Art's Majic reviews

21 Oct 19'

Penny White reviewed: Shibori and indigo dyeing in North Devon

"Had a great time. Learnt a lot. Thank you."

Art's Majic responded:

" Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it"

21 Oct 19'

Penny White reviewed: Batik painting in North Devon

"A great time, learnt a lot. Thank you"

Art's Majic responded:

" Thank you Penny, glad you enjoyed the course"

5 Jul 19'

Sharon Munsey reviewed: Batik painting in North Devon

"I had a lovely day with Bridget learning about batik. I had very little prior knowledge of the process and no hands on experience of it so it was all new to me. Bridget immediately put me at ease and welcomed me into her lovely rural home. Her light and airy studio has lots of examples of her beautiful work which was great to see. I enjoyed playing with the various tools and brushes and finding out how the wax moves on the different fabric before moving on to selecting a design to work on for the rest of the session. Bridget is a calm, friendly tutor and I felt very relaxed knowing that there are not really any "wrongs" just happy mistakes that can either be further worked on or learned from for next time. I appreciated the teas and coffees and the delicious home made soup for lunch whilst enjoying the sunshine and birds in her garden. After lunch it was back to my picture which I managed to finish. Bridget kindly provided mats and frames and a cellophane bag to carry it home in to keep it clean and safe. Whilst my picture isn't the best thing I have ever made I did enjoy the process and the experience. I highly recommend joining one of Bridget's workshops if you are interested in this beautiful craft. Thank you Bridget!"

3 Mar 19'

Mary carter reviewed: Batik painting in North Devon

"What a lovely way to spend my time! I am not very artistic, but it didn't really matter, experimenting with patterns and shapes was just as good. It's interesting how the wax and the dyes work, was proud of my efforts 😊. Everything was supplied, including a light lunch and beverages Learning the art of Batik was just one part of the day, I made new friends, and loved the vista from the well lit studio. Sadly I only completed only half of the day as I had to dash off, however I took my masterpiece home with me. Thank you Bridget and thank you other participants"

1 Mar 19'

Lynda yeomans reviewed: Batik painting in North Devon

"Fantastic relaxing and happy day. Bridget in her quiet way gave us a very comprehensive lesson on the art of Batik. Everyone enjoyed the day. It would make an ideal present for someone. I may do it again with my daughter. Lovely views from Bridget studio. We were all pleased with our art work at the end of day. Thank you Bridget"

10 Feb 19'

Val Jenner reviewed: Batik painting in North Devon

"I started out knowing next to nothing about Batik but, with Bridget's patient help and expertise, I surprised myself with my lovely "waterlily" image. The studio is well equipped and I had a lovely day in good company including a delicious carrot soup lunch."

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