Lowimpact reviews

14 Sep 22'

Kath C reviewed: Get started with herbal medicine: an online course

"This course, together with the accompanying e-book, is a major piece of work and I'm very grateful to Sorrell for making it affordable like this! I'm not really a beginner myself in foraging and using herbs, but the course has consolidated my 'little learning' and taught me very much more. I'm sure I will keep going back to it now and again. The videos are a pleasure to watch. The course has been an insight into how a professional works, whilst Sorrel also provides glimpses into the wealth of traditional and spiritual aspects of healing with herbs, other than the basic chemistry (though she knows that too of course!). Thank you Sorrell. Kath C"

Lowimpact responded:

" Thanks very much Kath - glad you liked it. Dave, Lowimpact"

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