Tourmaline, vivid pink (octagon) square, facet / concave cut



This is a lovely gem! Vivid pink, eyeclean at least, a good size and Mohs hardness for a ring stone and not too small for a pendant, with an even girdle and corners that work for most jewellers. It's about 8mm by 8mm and 2.43ct, this sort of cut is exactly the sort of thing I made a living selling to A E Wards of Hatton Garden, before Brexit made any form of investment a bit tricky.... Anyway, this originated from Mozambique, is about £250/ct, which is £605. And I do teach, but not this style yet, and probably not for a year or two until I've really got it nailed down.

How this was made

Traditional and modern lapidary techniques

What's included in the price?

Free gem case, plastic, 30mm Free postage within UK, tracked, insured





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Suitable for

  • Christmas
  • Father's Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Romantic
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