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Timber framing courses

Timber framing course group, Hewnwood, Brecon, Wales

Duration: 5 days

Price: £650

Book with: Alan Ritchie
at Hewnwood

Middle Drostre Barn

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About the Course

Green oak timber frame building course with Master craftsman Alan Ritchie and sons. With over 40 years collective experience between them. This course is ideal for self builders, woodworkers, hobbyists and craft skills enthusiasts! The course has been set in our idyllic woodland workshop for the last 12 years.

We will be teaching our specialist marking system essential for green oak buildings. Scribing and cutting mortice and tenon joints on a full size live build oak frame. We aim to give you full instruction and advice in all aspects of traditional timber framing, so you can go away inspired with new skills!

This comprehensive woodwork course takes you from the raw material to the design. Whether you are planning a project of your own, or interested in trying your hand at a new skill, we aim to give you insight into this ancient craft whilst having a relaxed and enjoyable time. Our timber framing courses are primarily intended as teaching workshops, designed to give you as comprehensive an overview of the subject as possible. Below you will find an outline of the subjects addressed.

- An introduction to timber framing and frame design
- The environmental ethics of using timber
- Safe use of hand & power tools
- Essential marking system for working with green wood.
- The cutting of scarf joints, mortice & tenon
- Drawn bored pegging technique
- Marking and cutting a wall frame
- Studs and braces.
- Different scribing techniques & basic trig
- Level references & carpenters marks
- Laying up a cross frame
- Trusses
- Floor beams
- Purlins 

If booking with a CraftCourses voucher for part or all of the course fee, please fill in the contact form above. Your voucher code must be provided at the point of booking.

What's included in the price?

Tools and tuition
Fully catered breakfast , lunch and dinner , selection of teas fresh coffee and home made cakes and flap jacks. Outdoor kitchen, large fire pit, axe throwing and music.

There is free rustic camping in the woods for tents, and space in the field outside the woods for camper vans if dry to cross the field. If not there is parking 5 mins walk away .
In the woods there are compost loos and a hot shower!
If you are not a camper then there is a lot of choice for B&Bs or holiday lets in the area.

If booking with a CraftCourses voucher for part or all of the course fee, please fill in the contact form above or telephone us. Your voucher code must be provided at the point of booking. We have an attractive gift set to accompany the gift voucher. Please contact us for info!

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- - #23215

An interesting, thought provoking course run by enthusiastic experts. There is a great deal to learn about timber framing and I came away having learnt the basics but with much still to learn, I plan to go again. The good company and outstanding food that went with the course made for a very enjoyable week.

- - #23101

A splendid way to find out more about the craft of oak framing. Alan and the team bring a highly skilled and enthusiastic approach to teaching the techniques surrounding the tradition. Coupled with unbelievably great food, pleasant woodland surroundings and all-round good companionship I cannot recommend this course highly enough to anyone with the slightest interest in wood and woodworking.

- - #23042

I had such a lovely week at the course.
I was pretty nervous about going but that feeling vanished as soon as I arrived in the beautiful setting. Alan, Mary, Connor and Sid made everyone feel completely at home with their kind and giving nature and great humour.
Mary’s food was absolutely amazing. Alan and Connor and Sid were so patient, brilliant craftsman and great teachers. I didn’t have any prior knowledge of oak timber frame building and the course has given me a theoretical and most of all practical insight into the processes involved in the construction. I worked on a gable end with two others, it felt like a real achievement to see it all slot together on the last day.
The evenings were so much fun, we walked up a local hill with beautiful views on evening. Other evenings we were around the fire and were filled with music, singing, chatting, axe throwing and spoon carving.
I couldn’t recommend the course enough.

- - #22665

We had a really great week at the Hewnwood course. Alan and his family could not have been more generous with their time, knowledge and hospitality. The course was really well run with Alan, Connor and Sid at pains for us to gain competence and to understand each step of the process. Mary’s food was wonderful, the campfire and music afterwards very special... I’m truly grateful and looking forward to the advanced course.

- - #22335

Although feeling a bit apprehensive about this course at first I realised when I got there I couldn't have been more wrong. Alan and his family really make you feel as though you are family yourself and teach you their amazing craft in an awesome environment. The combination of knowledge, life lessons, food and friends made the 2 weeks probably the best 2 week holiday I have ever had, especially when Alan taught me to waltz! Don't be put off and just book it, you won't regret it!

