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Basic automata and mechanical toy making
Next date: 28th Sep 2022
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Wooden mechanical toy (automata) making
Next date: 28th Sep 2022

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15 Aug 22'

Philipp reviewed: Basic automata and mechanical toy making

"Building a wooden automata (I chose Colin the caterpillar) was one of the best and most fun things I can imagine! I had such a fantastic day with Stef and it was incredibly rewarding to be able to create the toy from scratch with no prior experience. From cutting, drilling and sanding the wood, glueing the pieces together and painting the toy - we did everything. Stef explained the mechanics behind the automata and demonstrated all the tools. He was incredibly patient and was always there to help, show a technique again or suggest a different technique, but it always felt like I was building the toy myself. It was a truly enjoyable day. Stef is really easy to get along with and I enjoyed our conversations very much. I cannot recommend this course any higher. Thank you so much again!"

Penlan Crafts responded:

" Dear Philipp, thank you very much for your fantastic review. It was a pleasure meeting you (and working hard!) and I'm glad you had a lovely experience. All the best, Stef"

1 Aug 22'

Ollii Park reviewed: Wooden mechanical toy (automata) making

"Stef and I had an incredible day together working on a mechanical toy. His insight into the mechanics and his generosity left me beyond satisfied with what I had paid for. At the start of the day, I threw a curveball in his direction, discussing an entirely new mechanism for a concept I had, and without a beat, he jumped onboard, and we spent the rest of the day prototyping and creating a working concept for me to take home. I cannot thank Stef enough for his open thinking and expertise, an incredibly rewarding, enjoyable day and I will definitely be contacting him again! "

Penlan Crafts responded:

" I am the one that should thank you Ollii! I had a lot of fun designing and building something new with you. You are very creative, and a very skilfull craftsman, and it was a pleasure (and a challenge, sometimes!) putting my (limited) knowledge at your disposal for your new project. I’d be happy to continue exchanging ideas and to further discuss the concept… "

30 Jul 22'

Mark reviewed: Wooden mechanical toy (automata) making

"What a superb day, Nothing was too much hassle for Stef. Unbelievable patient and hugely knowledgable , I can’t recommend the course enough. Thank you"

Penlan Crafts responded:

" Thank you for your kind review Mark! Best regards, Stef"

3 Jul 22'

Paul reviewed: Wooden mechanical toy (automata) making

"What a fantastic day and what a fantastic talented guy. Stef was very welcoming and could not do enough for me. I would recommend this day to anyone. My granddaughter loves Collin the caterpillar and will for years to come. Thank you so much Stef."

Penlan Crafts responded:

" Hi Paul, thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed the day, it was a pleasure meeting you! All the best"

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