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I am part way through he beginners course and it is fantastic!. Lisa is an excellent teacher and the atmosphere in the studio is relaxed and friendly. I have learnt loads already and am definitely signing up for more after the course ends. I can't praise this course enough!
By Kate - 7 years ago
I started with Lisa as a beginner, and I've continued for over 2 years since then. Lisa is a great teacher, and it is amazing what you can make, even if you think you have no artistic skills whatsoever.
By Steff Lewis - 7 years ago
I've been a student at silverhub for over 2 years now, covering both the beginners classes and moving on to more advanced techniques. This is a great course and Lisa clearly explains everything and encourages you so you achieve a lot. You will learn all the basic techniques eg soldering, roll printing etc and it's a very relaxing environment with...
By Marie Band - 7 years ago
Dilys is a great teacher, passionate about her craft which she loves sharing with you. I have attended a few of her courses and have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Enamelling is an exciting craft and you will be amazed at what you can produce. I have made jewellery, pictures etc - I am not very arty but was able to...
By Lorraine Ranaldo - 7 years ago
I did a beginners course at the Silver hub studios in January and absolutely loved it. I've learned a range of new techniques such as soldering and texturing copper. Lisa, the teacher, was very helpful and good at explaining everything (and offering us lots of cups of tea)!
By Femke - 7 years ago
When I signed up for this course I had no idea what to expect or if I would enjoy it...when I arrived I was given a warm welcome accompanied by tea and biscuits... This was continued over the 2 days... James demonstrated every step of the project in a logical uncomplicated way, this was great because it's a complicated craft..there...
By Elise king - 7 years ago
I will admit I was a little nervous about doing this course but by the end of the weekend I wanted to come back and do it all again! Everything was fun, well explained and of course the amazing hospitality! The only thing I would say is for those who easily get cold is to maybe bring an extra jumper...
By Nicole - 7 years ago
Excellent weekend. James breaks down the process into easily digestible chunks and guides you through each bit, making sure you are comfortable with each step before progressing. He has a wide range of colours of wool to choose from to design a scarf and by the second day you are happily weaving. What is great is that the expectation is...
By Carolyn - 7 years ago
The Raku course was very good. I enjoyed learning about two different types of Raku firing and it was good being able to go home with a sample pot. John Wheeldon was extremely helpful and answered all our questions. One suggestions- inevitable the participants will buy equipment from you and it would be better to have a least two staff...
By Petra Rohr-Rouendaal - 7 years ago
Exceptional tutor, equal amounts of cheer + work...with a cosy scarf to end it all! Loved this course.
By Karen Smith - 7 years ago