One day introductory course to candle making

Duration: One day

Price: £150

Run by: Sakeena Edoo
at Lumiere de Londres

07545 276 365

Thames-Side Studios
Unit 2, Studio 37
Harrington Way
SE18 5NR

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About the Course

Forget the same old experience days and come and learn a new skill on our 1 day Candle Making Workshop!

We offer the best value for money candle making workshop in the UK!

We teach you how to make your own candles for pleasure or to sell, in a fun non-formal environment.

Using a wide array of fragrances, colours and containers you can match it to your mood, décor or to give away as gifts.

On average you will make around eight candles on the day, which more than covers the cost of the course when you compare it to how much a high-end candle is priced.

You will learn how to use a number of different waxes and scents to create stunning candles and how to decorate the exterior of your candles.

The workshop covers:

Types of waxes

Understanding wicks

Health and Safety

Colouring candles correctly

Using fragrances correctly

Decoration techniques

Test burns and Labelling

Most candle making workshops only teach one method for the same price we are offering. But by the end of this fun candle making workshop, you will be able to design your own candles and would have made a full range including:

Cupcake Candles

Free Standing Chunk Candle

Aromatherapy Candle (with a selection of different essential oils to suit any mood)

Hand Rolled Candles

Tea Lights

Wax Melts

Scented Container Candles

Snowball Candle

You will leave the workshop with a unique array of handcrafted candles to proudly display or give away as gifts and the confidence to create many more in your own home.

We also stock a large selection of waxes, colouring, scents and containers that can be purchased on the day, so that you can dazzle your friends and family and practice your new found skills at home.

If booking with a CraftCourses voucher for part or all of the course fee, please fill in the contact form above or telephone us. Your voucher code must be provided at the point of booking.

What's included in the price?

Tools and materials are included in the course fee. As well as a day of fun and giggles!

Each class can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.

The workshop runs from 10am-4pm with an hour for lunch.

Please note: this workshop is suitable for persons 16 years old and above.

Want to review this course?

Wonderful experience! It was lovely to have such a selection of methods available and such a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher! A**

- - #12406

Fantastic fun, informative and helpful. I am leaving inspired.

- - #11875

Met my expectations and more. Allowed me to think of new ideas and give me the confidence to go out and start a business.

- - #11874

This was very informative. I feel that I can leave today and create candles with my own stamp on them. I feel motivated!

- - #11872

I attended the wax flower candle workshop. It was excellent and I learned a lot of new skills. I can't believe I much such beautiful and unusual candles in one day.
Thank you!

- - #11871

Exceptional - great fun, super teacher!

- - #11158

Very fun - something new for us and easy to replicate. Thank you Sakeena.

- - #11157

I attended the platinum candle making workshop. Lovely candles. I had a good interesting and informative day. Thank you

- - #11156

I found the variety of candles we made really interesting. I was amazed at the colours, shapes and sizes. I find it hard to believe I made these candles!

- - #10721

Enjoyed the day. I liked the small class. Lots of fun.

- - #10720

Very interesting and a lot of fun! I learnt so much and I can't wait to go home and try out some new ideas!

- - #10719

Fabulous day out!

- - #10718

A wonderful relaxing experience that I can use for personal and gifting presents.

- - #10717

I'm coming back :)

- - #10453

Great day out.

- - #10452

Fun, educational, inspiring!

- - #10451

Small class made the experience really intimate and allowed the group to get to know each other and ask questions. Loved it!!

- - #10450

Very friendly atmosphere and professional teaching and information. Thank you!

- - #10449

Great day, everything covered without being too overwhelming.

- - #10448

Very interesting and useful information. Definitely learnt a few new things.

- - #9985

It was a lovely experience and the teacher was very good at demonstrating. The course answered all my questions. Once again the teacher was excellent.

- - #9984

Very interesting, learnt a lot. Very well structured and presented.

- - #9983

Very informative and enjoyable. Can't wait to start making candles.

