The Little Craftery reviews

19 Mar 22'

Helen reviewed: Paper Making - Hand Made Recycled Paper

"My niece and I had a fantastic time with Wendy on the paper making course. My niece has declared it the best craft course she has been on. Wendy was very patient and clearly described and explained the steps in paper making. We both made 4 lovely pieces of paper. Thank you Wendy we both look forwards to coming back and trying a different craft."

18 Mar 22'

Rosey reviewed: Paper Making - Hand Made Recycled Paper

"We had a great time with Wendy learning how to make paper. She was very friendly and informative and made us feel very welcome in the space. There were loads of great options in terms of what we could include and it was really enjoyable. Great that we could take home the mould and deckle so we can carry on making at home"

18 Mar 22'

Judith reviewed: Double-Sided Lampshade Making

"I made my beautiful lampshade yesterday. I received all the help I needed and the result is a professional looking lampshade. Wendy is extremely nice."

18 Mar 22'

Amy reviewed: Macrame - Wall Art

"This was my 2nd macrame course with Wendy and it was excellent! As always, everything is provided, she is super patient and really clear when explaining things, and we had her undivided attention as she closes the shop. You literally couldn't ask for anything more!"

13 Mar 22'

Sarah M reviewed: Macrame - Feather

"Thoroughly enjoyed this class. Wendy was so welcoming and knowledgeable. It was a super relaxing and fun class. Many thanks ?"

7 Mar 22'

Amy reviewed: Macrame - Plant Hangers

"An amazing course! Wendy is so welcoming and knowledgeable. All materials are provided (along with a tea/coffee/hot chocolate!) and the class is excellent value for money. Wendy also closes the shop during classes so you have her undivided attention which I’ve never known anywhere else to do. She has the perfect approach that makes even tricky knots seem simple and when you get stuck/confused she can always get you back on track and never comes across as patronising, she makes you feel great about what you achieved. Also, as someone high risk in the pandemic Wendy was so accommodating for my needs/concerns and I honestly couldn’t have asked for more! I’m back for another macrame class in a few weeks and I’m sure will be doing more in the future too!"

6 Mar 22'

Nicki reviewed: Natural Cold-Process Soap Making

"I really enjoyed my time with Wendy learning all about the intricacies of soap making. The course was informative and easy to follow. Can't wait to try the soap I made."

3 Mar 22'

Rosie Pearson reviewed: Natural Cold-Process Soap Making

"It was a pleasure to do this course with Wendy. Really good value, clear and informative and so well organised! Highly recommend."

1 Mar 22'

Chloe reviewed: Natural Cold-Process Soap Making

"I booked this course for a friend's birthday and we had a great time. Wendy's teaching is relaxed and informative and we both felt we learned a lot and made some beautiful soaps. A great choice of recipes and a lovely informative booklet to take home too. I look forward to enjoying and gifting the soap. Thank you Wendy!"

27 Feb 22'

Ali Thomas reviewed: Chainmaille - Helmweave Bracelet

"My friend and I had been really looking forward to doing this course and it didn’t disappoint! Wendy is a very calm and knowledgeable tutor who managed to make two novice crafters feel at ease and confident enough to successfully make two beautiful bracelets that we wear with pride! We’re already planning our next course with Wendy ?"

25 Feb 22'

Debbie Slade reviewed: Silk Paper Making

"We had a lovely afternoon making silk paper with Wendy. We loved her little crafty venue, so warm and welcoming and cant wait to go back!."

20 Feb 22'

Emma Smith reviewed: Macrame - Wall Art

"I loved this class. Wendy is a really great teacher, she explained everything in a way that made things easy and gave us some great tips and advice. Would highly recommend"

13 Feb 22'

Lou W reviewed: Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

"We really enjoyed our workshop with Wendy. Our tuition was excellent and we were very pleased with the finished result. We will be returning for another workshop in the future. ."

7 Feb 22'

Cindy reviewed: Double-Sided Lampshade Making

"I spent a relaxed Saturday afternoon making a lampshade with Wendy. She was really knowledgeable and I was able to make a shade that I'm really proud of. Loved it"

7 Feb 22'

Margaret reviewed: Macrame - Beaded Bracelet

"3 of us were there and we really enjoyed the macrame bracelet making - and had a bracelet at the end! - wax paper making next!!"

6 Feb 22'

Lucy reviewed: Natural Cold-Process Soap Making

"I had such an interesting morning with Wendy, learning to make soap. The mysteries of saponification were revealed and I can’t wait to try my creation. The Craftery is a very welcoming workshop space, really inspiring."

31 Jan 22'

Clare reviewed: Paper Making - Hand Made Recycled Paper

"We had a wonderful time doing this course - perfect introduction to something we’d never tried before. Wendy was very welcoming & helpful, talked us through the process and then let us practice while giving hints & tips along the way. The 2 hours whizzed by! Thanks ever so much Wendy ☺️"

30 Jan 22'

Mekaa reviewed: Introduction to Candlemaking

"This class was great. I really enjoyed it Wendy was brilliant, she made us feel welcome. It was a nice relaxing atmosphere. I’ll definitely be going back to do a few other classes."

28 Jan 22'

Nicki reviewed: Introduction to Candlemaking

"I really enjoyed the class. It was really interesting and I learnt a lot. Going back for another course in March."

20 Jan 22'

Leanne reviewed: Double-Sided Lampshade Making

"Thoroughly enjoyed Wendy’s lampshade-making course and am delighted with the results. Wendy is a very patient and clear teacher and the results are really professional - thank you!"

17 Jan 22'

Angela Austin reviewed: Natural Cold-Process Soap Making

"I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent soap making. I went with two friends and we all loved the excellent teaching and the wonderful soap we each made. Wendy is a superb teacher and host. I highly recommend this course."

3 Jan 22'

Denise Langham reviewed: Macrame - Feather

"I have done several of Wendy's courses and have enjoyed all of them. Having done the macrame wreath my friend and I have caught the macrame bug so booked to learn how to do the feathers. As always Wendy gave clear instructions and she is so patient! We are already thinking about the next course we'd like to do. I can highly recommend these courses."

29 Dec 21'

Eugény Couture reviewed: Macrame - Plant Hangers

"Loved the macrame class with Wendy! It’s something I wanted to be introduced to and Wendy's clear explanations were very helpful in making it an enjoyable experience. She also gave me a leaflet before I left so I can replicate the experience at home. Will be back for more classes!"

29 Dec 21'

Eugény Couture reviewed: Introduction to Candlemaking

"This was a birthday gift from my partner. As it was a surprise I didn’t know what to expect until the day before I attended. I spent a lovely day with Wendy (I had two courses booked) and had lots of fun making candles with her. She is very patient and knowledgeable so didn’t leave any question unanswered. Her little boutique is very welcoming and tidy so the whole experience was very enjoyable. I think I’ll be able to make candles on my own thanks to her clear teaching + leaflet she gave me before I left."

19 Dec 21'

Anna reviewed: Paper Making - Hand Made Recycled Paper

"A beautiful and friendly little crafting studio ... a hidden gem. This course was fun and it is great to be able to take away the mould and inspiration to make more at home."

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