- - #22324

Two weeks of incredible learning and fun and Hewnwood has left me with so many new inspirations and a whole new woodland family. Such skills and passions that Alan and his family have shared are truly humbling and they have really made their woodland feel like a second home. Plus fantastic food, music and campfire fun! Any other course I go on from now has a whole lot to live up to!

- - #22314

The course was most enjoyable with very competent teachers who were friendly, patient and helpful and pushed for excellence. Alan, Connor and Sid clearly love their pure craft and take every effort to pass on this passion. The food was great and the outdoor woodland setting and evenings around the camp fire very relaxing. I even came back with a sun tan in May.

- - #22306

Coming on to this course I only had a little timber framing experience. This course was absolutely amazing and reached all of my expectations. I flew in from Canada for 2 weeks of the course and learned many important things about how to properly build a timber frame. Alan and the family were delightful to be with and made me feel right at home. I can't wait to go back to Canada and build some timber frames of my own using the skills I have gained on this course!

Cheers, Brett Sharpe

- - #22295

A truly excellent experience. Learned so much in a week. Alan, Mary and his team made us all feel so welcome. Alan is a rare combination of expert craftsman, story-teller, musician, and a true gentleman. Mary's cooking was unsurpassable. As a person with good intolerances, Mary made sure that I never once failed to thoroughly enjoy every meal!

- - #15953

Thanks to everyone at Hewnwood for an amazing week! The course was extremely informative and well organised. The setting is perfect, and I came away feeling all round inspired!

Alan and Connor are both extremely knowledgeable and fantastic teachers, and Mary's cooking was incredible!

I will definitely be returning and would recommend to anyone. Thanks guys

- - #15704

Awesome course, the woods setting is fantastic and the course is perfectly informative withput being rushed.

Alan and his family are very accommodating; if you like food you should go for Mary's cooking alone!

Cheers for a great week.

- - #14805

Really enjoyed the course. It was so inspiring to be in the woods building with a group of folk all keen to get to grips with the skills needed to timber frame with green oak. The techniques around using datum lines, references, scribing, measuring and attention to detail were fascinating. Really enjoyed the passion that John and Conor brought to the teaching and having Al playing the flute in the background made for a magical time in the woods. But the glue that binds the whole course together is Mary's catering which was superb! Thank you

- - #10893

This course was really great!
I learned so much in this one week about the framing of green oak! Most stuff is impossible to learn from books, and is explained clearly, patiently (and repeatedly if needed :) ) by the excellent teachers of this course: Alan, Connor and John. Their skills in using all the tools is most sophisticated.

Most suprising part for me was the detail given to correct scribing and marking out the joints, since this proves to be as important as chopping away the green oak. Again, the tricks and tips for correct scribing to curvy, wobbly green oak cannot be found in any timber framing book.

As for the complete experience: the cooking of Mary is simply fantastic! Also the camping in the woods and the nightly campfires adds to the real woodland experience.

- - #10700

I so enjoyed this! To those out there considering an experience in green oak timber framing, I thoroughly recommend spending a week (or more) with Alan, Mary, Connor, John and Sid - not to mention, great candidate company. Regardless of skill level, you’ll come away with a stronger understanding of this beautiful and ancient craft. Alan ‘et al’ know their stuff and, just as important, clearly enjoy sharing their seemingly limitless knowledge through hands-on, patient, attentive, and practical instruction that, by week’s end, will culminate in a beautiful oak frame.

Mary’s cuisine was, well, simply scrumdiddlyumptious – so much so that whenever I look at timber joints now, I’m instantly hungry...

Thank you all for a wonderful week!

- - #10682

Another excellent week in the woods: great learning experience, excellent tuition, good people and fantastic food.
This was my third course having completed basic and advanced in July. We continued framing the same project; a large "glamping cabin" which provided a challenging and fulfilling learning environment.
Allen spent time designing my project for a barn conversion in Normandy which we are planning to use as a course late summer 2018.
A big thanks to Mary, Allen, Connor, John and Sid for another great week.

- - #10607

I struggle to find a fault in this course. Superb environment. Glorious meals from Mary. Wise guidance and instruction from Alan, Connor, John and Anthony. The content and delivery was inspiring and clear which is exactly what I had hoped for. Meeting so many lovely folk was an added bonus. I can see why people come back! Many thanks again to the Hewnwood team.

