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New pricing from 1st October 2018

From the 1st October 2018, our pricing will be changing. Any subscriptions that renew or start on or after the 1st October will be using the new prices. All pricing from 1st October 2018 will be VAT inclusive.

If you want to lock into the current prices before they change, you can subscribe annually and the price increase will only take effect on your next renewal.

Subscription Monthly Annual
1st course page
no web links
Free Free
Additional course pages
with web links
£2.40 per page
(currently £2.00 per page)
£24.00 per page
(currently £22.00 per page)
Boosted course pages
Top of categories & home page
£12.00 per page
(currently £10.00 per page)
£120.00 per page
(currently £100.00 per page)
Branded artwork - top of categories
£30.00 per category
(currently £25.00 per category)
£300.00 per category
(currently £250.00 per category)

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Course listings

Every organisation receives one course page listing free. This includes:

  • A stand alone, independent 'findable' and 'Google-friendly' web page
  • Full description of what to expect on your course or workshop, including price, lunch and what tools and materials are included.
  • Easy direct contact with you via email, phone and/or web links
  • Student Reviews: our in built tool makes it easy for you to collect feedback and build great testimonial - a very effective way of attracting new students!
  • The option to select 'flexible dates' or specific courses dates (as many as you have planned).
  • Up to 20 images – vital for attracting potential students
  • Placed in up to 3 categories; such as weaving, blacksmithing, silversmithing
  • Full address and google map of the course location
  • Inclusion in the popular CraftCourses Gift Voucher Scheme
  • If you subscribe, all of the above plus links to your website and social media support.

Add your course(s) here - it only takes a few minutes! Or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Boosted course listings

Course listings are ranked within their categories by how many Excellent reviews have been awarded from students. Course listings can also be boosted to the top of their categories. You can do this as a monthly or annual subscription or as a one off payment for your chosen number of months.

Organise a programme of courses and workshops? Please use the Course Calculator below to calculate the monthly or annual cost of your subscription.

Monthly Annual
One standard listing (first listing free) £2.00 £22.00
One boosted listing (top of category) £10.00 £100.00


There are three adverts available at the top of each creative section, ideal for craft suppliers and creative organisations who wish to reach a large and uniquely tailored audience.
Please see Furniture Painting, Blacksmithing or Jewellery for examples of the size and position of adverts.
Adverts cost £25.00 per month or £250.00 per year and each one clicks directly through to your online shop.

Add an advert here or Contact Us for a quote.

Special offers

How do I pay?

Payment can be made monthly or annually, via our secure online card payment system or PayPal. All subscriptions are entirely flexible – you can access, modify and/or cancel your payments through your online Dashboard at any point.

Any other questions?

Feel free to Contact Us - we are here to help!

  • Package
  • No. of Courses
  • Monthly Price
  • Annual Price (1 Month Free)
  • Acorn
  • One
  • FREE
  • FREE
  • Sapling
  • 2 to 49 Courses
  • £2 per course
  • £22 per course
  • Oak
  • 50+
  • Please phone us for a bespoke service
  • Course Calculator
  • £0 for 1 courses
  • £0 for 1 courses