- - #9982

Teacher explained and presented in a very motivating, clear, understandable way; brought a very good energy and I had a lovely experience! When help was needed, she was always present as well, never felt alone.

- - #9981

Amazing, fun and greatly enjoyable.

- - #9980

Lovely day. Finally got to do something I have wanted to do for about 17 years! Small intimate class, organised, very informative and lovely people - thank you!

- - #9083


- - #9082

The training was clear and informative and I feel I have the skills and knowledge to make candles at home.

- - #9081

Excellent. Really enjoyed it. Thank you!

- - #9080

Really fun and enjoyable.

- - #9079

Very informative and interesting. I feel I learnt all I need to know to have the confidence to try making candles at home. Thank you!

- - #8653

This course was even better than I expected. Thoroughly enjoyed it. The size of the class was just right. Thank you.

- - #8320

What a wonderful and life changing experience! Sakeena - watch this space - you have changed our lives! We will give Jo Malone a run for her money!

- - #8317

Extremely pleased with step by step on how todays candles were made.

- - #8316

Simply presented, amiable presenter and very knowledgable. Enjoyed every aspect of the session.

- - #8315

It provided answers to questions that had been bugging me about my candle making experience. It was nice and fun.

- - #8314

Excellent, very informative and fun.

- - #8221

Very knowledgable, informative and very enjoyable. Thank you!

- - #8220

Excellent course. Really worth the money. Clear explanations and guidance throughout! I am really excited about developing a candle business.
(Attended the Intermediate Candle Making Workshop)

- - #8079

My knowledge of candles was previously complicated but Sakeena made it easy for me.

- - #8056

I learnt many new things about candles.

- - #8055

This course is really good. I felt that I learnt the basics of candle making.

- - #8054

Good fun. Informative. Excellent!

- - #8053

Brill!! Thank you!

- - #8051

Inspired me to get home fast and start practising!

- - #8050

Very interesting and inspiring. Would like to attend more of your courses. Loved every second. Thank you!

- - #7709

Really informative - answered a lot of technical questions that showed a wealth of experience.

- - #7444

It was a wonderful and informative day. Sakeena is an amazing instructor and really funny.

- - #7443

It was very enlightening and the methods of teaching were very easy to grasp. I love the ethics code subtly advised as I believe this will help with growing my business. I really enjoyed the creativity the class allowed me and I'll be back for the advanced classes. Thank you!

- - #7442

Informative and inspiring. Loved every minute.

- - #7441

Very informative and learned an awful lot having started from about no knowledge at all!

- - #7440

It was very good. My trainer explained what we were doing and made sure we understood. We made a variety of candles which was helpful.

- - #7402

Great fun, great trainer, good variation of candles to make. Knowledgable and informative.

- - #7401

This has been the best course that I have attended. It was fun, informative and a great tutor. I wish all tutors can be like her.

- - #7301

Well structured introduction to all things candle making. Thanks.

- - #7300

The course has shown how fun it can be and a simple way of making candles. Working with children, you need to keep their focus. The simple and easy way to make candles with children is ideal.

- - #7299

Very friendly, laid back - great atmosphere.

- - #7298

I completed the 6 day business class.
I have never done anything creative. The course was so sull of practical elements I can now confidently make candle creations. Thank you to all the team.

- - #6776

Really informative, practical and fun. Thanks so much. It's made me excited to start making!

- - #6774

Was lovely and fun. Thank you very much.

- - #6773

The day has been fun which made the learning easy.

- - #6772

I have really enjoyed being taught new skills in a friendly and creative environment. Thank you.

- - #6771

Fantastic fun and a great experience. Lots of explanation and great content. Sakeena is super knowledgeable and helpful! Thanks!

- - #6464

Fantastic workshop. We made so many candles and learned so many techniques in just one day. Sakeena's passion shines through and makes the day super fun.

- - #6463

Bloody excellent! Sakeena is a top trainer. I had the best time! Thank you.