- - #10606

After visiting Hewnwood for my third course, I'm happy to say it's still the same great learning environment as it was on my first visit.
There is something new to learn every time I go!

There's a good chance I'll be back next year and enjoy more of Mary's cooking!

- - #10603

What a great course! There is nothing I can fault from the brilliant tuition to the amazing food (thanks Mary) to the newly installed shower. If I could have stayed for the follow on course I would have. Alan and Connor have so much patience to pass on the skills they know too well to the inexperienced bunch that attended this course.
I can only hope I have the time to return for a second helping of timber framing!

- - #9960

I've just completed the advanced course and I can I honestly say it was excellent and is surpassed my expectations. It was so good I've booked to go back for a third week in September to learn more from Allen and Connor.

Allen is an excellent instructor with a genuine desire to pass on his considerable knowledge. Allen, Connor and Sid go above and beyond, often still teaching until late in the evening - thanks for your patience and enthusiasm.

See you all in September:-)

- - #9940

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- - #9919

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- - #9903

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- - #9843

What a fantastic course, had a great time with great company to make the whole experience memorable. Alan was a great host and tutor who spent the day and late into the evenings working hard to teach and entertain everyone on the course. The food cooked by Alan's lovely wife Mary was delicious and the evening music around the camp fire was an excellent end to the day. Thanks to all the family Alan, Mary, Sid, Connor and Alice, I will definitely be returning for the advanced course.

- - #9832

Fantastic!! The atmosphere created by Alan, Connor and Sid's love for their craft; Mary's gift for cooking and a genuine desire to empathy a wealth of knowledge makes for a perfect learning (and relaxing) experience.
We worked on a real project from design factors through marking, cutting and construction. Throughout the process the guys showed a variety of techniques to achieve the aim. A word of thanks for your patience!! We also benefited from constructing Alan's barn that he cut a couple of years ago. To see everything go together smoothly brought clarity and understanding of the process. To share the occasion is special.
Thanks Team Ritchie, I look forward to the advanced course next week.

- - #9830

Never had so much fun. Course super interesting with real projects going on. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Alan and his family are perfect hosts, ready to help you and to make you fell welcomed and at home.
Mary's delicious and abundant meals were a plus just as the jam sessions around the fire.
Can't wait to go back for the advanced course!

- - #9054

What a great family they created !
Amazing people that i can relate far and beyond the course. Alan is a master in his craft with an incredible ability to share his knowledge while allowing the group to follow its own flow, so much more than just a course, (good atmosphere, food, music, axe throwing, bow shooting, Alaska mill testing, carving and so on ) Mary is an angel dress up as a cook and don't underestimate Connor and Sid, you'll be surprise with those young man.
All I can say is Thank you Al ,Mary Connor and Sid i will put this knowledge to good use soon and return to the advance

- - #9000

Where to start about this course......

From start to finish, the course was excellent.
Alan, Mary, Connor and Sid made everyone feel very welcome and even though some of us had less experience with hand tools than others, everyone was treated the same and nobody got left behind in a haze of confusion!
By the end of the course i felt as though i could happily crack on with my workshop framing.... although i am going back for the advanced course for sure!

All in all, the week was great.
Good people, great instruction, excellent tools and amazing food!

Cant wait to return!

- - #8938

Only sorry I did not sign up for the 2nd week. What a great course in a relaxed environment with an international team of participants, from South Africa to Chicago.
To top it all Mary's food was amazing and just what was needed to keep us all going.
Will sign up again for the next course when it is running again.

- - #5071

By far the best course we've ever been on, and we are looking forward to the advanced one! We have learned so much in 5 days, it is incredible. Rob was able to stretch his technical thinking and dream even bigger projects and Bex was able to overcome her lack of confidence in using hand tools to get great results. Now I know what we are able to achieve as a team there'll be no stopping us!
Alan, John and Connor were incredibly patient, and understanding and explained everything so clearly. Questions were always answered with good explanations so we would always end up solving problems ourselves and learning even more. Not once were we made to feel stupid even though this was completely new to us. All the students worked well together, with great conversation at meal times, while we stuffed ourselves with Mary's incredible food!
Thank you to everyone for an incredible week we will never forget!
We hope to see you all again soon!

