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My friends and I had such a fantastic weekend with Nigel assisting us all the way to help create some wonderful things, what a fantastic blacksmith you are. We would highly recomend the great hospitality we were given, the 6 of us had a memorable Birthday weekend doing something completely differant. WOW..........Nigel you are a great artist and an even...
By Carolann - 7 years ago
Fantastic inspiring day - I learned loads. Great company and fab food. Jane helped me advance my existing skills and gave me some excellent tips and shortcuts. I would recommend this course to beginners and experienced.
By Debra Stuart - 7 years ago
The day course is wonderfully informative, educational and fun! I was surprised how quickly we learnt to create pieces, and Helen's resources seem endless. If you've ever stood in a craft shop wanting to try everything you see, but couldn't afford to buy everything, this day course allows you to craft away to your hearts desire without any material outlay....
By Cleo Scrivener - 7 years ago
The weekend stained glass course with Christian Ryan was very good and thoroughly enjoyable. The objective set was challenging but achievable and could be tackled with different degrees of complexity according to learners confidence/skill/ambition. Everything was very clearly explained and demonstrated and Chris, the most genial tutor has the ability to know when to offer assistance and when to leave...
By Eirwen Malin - 7 years ago
Adam is extremely patient and an excellent teacher. The class sizes are small so you get a lot of attention and Adam demonstrates all the techniques used on the day a couple of times so it sinks in. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute!
By Morne Lippiatt - 7 years ago
I attended all 3 levels - beginners, intermediate and advanced. Compared to other lotion, moisturiser courses,'s was by far the best - Jane is v knowledgeable and so helpful, even after the class. Her facebook group Making Skincare which has over 2,400 members includes cosmetic chemists and microbiologists and has also been a great help so if you can't...
By Jady - 7 years ago
I agree with all the other reviews. The class was a great experience and lots of fun. Farah is an excellent teacher and will definitely recommend her.
By Hatty - 7 years ago
My 12 year old son and I spent a relaxing and educational day at the forge. We were both complete novices, but learnt loads and came away with some very cool products made with our own fair hands. Both of us were very pleased with the results and will undoubtedly return for more. Thanks, Mort.
By Matthew Page - 7 years ago
The wife made me tag along and I actually really enjoyed it, learnt a lot from a very fun teacher.
By Pete - 7 years ago
Farah was a great teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Would recommend her to anyone interested in candle making.
By Eda gumush - 7 years ago