- - #6462

I had a great candle experience today and the day made me so happy.
Thank you so much for your advice and kindness today. Loved it all. I'll be back for more classes.

- - #6461

It was the first time I made a candle and I am very proud of me!

- - #6460

This course is excellent. I love the practical element and the fact that I was making lovely candles before the end of the day. I am inspired to come for a lot more and I have no hesitation recommending this to any one else.

- - #6280

So enjoyable. A positive experience. Very happy with what I learned in a day. Thank you so much!

- - #6279

To the point, essential information, hands on great course.

- - #6223

Excellent course and learnt a lot. Looking forward to setting up a candle business with all that I have learnt today.

- - #6222

A wonderful course which was taught in a friendly and relaxed manner. I've learned different techniques and can't wait to start making my own candles. Thank you so much!

- - #6221

Fantastic. Such a fun, unique and interesting workshop. Well worth the money and a Saturday without my husband and baby girl. Very very happy!

- - #6220

I found this course very enlightening and it opened up my mind to many possibilities. I loved it.

- - #5820

I learned more than I expected. Absolutely happy! Looking forward to try at home. Thank you!

- - #5819

Absolutely enjoyed the day and learned more than what I thought possible. Thank you.

- - #5613

Absolutely fantastic. I feel confident enough to go and make my own candles and perhaps start my own business. The course exceeded my expectations and Sakeena was brilliant.

- - #5549

It was so much fun to learn how to make candles. Lots of information that I can't wait to start practicing at home. Thank you so much.

- - #5548

Amazing teacher - she's incredibly passionate about candles and shows her knowledge with many others. Pleased to be here on a Saturday afternoon! Definitely learnt more about candles than I thought.

- - #5547

Amazing! Inspiring and reassuring to know I've been taught by an extremely knowledgeable and passionate teacher! Sakeena! Thanks! See you again.

- - #5546

Excellent, very well explained, enjoyable. Thanks very much!

- - #5545


- - #5283

Very informative class. Teacher was awesome and I enjoyed every bit of the class. Thank you.

- - #5282

Really enjoyed my day. Sakeena was a great teacher, made it very relaxed and fun.

- - #5115

Fantastic, inspirational teacher. Well presented course with knowledgeable teacher. Has given me confidence in my own ability. Thank you and good luck!

- - #5114

Fantastic teacher and knowledge. Has demystified the process and feel confident in practicing and experimenting for my future candle business! Thank you!

- - #5113

This course has drawn at my creative side and shown me how easy it is to make candles. I have been inspired with confidence.

- - #5112

Brilliant! Gave me a new experience and knowledge in candle making.

- - #4964

Amazing class done by Sakeena. Expectations were overwhelming! Cannot wait to show what I have done to my friends.

- - #4963

Fascinating. I truly enjoyed every minute and time flew by! Very lucky to attend one of your classes and meet such a lovely and inspiring person like you. Very relaxing experience and great value for money. Came all the way from Egypt to do this and it was totally worth it! I am very happy and satisfied with this course. Can't wait to try it back home!

- - #4733

Amazing teacher. A pleasure to be a part of the class. Thank you so much!! I wish you all the best for the future. I will remember this experience always.

- - #4732

It's the most amazing experience I've ever had. Mixture of learning, creating, discovering new talents in my self and making what I love with the most respected teacher. Thank you so much for your time and effort and passion that you delivered it to us.

- - #4731

Fantastic way to spend a day. Never dreamed I'd feel confident enough to 'have a go' but can't wait to start. Thanks.

- - #4663

It was great fun and very informative. Did not expect to have been producing so many lovely candles in just one workshop. I am thrilled to bits!

- - #4662

Course was fabulous!

- - #4661

Course was presented in a friendly and logical way. Many techniques were demonstrated and easy to follow leading to a confidence in being able to make these on your own.

- - #4660

The workshop was wonderfully presented and loved every bit of it. Thank you so much. Can't wait to try my hand at making container candles.

- - #4659

Great workshop for beginners.

