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I have been teaching photography to students of all ages in both formal and workshop settings for over 20 years and I like to create a relaxed atmosphere in my workshops; there is no pressure - and the Cyanotype printing process is really fun and rewarding. When I'm not running workshops, I sell my own Cyanotype work - handprinted silk scarves, cards, lampshades and tea-light holders online and also at art fairs.

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'Leaves, Stems & Ferns' Hand-printed Cyanotype 100% Silk Scarf
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'Leaves' 100% Handprinted Silk Cyanotype Scarf
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100% Silk Cyanotype Hand-printed Scarf 'Fern & Jasmine'
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Cyanotype Botanical Greetings Cards Workshop
Next date: 26th Mar 2023
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Mother's Day Gift Cyanotype Silk Scarf
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17 Jul 22'

Trisha reviewed: Dorset Cyanotype Printing Workshop

"A really lovely two hours spent learning something new. Angela is a very informative and encouraging teacher and I’m looking forward to experimenting. Thank you!"

Sunlight & Blue Cyanotype Printing Workshops responded:

" Thank you so much for your lovely review, Trisha! I really enjoyed working with you and Jane and wish you lots of happy hours experimenting with the beautiful Cyanotype technique. All the best, Angela"

11 Jun 22'

Jane reviewed: Dorset Cyanotype Printing Workshop

"A friend and I book this course whilst on holiday. We both loved the course. Angela was very informative and offered help and encouragement through out the two hours. We both came away with some lovely examples of cyanotype printing and will definitely do more from home. The process is very do able at home when added with Angels excellent teaching. A very enjoyable way to spend 2 hours."

20 Nov 19'

Claire Waring reviewed: Cyanotype Botanical Greetings Cards Workshop

"Even the drive to Angie's cottage near Weymouth was idyllic and only the beginning of a wonderfully inspiring day. For some time I had been thinking of taking a course in lampshade making and in cyanotyping; to find them both wrapped up in one course for a very reasonable price was very exciting. Angie asked us to gather plants and natural material to bring with us and, after talking us briefly through the history of cyanotyping, including its use as the method for making blueprints, we got to work with several trial pictures, placing our natural material on to chemically treated light-sensitised watercolour paper and taking them to develop in the sun in Angie's garden. The results were really inspiring and I was surprised that I had been able to create something that looked that beautiful. We progressed to making prints on light-sensitised material, in readiness for making the lampshade. After a trial run, it was time to create the final piece of indigo-coloured material for the lampshade. Making the lampshade seemed easy because Angie gave each of us her individual attention. It was clear that no-one was going to fail on her course and with a gentle approach guided us each to success. I went with my mother and we both enjoyed the day so much. Angie is quietly spoken and a good and inspiring teacher. The nice thing about cyanotypes is that the method produces results you are not able to foresee. The indigo background together with the pale blue or white shapes created by the plant materials make each creation inspiring and trendy. (One lady on the course brought some cut-out hare shapes which she used to great effect.) This is an incredibly inspiring experience, exceptional value for money and at the end you get to take home your trial pieces on watercolour paper and material and your lampshade. If money is an issue, you can make a small but beautiful tall tea light holder. I would recommend this as one of the best Christmas or birthday presents for a friend, family member or yourself. And, the wonderful thing about Angie's courses is that they generally take place on sunny days with a beautiful blue sky. Uplifting!"

Sunlight & Blue Cyanotype Printing Workshops responded:

" Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Claire. Best wishes Angela"

28 Sep 19'

Nancy Grace reviewed: Cyanotype Botanical Greetings Cards Workshop

"Spent a wonderful afternoon making a lampshade and many experiments with lengths of paper and fabric. We learnt about the technique and with Angela's calm manner and encouragment, felt confident to have a go and try different objects and materials. We had so much fun and excitement when seeing what everyones efforts looked like. Some really surprising results. Highly recommended especially in a group."

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