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I have no experience in upholstery and turned up with a £20 footstool that I found at an antiques market. I was very apprehensive about what I could achieve but was amazed with the results. Vicky was very good at breaking down all the different stages that we had to go through and made them seem very achievable. My friends...
By Liz Jary - 6 years ago
I did not have much faith in my ability to upholster but cannot believe what Vicky managed to teach me in one day. I arrived with a £10 telephone table seat and left with something that looks like I paid a lot more for it and has pride of place in my bedroom. We stripped our items right back and...
By Laura Gaunt - 6 years ago
Brilliant! I went with no prior experience but Elaine made it easy and fun. I leanred a lot from this course and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to start hand-spinning. As there is only 2 people on a course at any one time it means that you get one to one tuition. Thoroughly enjoyable! Thanks Elaine!
By Charlotte Skelton - 6 years ago
Toni was very informative and very good at instructing on the various techniques, and as total beginner I found the course unbelievably helpful. Altering the course to trailer to your specific needs I think this is a great choice for anyone wanting to start in this area of glass work.
By David Marr - 6 years ago
I attended a felt slipper course at Tigerlily Makes. What a pleasure it was to learn the wonderful technique of wet felting. And it was such a fun day, I didn't want it to end. Lisa's knowledge of felting is second to none and she is so very helpful and encouraging on the course and way after too. Always ready...
By Elizabeth Saxton - 6 years ago
Loved the results! Very inspiring!
By Jolene Cerry - 6 years ago
An excellent and rewarding course. Peter is an exceptional teacher of all things wood and has the natural ability to create a relaxed and fun environment, whilst all along imparting the green woodworking skills necessary to make a unique and individual chair.
By Roger Petit - 6 years ago
The courses i did at Lumiere were better than expected. I learned a lot in the short space of time and i recommend other people who are interested to try it out as it was well worth it,you cant lose out and it is great knowledge to last a life time! Thanks to them i am now on my way...
By shane monteil - 6 years ago
After I took this class and not informing my mother I made her a piece of my own mosaic and she had seen I have founded my own unfound talent. I am so pleased I attended this course and I now have fun filled days of masaicing. thanks xoxoxox goochy
By Gooch - 6 years ago
I attended a two hour weekly tutorial with Rowena for over a year. I chose her because of the location, but also because her own pottery is beautiful and I loved her work. Rowena is very practical and explains everything clearly. She is a patient, accommodating and inspiring teacher and she was very easy to get along with. All her...
By Jayne - 6 years ago