- - #4658

Great, friendly and very informative!

- - #4657

Absolutely brilliant. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to making some beautiful saleable products to become more than just a hobby.

- - #4656

Learnt lots thank you.

- - #4655

Very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Hands on learning. Thorough handouts.

- - #4654

Very friendly, relaxed environment. Loved the idea of going over everything we had learnt at the end. Thank you - great fun!

- - #4653

There are no words! A truly exceptional and informative course held in a professional and friendly manner. I'm absolutely thrilled with the day. Great value! Thank you.

- - #4058

Informative, very interesting and enjoyable. Thoroughly relaxing day!

- - #4057

A very worthwhile and enjoyable day. Nice pace. I am now very excited to start my new hobby.

- - #4022

The course is very versatile and practical. It gave me the skills to make candles of lots of different shapes, scents and colours. Sakeena was very lovely too!

- - #4021

Very informative, fun and vibrant class. I have learned a lot and enjoyed the whole process of making and finishing the products. Excellent class!

- - #4020

Very informative and fun.

- - #3922

Fantastic day - so pleased with the candles I am taking home! Thank you!

- - #3921

This was my first experience of working with wax and candles and I must say it was fabulous. I enjoyed working with Sakeena and all my doubts were answered. I was very satisfied.

- - #3920

Enjoyable way to spend a day but also very inspiring because of Sakeena and her stories. I will leave with a lot of knowledge and skills. Amazing day.

- - #3899

Sakeena was an excellent tutor - she was clear, demonstrative, firm and an excellent teacher. I loved how she checked our understanding at the end. She also did all of the above with an enjoyable sense of humour. Thank you so much!

- - #3898

I wanted to let you know that you are doing great job! Afterwards I had another course booked in very very central London with one of the top candle makers in business, but I learned all techniques better with you. The demonstration, explanation and communication was great! Very clear and understanding, and if I had any questions, they were answered!

- - #3822

I feel enabled to try anything!

- - #3807

I attended the business class where I learnt a lot and it was such a friendly environment. Everything was explained very clearly and in an understandable manner. Thank you Sakeena.

- - #3736

This course taught me how simple it is to make candles. It has given me confidence in what I felt I wanted to do. Thank you so much for all the information.

- - #3721

Thoroughly enjoyed the course!

- - #3720

Inspirational, fun, educational - such a great way to spend a day!

- - #3719

I can't thank Sakeena enough. What a lovely lady and extremely experienced but down to earth and patient. Would love to attend another workshop.

- - #3511

Sakeena was an amazing teacher, so friendly and helpful. We enjoyed every second of the course and learnt so much! Thank you for an amazing and informative day! I cannot wait to try and make candles at home.

- - #3510

Enjoyed the class. Very informative. Covered a lot of information on a variety of candles and products.

- - #3433

Fantastic course. Informative, enjoyable - a great day!

- - #3432

I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Thank you Sakeena.

- - #3389

It was just brilliant. I loved the course and found it very helpful and useful.

- - #3388

It was an excellent course. Very skilled but at the same time simple. I would definitely recommend anyone to do it. It was great fun!

- - #3346

Really enjoyed this course. Very informative and answered all the questions I came with. Can't wait to go home and get started now.

- - #3210

Loved the class. Easy and learned a lot. Can't wait to make at home...and for a future business. Thank you!

- - #3059

Excellent course. So much clear and concise information in a fun learning environment. I can't wait to do more courses. Thank you.

- - #3058

I have had an amazing day with a wonderful teacher. Simply demonstrated and lots of fun in a relaxing environment. Thank you!

- - #2870

Very well structured, inspiring and well taught. Lovely to learn so much in one day!

- - #2869

I loved the course. I know that I want to go further on making candles. The course gave me confidence on starting a business.

- - #2868

What a lovely way to learn, in a clear, concise manner, with a great teacher. Methodology, ideas and business ideas were included. I'm feeling very inspired. Thank you.

