Beauty Handmade Home Fragrance Academy reviews

6 Feb 21'

Dalal reviewed: Candle & Reed diffuser Business

"One of the best decisions I have ever took in my hoppy-life. Zaga has a great experience, well organized professional, and a very supportive person. She's sincere and gives all what you need to know before you start your business in Candle Making & Home Perfumery in a very simple way! I'll not hesitate to enroll in other workshops and courses with Zaga for sure."

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22 Jun 20'

Howard reviewed: How to create a bespoke signature fragrance for your candle business - online course

"I started this course as a complete novice but with loads of ideas of what I wanted to achieve. Zaga is a magnificent perfumer and teacher who I highly recommend. During my course she took me through the wonderful world of perfume and helped me with lots of practical advice to create my own. I split my online Skype course into two segments over two days and finished feeling confident and inspired to accomplish my goals. I also recommend buying the miniature perfumers organ, a great tool for small scale early experiments and learning."

15 Mar 20'

Hawa reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"Zaga is amazing. This bespoke workshop got me thinking in more depth about the candle business. She was very honest and didn’t sugar coat her knowledge and skill set within the industry, which this is something I look for when needing support. I was free to discuss all my ideas and she even helped further develop them. No question was silly as that’s what she’s there for; to support as much as she can. We also made a candle with her beautiful fragrances, which smells amazing. This workshop was definitely worth it."

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6 Mar 20'

Clare reviewed: 'Accelerate' 1 day course- Complete candlemaking business development and creation

"Zaga is sensational, a truly inspirational artist. I had a wonderful few days learning about building a candle business and developing my first signature fragrance. It's absolutely worth it, you will walk away with the confidence you need to start on your candle making journey. I can't thank Zaga enough for her insight, passion and knowledge. Thank you!"

26 Feb 20'

Naila Rahim reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"Our team attended Zaga's course online. We were in Dubai & Zaga was in London. Zaga couriered all the materials to us. The course was exactly what we were looking for. We had learned all of our candle making through YouTube videos. Speaking with a candle master and a perfumer was a true awakening. We learned so many first principles of candle making which have helped us to take our candles technically to a whole new level. We also spoke with Zaga about our business & branding. She has soooo much knowledge about so many aspects of the business. It's really incredible and speaking with her helped us to think more realistically about our business. Zaga is very generous with her knowledge and is super friendly. When speaking with Zaga, it feels like she truly cares, and that she will be with you all the way along your candle journey. The candles we made during the class were amazing, and set a new bar for us ! I highly recommend this course !"

17 Feb 20'

Kadifa reviewed: Candle & Reed diffuser Business

"Thinking about starting a business selling candles? You need this course. Zaga's expert knowledge of 15 years will save you so much time with regard to making the candles as well as focusing what is required from a business perspective. Outstanding support is given after the course. Zaga responds quickly to messages allowing you to efficiently grow your business. Loved this course and would highly recommend it."

13 Nov 19'

Sophie reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"If you are starting up your own candle business i would highly reccomend this course as it is difficult to find a lot of the information you need to start selling candles online especially legal requirments. Zaga has many years expirience so was able to give all the information i needed and point me in the right direction with my business."

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12 Nov 19'

Holli reviewed: 'Accelerate' 1 day course- Complete candlemaking business development and creation

"Zaga is fantastic, a true master of her craft. Her knowledge, expertise and manner are second to none and I had a brilliant day learning from her. All my questions were answered with ease and I left feeling every area was covered. The detailed handouts were also a nice touch. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone, I am absolutely raring to go with my new found knowledge and confidence. Thank you Zaga!"

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28 Oct 19'

Natalie reviewed: 'Accelerate' 1 day course- Complete candlemaking business development and creation

"This is such an amazing course. This course includes so much more than expected. Zaga really helps you understand and develop your brand which is so important when starting a business. The course covers every element of starting a business to legalities to producing products and of course understanding fragrance and how they work. Zaga is very generous with her knowledge and clearly has a passion for fragrance. She is a wonderful lady and genuinely wants to help you succeed in creating a business. I have learnt so much from her and can not wait to get started and share my journey with her. Thank you so much for all your help."

26 Oct 19'

Nkechi A reviewed: Candle & Reed diffuser Business

"I took this course not as a beginner but as someone somewhat advanced in the industry and even at that i was still able to learn new things. Zaga is quite patient, she takes her time to explain things, going over even the seemingly basic stuff. She's an impressive body of knowledge and is willing to share this with her students. Before embarking on this course, i had some reservations but after going through it, i can totally say i got my money's worth and so much more. The course is suitable for both beginners and advanced chandlers alike."

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9 Oct 19'

Kerry Lacey reviewed: 'Accelerate' 1 day course- Complete candlemaking business development and creation

"I had a fantastic day with Zaga on the Accelerator course. Zaga is professional, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about all things related to the Candle industry, fragrance and building a brand. Having Zaga as a mentor has made me confident that I can launch my products successfully. I can highly recommend Zaga if you are serious about building your own unique candle company. Thanks for such a inspiring day !"

