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We want to bring back handcrafts and the skills that are being lost. Designing your own clothes is empowering. We believe true empowerment and confidence comes from making clothes that fit you. Our courses are based on teaching creative thinking and problem solving techniques. We dive right in and get you designing. Remember, there are no mistakes, just creative solutions waiting to be found!

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21 Jan 22'

Megan reviewed: Capsule wardrobe: sewing & fashion design course for beginners

"Absolutely amazing - do it! My experience taking Arkdefo's "Build Your Capsule Wardrobe" class has been amazing. I am a beginner sewer and the concepts taught in this class really help you understand how clothing is made and how you to apply those concepts to your own body. My friends and family have been really impressed with what I've made in a small amount of time. I've seven surprised myself! Additionally, you get direct access to the owner/teacher who responds so quickly to questions. Would absolutely recommend!"

18 Jan 22'

Angela reviewed: Capsule wardrobe: sewing & fashion design course for beginners

"I made my first T-shirt and it fits! The instructions are so easy to follow, I can't wait to start making jumpers and trousers. Clothes shopping has always been such massive stress for me, I’m finding excitement and joy in clothing that this 50 year old has never felt before. No more saving the pretty clothes for a special occasion, each day is a special occasion from now on if nicely fitted clothes can make me feel the way I did today. Thank you so much ?"

2 Jul 21'

Colleen reviewed: Sewing & Fashion Design for Kids (~8-12yrs)

"My daughter really enjoyed this sewing and fashion design package for kids! It's an online resource with workbooks and videos - everything in one place and ad-free. Elizaveta has been very helpful as well and kindly responded to our questions. Would definitely recommend this as a family bonding experience as well!"

1 Nov 20'

Innes reviewed: Capsule wardrobe: sewing & fashion design course for beginners

"The course teaches mainly how to draft your own patterns instead of buying shop bought patterns, just working with what you have around at home. I absolutely love the concept! I’ve never drafted my own patterns really before, I did one course when I was a teenager but apart from that I’ve never done that. And it’s really really easy! I really loved the course, completely took the fear out of pattern drafting for me!"

Studio Arkdefo responded:

" Thank you so much for this! This is exactly what we are working so hard on - to demystify the patternmaking! So happy you enjoyed the course!"

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