- - #2867

The course was brilliant. I enjoyed it very much. It made me feel confident to start my business. All the questions I had were answered very clearly. I'm very happy with this course. Lovely to meet you.

- - #2843

Was not sure what to expect but it surpassed my expectations. Really enjoyed the experience. It was such a fun day but learnt a lot about making candles. Looking forward to getting home and experimenting.

- - #2842

Was put on the right track and am very grateful for the experience and teaching. Thank you.

- - #2818

I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well as learning a lot about waxes, wicks, etc, especially waxes not using moulds or containers.

- - #2706

This course is including all the information about candle making for anyone who would like to learn something new.

- - #2705

I have really enjoyed today's course and cannot wait to get home and try it out!

- - #2610

I came in and figured out the course was for starters and I was advanced. Sakeena didn't hesitate in changing it for me. The course was amazing. I learned a lot from it and it was so much fun.

- - #2568

It was amazing to learn how to make beautiful candles. Sakeena was a very nice and very experienced lady. Nice to meet you.

- - #2558

Wonderful day! Very interesting and fun. Clear instructions and great results.

- - #2536

Great course, exactly tailored for what I was looking for. Thank you!

- - #2511

A very enjoyable and informative day. Clearly demonstrated, really feel like every aspect has been covered. Excited to get making candles!

- - #2510

I had a lot of fun doing this course. My teacher was excellent. The demonstrations were clear which made it easy. I cannot wait to go home and show off my new skills to my husband.

- - #2434

Great course which provides the fundamentals of candle making. Course tutor was very knowledgeable.
I had a great time.

- - #2429

Wonderful, very informative day conducted in a relaxed friendly and supportive environment. Sakeena has a lovely, motivating, charming and stimulating approach, an excellent tutor. Thank you.

- - #2424

I didn't really expect to be able to make candles in one day, but we did and learnt so much more than I expected.

- - #2356

Very enjoyable and excellent experience.

- - #2355

Great value for money and loved how you gave us information we can easily take home. Really loved the class!

- - #2354

I enjoyed it a lot. I wish it would last a few more days.

- - #2313

I enjoyed it very much and hope to be able to use it professionally.

- - #2312

I have had a wonderful day. Learnt so much to now go away and craft. Friendly and relaxed environment. Can't wait to come back and craft again. I am also shocked at how many candles we'd crafted.

- - #2289

I have looked forward to coming on this course for some time and it certainly met my expectations. I absolutely loved the course, Sakeena was an amazing teacher, it was so much fun and really informative. I have come away with lots of beautiful candles and look forward to making some more when I go home.

- - #2288

Excellent!!! So interesting, fun, educational, friendly. Gone away ready to roll.

- - #2287

Informative and productive. Gained a lot of knowledge.

- - #2252

What an amazing day. Came away learning more than I ever expected. Brilliantly presented in a light hearted but professional manner. Thank you.

- - #2133

It's perfect.

- - #2121

The course exceeded my expectations and was really fun. Worth every penny and learnt so much and can't wait to get started with my candle business! Thank you.

- - #2053

Excellent. Covered so much. In-depth. Motivating. Feels like the beginning of something. Very practical. Not swamped with boring info. Loved it. Thank you so much. Very personal. Best Christmas present ever.

- - #2052

Great fun. Puts me in good stead for starting my candle making hobby. Excellent teacher with easy to follow instructions.

- - #2010

Really in depth information and wide variety of techniques and materials demonstrated in a serious but fun way. Really inspiring.

- - #1931

The workshop was so much fun and I feel as though I have learnt such a huge amount in a fairly short space of time. Sakeena was personable and a great teacher, and it was an extra treat to take home a load of our own handmade candles!!

- - #1930

This class has given my an insight into candle making. I now have an amount of knowledge that I can use to start off a little business. Fantastic course.

- - #1929

Opened my eyes to various possibilities that candles can be used for. Thank you so very much.

- - #1928

Brilliant day - made my birthday!

