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29 Aug 21'

Elizabeth reviewed: Oil painting for the scared - 8 week course

"I have just begun a course with Ian and am really enjoying every moment, the 2 hours flash by! This is the first time I have painted with oils and as a novice painter I am learning so much under Ian’s excellent guidance."

1 Aug 21'

Christine Buxton reviewed: Oil painting for the scared - 8 week course

"I really enjoyed this course with Ian, I now have my first seascape in oil hung over my fireplace. Ian is a fabulous tutor and really helps you to develop your skills and gives you advice and guidance you can take away and apply at home as well."

Ian Walton Gallery responded:

" Thank you so much for this Christine. It was lovely to guide and encourage you. I hope we see you regularly when you move full time to our beautiful island. ❤️❤️"

12 Mar 20'

E. Higginson reviewed: Oil painting for the scared - 8 week course

"This course is presented by Ian Walton with a 'can do' attitude. He prompts and encourages students to learn and use their existing skills to develop art work that is comfortable for them in a way that they perceive their own skills and abilities. When I enrolled on the first 8 week course I did not think that I had sufficient abilities or personal vision to create a painting but with the appropriate approach and guidance, I was able to produce a painting that I was proud enough of to have it framed and on the wall. I would recommend Ian's courses to anyone who is sceptical about their current skills in the world of painting. The course provides guidance, tuition on colour selection and the various techniques that are required."

Ian Walton Gallery responded:

" Thank you so much for such a fantastic review Ellen. It means a lot ❤️"

9 Mar 20'

Chris Skelson reviewed: Oil painting for the scared - 8 week course

"Anyone wishing to do this course with Mr Walton, take it from me, he will correct any mistakes you make in a nice way, color rendition, color mixing, brush strokes, and your first painting will be outstanding. How do I know this? Well, Ian taught me for around 12 months at Plas Power in Wrexham. After years of watercolour painting and sketching, Ian got me with oils, and my first painting was a copy of Constable's Stonehenge. I have still got it at home and still proud of it. Without Ian's help I think it would have been average instead of the outstanding that it is, and to confirm Ian is a courteous chap with incredible painting ability, call and see him, you will not be disappointed."

Ian Walton Gallery responded:

" Wow Chris ! Thank you, that’s an awesome review."

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