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As an enthusiastic amateur I had never thrown anything bigger than six inches. As a small group there was plenty of hands on experience and personal attention which had me making faceted and lidded jars and 12 inch vases using the two piece throwing. In two days I had advanced more than the previous six months and inspired to further...
By Martin Swaby - 8 years ago
I have just completed both courses - "Tools and Things" and "Wood and Things" back to back. The last time I tried woodworking was over 40 years ago when I was about 12, so I was a little apprehensive about my lack of talent. I needn't have been. Both Richard and Mark were very good tutors with loads of patience...
By Geoff Dickson - 8 years ago
I was a complete novice but had a really good day on this course. We started with no knowledge at all and by the end of the day were making our own fan Birds, granted not quite to Steve's excellent standards but given time !! One has to dream. Steve's teaching is a very relaxed easy to follow with nothing...
By Peter Robinson - 8 years ago
Looking forward to meeting you at Bee Crafty on Sat 9th March. I attended the 'social stitching ', weekly,and haven't found a better place for enthusiasm,commitment,and friendliness,in all the years of sewing. Now is the time for me to try something new ----- help !!
By Sheila Daines - 8 years ago
I had a great day on this course, I had wanted to have a go at making fan birds for some time but things always got in the way so I booked a course with Steve. We were lead through the process one step at a time following Steve for the first bird then had ago at the second ourselves...
By Peter Wood - 8 years ago
I would commend this course to anyone interested in wood, art, craft or culture. Steve was an excellent teacher, providing an ideal, safe, environment in which to learn. All tools and materials were provided and we could all go away with at least one finished fan bird, and the confidence and skills to continue making them in the future. This...
By Rolf Buwert - 8 years ago
I first saw Christian's work at a major contemporary craft and design show and loved the modern take on a traditional skill so I was keen to try the taster day when I saw that he also ran courses. In a 'full on' day I learned how to design for stained glass and select different colours and textures of glass...
By Lesley Crawley - 8 years ago
Willow Work at Flatford Mill
By Christine Smith - 8 years ago
A very informative and in depth course. Covering a wide range of areas, including some very technical detail on glaze components, which may not necessarily be for everyone! Overall a great day and certainly informative re firing faults and causes.
By Melissa Jackson - 8 years ago
an excellent course, so informative and usefull, i have been able to maintain my kilns with confidence ( with a little back up from my friendly electrican) and understand firing processes more deeply than was ever covered at uni. its a must if you want to run your own studio.
By louise schrempft - 8 years ago