July Newsletter - Win a bottle of Champagne!
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Craft courses and workshops across the UK

Good afternoon UK craft course lovers!

We've got some important questions to ask you this month which might affect you all (see below) and in return Craft Courses is going to send out a bottle of 'proper' champagne to one of you. For now, we are delighted to report that a whopping 76 brand new course pages have been added in the last 30 days!

We welcome The Joe Cornish Gallery, The Ffabric Craft CafeCraft Yourself Silly , Green Aspirations Scotland, Kendal Upholstery, The Making Boutique, Bathbomb Biz, The Quarterworkshop and Pembrokeshire Leatherwork and many more.

The monthly nag!

Reviews from your current and previous students will make a big difference to how attractive your course appears to new people. We all like a personal recommendation and word of mouth works!
It couldn't be easier; simply email out the link to your course page and ask your students to spend a couple of minutes filling in the box (at the bottom of every one of our course pages). Each new review pushes you back onto our home pages and you can enjoy reading the beaming feedback from satisifed students.  
Win a bottle of champagne from Craft Courses!

Craft Courses design - win a bottle of champagne!

We've been ummin and ahhing for a while about our design. We've grown fast (over 320 separate course providers now) and been well received but we are keen to improve our wider appeal - and of course we need a design that appeals to all crafts.

If you have a couple of minutes we would most appreciate any comments, criticisms or thoughts you have about how we can improve what we do. The bigger and better this site can be, the more students, the greater benefit for all. If that's not enough to motivate you, we are going to enter the names of everyone who responds (seriously) into a big top hat on the 10th August and send the winner a bottle of lovely bubbly. 

In particular we are interested in what you think of the following: 
  • logo/brand
  • font
  • home page 
  • search facility
  • general ease of using the site
These are way better odds than the lottery so please email Kate direct (kate@craftcourses.com) and please be honest - she's got a thick skin.
Craftswomen exemplify this just as well of course, but this is a concept we believe in. During a conversation this week with my neighbour Michael Bossom, a talented encaustic artist,  he put it like this. "Without skill (the craft of anything), then we can not essentially express the art or our relationship with it."
That's all for this month folks, keep in touch and warm wishes from,
Kate and the CraftCourses.com team.

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