19 Jun 19'

Salma reviewed: Candle & Reed diffuser Business

"This course was a great decision for me. I got a lot more out of it that I expected and I particularly loved the fact that it's one on one. Definitely worth the investment in yourself and your business if you're looking to be a force in the industry"

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29 May 19'

Ashlene reviewed: 'Accelerate' 1 day course- Complete candlemaking business development and creation

"Zaga is amazing. She is professional, friendly, supportive and assists one through the journey of starting up a candle business. I was fortunate to come away with a beautiful signature scent and went on to take her fragrance course. Zaga has given me feedback since the course and continues to help me on my journey. Beautiful. Thank you Zaga."

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20 May 19'

Amie reviewed: 'Accelerate' 1 day course- Complete candlemaking business development and creation

"Well, where do I start.....? From booking right through to the course day, Zaga’s communication was perfect! I couldn’t wait to meet her and start my new adventure. Having arrived at her Studio in the fabulous Chelsea, first impressions of Zaga did not disappoint. Warm, welcoming but completely professional and not to mention inspiring. The course itself is very well structured with plenty of time to be creative. I had time to discuss my business ideas and seek advice also. Zaga is so knowledgeable and really gets you to immerse yourself in the scent/perfume element of the course. It gave me all of the tools I needed to go home and kickstart my candle business. I left there feeling empowered, excited and very supported. And the support doesn’t stop at 5pm on the course day, Zaga is very invested in you/me as her pupil and I have had many dealings with her since, seeking advice and knowledge as my business moves closer to launch. I will always remain in touch now. I feel very lucky to have met her and to have attended this amazing, one of a kind course. Thank you Zaga, I will be forever grateful for your expertise and guidance."

19 Mar 19'

Purnima Bullee reviewed: Custom candle fragrance making workshop

"Zaga is a gem! She is knowledgeable, passionate about perfumery and with a sense of motivation that is quite infectious. Following the perfumery workshop, I am now developing my own scents. I even booked a second workshop to delve deeper. Thank you Zaga. You are an amazing teacher!"

24 Oct 18'

Alexandra Sangster reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"I learned a huge amount and left the course feeling inspired and motivated. Zaga is a fantastic teacher and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this workshop :)"

18 Oct 18'

Zoe Wheeler reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"A really relaxed and effective learning environment and so useful to help process my business plan and ideas. Zaga tailor made the workshop specifically to suit my current position and needs. Highly recommend."

8 Oct 18'

Dean and Lizzie reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"Learnt so much on this course! Getting to speak to an expert about our ideas and what we wanted to achieve was just what we needed and gave us a lot of food for thought. It really helped us focus our ideas on our new business venture. As an added bonus, we walked out with two beautiful candles. Definitely worth booking! Thank you Zaga!"

2 Oct 18'

Olu reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"This course met my every need especially as I was a beginner through and through but I understood fragrances a bit. I was able to make my very own Scented Candle on the first day and learnt to make other products subsequently. Believe it or not, I have started my own thriving Candle business in my country and we have received testaments that our products are top-notch! Zaga, is an extremely warm and helpful tutor who will hand hold you through the entire process especially as she is very eager for you to succeed. Thanks so much Zaga, I am now a Candle making Instructor too. I strongly recommend this course if you are looking to start a profitable and leading Home Fragrance brand as a business or perhaps a hobby."

1 Oct 18'

Sarah reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"Thank you Zaga for a great workshop this weekend! Having been self taught for 1 year, Zaga quickly showed me where I was going wrong and also gave a wealth of knowledge with regards to the candle business, technical and compliance information. Zaga is very warm,friendly and professional and I highly recommend her."

9 Aug 18'

Amanda reviewed: Custom candle fragrance making workshop

"Zaga offers a unique opportunity to learn about understanding and creating fragrances. Ideal for learning the basics or developing fragrance-formulating further. I had a wonderful afternoon exploring fragrances and also being challenged creatively. Thank you!"

9 Aug 18'

Amanda reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"For anyone who is serious about making candles and a candle-making business - Zaga is the person to go to. She really is a gem and offers a unique opportunity for anyone wanting to get to grips with this industry and art. In addition, she is friendly, fun and very generous with sharing her experiences and knowledge. She goes above and beyond. Thank you!"

11 Jul 18'

Catherine reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"What a wonderful day! For making beautiful scented candles. The one 2 one workshop with Zaga help me focus on how to move my start up business foward. Zaga understood where I was with my brand. She help me to set goals and deadlines. With my new found knowledge of CLP, I am aiming to make and create beautiful scented candles. Once again Zaga thank you for the lovely advice and continuing support after the workshop. Kind regards Cat x"

30 Jun 18'

Giulia reviewed: Custom candle fragrance making workshop

"THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! Zaga is an amazing teacher, she teaches with passion and it was beautiful spending one whole day with her doing two workshops. Now I want to go home to Rome and start my own business. Guilia and Thank you Zaga"

3 Jun 18'

Anjela Jay reviewed: Candle Business for Startups

"I feel very fortunate to have discovered this bespoke workshop with Zaga. I do not live in London, so had to make the trip from the Midlands to attend, but I can honestly say it was worth every penny to do so. The opportunity to spend one-to-one time with an expert in both candle making and brand building was unique and hugely valuable. Zaga is a great teacher, and warm host, and really does care about supporting you with your ideas. Thoroughly recommended."

Beauty Handmade Home Fragrance Academy responded:

" Thank you Anjela so much. I wish you every success in this world and I know you will have created a remarkable brand."

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