nov 18'

Sam Cole reviewed: Beaded snowflakes

"As always Wendy is a great teacher and we all managed to complete a delightful snowflake- highly recommended"

4 Nov 18'

Debi Fletcher reviewed: Chainmaille - Helmweave Bracelet

"This was my first ever class on jewellery making & I absolutely loved it! Wendy was very welcoming & her teaching way is very relaxed & encouraging. With the class taking place in her studio you gain such inspiration for lots of other helmweave items she has on show. I look forward to attending other classes at The Little Craftery to broaden my knowledge on chainmail technics under the expert tutelage of Wendy. Absolutely fabulous! 10/10 *****"

31 Oct 18'

Sue reviewed: Introduction to candlemaking

"Such a fun course and absolutely fascinating to be able to produce so much in such a short period of time. Very relaxed atmosphere and very very enjoyable."

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