- - #2689

Without a doubt this is the best course I have been on in my life! I was a bit intimidated by the idea of attending a course I knew nothing about, and a bit worried about being a female in a male dominated field of interest, but I had nothing to fear. Alan and his crew, and his adorable family, made me feel right at home. I would say to anyone thinking about doing this course - JUST DO IT - you will never regret it - and you will have memories to last a life time.

- - #2261

What can you say; if you are looking for a timber framing course then I don’t think that you could choose a better one. Alan is a master craftsman, from making his own musical instruments to building the largest of timber frames, the quality and skill of his work displayed is evident to see. The group sizes are up to a maximum of 8 people and therefore there is plenty of opportunity for 1 to 1 tuition from the ‘master’ himself. All carried out in the middle of a beautiful woodland, where at no additional cost you can pitch your tent.
There are ample supplies of restaurant standard food all provided by the lovely Mary and in between times you can enjoy a bit of archery and axe throwing!
The evenings were spent around the camp fire at which Alan displayed his talents playing his own musical instruments-brilliant!
So if you are looking for some serious instruction or a fun week, either way I would thoroughly recommend this course.

- - #1432

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- - #1415

Set in an idyllic woodland setting the Hewnwood course is a very welcoming and enjoyable course. The teaching pace is good with plenty of hands on experience. All the work is done with hand tools which makes for a very pleasant working environment and also hones those all important hand skills. Having done some green woodwork and working in engineering timber framing appealed to both my creative and technical side. The Hewnwood tutors all have a wealth of experience and too boot they often stay on after hours for a good old yarn around a campfire. The food is absolutely first class and is plentiful making up for those lost calories. Highly recommend too all.

- - #1412

Great course! It's taught in a great hands on and relaxed style so you can get good practice in with tools and techniques. To top it off you're in a beautiful woodland with great food and company!

- - #1382

Not knowing really what to expect other than good recommendations that Alan and his team knew their stuff. My initial reason for doing the course was to get some experience and research to renovate my place in Spain.
I got that and much more, with the expert tuition and hands on involvement alongside meeting like minded people to exchange ideas and new contacts and eating like a king the whole week was very rewarding activity.
I strongly recommend the course to anyone who has an interest in timber framing but not knowing where to start, you will come out of it wanting to do more and with an idea how to go about it.

- - #1317

I've only one recommendation to make: stop reading these reviews and just book it! You won't regret it - whether you want to go into framing, have a project on your house or you just fancy an interesting way to spend a week's break! Alan is a natural teacher and I left the course feeling confident enough to start my own frame and some time on I'm amassing more and more experience and confidence.

And besides, whether or not you end up taking timber framing on after the course, you will return home feeling like you've had a holiday! The woodland setting where you can pitch your tent is beautiful and the nearby Black mountains are a real sight in the mornings. Alan is a great laugh and Mary's food is absolutely amazing... any time not spent on the frame project may be spent axe throwing, trying archery, and mainly sitting round the campsite, laughing with a drink and a full stomach.

I'm really looking forward to the advanced course next month!

- - #1313

The practical work you do on Alan's course actually becomes part of a building Alan is working on.
Starting with marking out large green oak timbers, moving on to cutting joints and making pegs, each stage was well structured and explained.
Alan is a real master of his craft and a very good teacher. We had a lot of fun too.
I can't recommend it highly enough.

- - #1300

Alan has an infectious love of his craft which is hard not to catch. The course is completely hands and pushed along by enthusiasm and years of experience, the results leave you with a real sense of achievement. A truly great course fuelled by delicious home made food.

- - #1285

Having done a fair amount of research and spent a while looking for the right course, I could not have been more pleased with my choice of Hewnwood. I've since been able to put what I learned to practical use and Doing is for me the test - I can do what I learned and am building on that experience.

While the quality and depth of the course was first rate, the woodland setting, the camaraderie of Alan's team and the other participants, and last but not least Mary's cooking (not to be missed) were all inspiring and life-affirming - it was a real joy.

Real courses with real tools taught by real people. I'll be back for the advanced courses, for certain.

- - #1275

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Monday 4th May 2020
Monday 11th May 2020
Monday 22nd June 2020
Monday 29th June 2020
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