- - #1927

Very inspiring and informative. Felt comfortable asking questions and keen to go home and try again myself. Thank you!

- - #1926

Fantastic course. Fun and informative and has inspired me to create my own candles at home.

- - #1867

Absolutely brilliant!!! The best course I've been on by far!

- - #1866

Really enjoyed it and definitely recommend the course. Lovely atmosphere and great workshop. 6 out of 5! Well done!

- - #1865

An art that's being lost coming back to life. Excellent experience.

- - #1853

It opened my mind and got the creative juices flowing. I can't wait to go off and do my own candles as presents and/or to sell. It was great that we did different types of candles so we could see the possibilities. Also enjoyed the small group.

- - #1841

It was fun, straight forward and enjoyable. Everything was exampled to detail. I really enjoyed how relaxed it was and learned so much in one lesson.

- - #1840


Thank you for such a wonderful fun experience. I really enjoyed your workshop and keen to get on board with another.

Sekeena - you have such a wonderful story on your journey to where you are today, thank you for sharing this with all in the class. Candle making is just so much fun and you were very patient with us all. I'd highly recommend this class.

- - #1812

Really fun, informative and relaxed day course. Learnet the basics of candle making. Small class was a plus!

- - #1794

A great days candle making, thank you Sakeena for sharing your knowledge in such a fun and relaxed environment. It was an excellent course , I left feeling confident and truly inspired by your enthusiasm, can't wait to get started.
Once again thank you.

- - #1772

I am so pleased that I decided to take one day introductory course.It has inspired me more then I expected.Looking forward to come again for more skills. Thank you Sakeena .

- - #1762

I have been on another course and this was 100% better. Sakeena is a great teacher and I learned so much in one day as well as having a had great time. Perfect cominbination. If you want to learn to make candles this is the place for you.

- - #1455

I received this candle making workshop as a gift and I have got to say it was just as fun as I was hoping it would be. Sakeena was a fantastic teacher with a great humour which really made the day enjoyable! I've learnt a variety of techniques and how to use different waxes and scents and I am now planning to stock up on my own supplies in time to sell them for Christmas. This workshop covered so many different ways to make candles that I now have the confidence to start creating my own. Thank you Sakeena I will defiantly be back for the intermediate workshop!

- - #1443

Very enjoyable day. Course itself was run in an accessible and informative way, left with ability to use the strategies straight away and with confidence. Candles made on the day were of high quality and the wide range of both styles and types of wax used added to range of experience given. I would recommend this day to those with a love of candles whether interested in making their own longer term (for themselves or as gifts to others or business) or just wanting to know more about how candles are made. It was great value for money.

- - #1435

I really enjoyed my day with Sakeena at the candle workshop, it was really fun and relaxing at the same time and I learnt a lot. I went on my own but I can imagine it would be a lovely thing to do with friends as well. I will definitely be looking out for more classes to do with Sakeena! Highly recommended :)

- - #1380

Absolutely fantastic workshop and Sakeena is just brilliant! We had a hands-on day and made a variety of candles using different techniques which we then took home with us. This class is both informative and fun, I really feel inspired!

Fantastic! Highly recommended!

- - #1305

I would definitely recommend this one day course. Came away with a lovely set of candles that are easy enough to make again at home. Sakeena was a wonderful teacher - feeling so inspired. Many thanks.

- - #1298

Absolutely amazed at what I made. The workshop was informative and very in-depth. Sakeena is a great teacher and is so willing to share her knowledge. The candles turned out great and I'm so glad I attended.

A great experience all round. Thanks so much.

- - #1278

Loved the course. Sakeena was a wonderful teacher! Learnt so much in a day and would recommend this to anyone interested in candle making.

- - #1196

I had a gorgeous few hours making candles and learning all about how to make them in the future. As well as beautiful candles, you also come away with a comprehensive guide which summarises everything you have been taught. Sakeena is a great tutor - passionate about candle making - and really keen to share her ideas and skills to give you the confidence to make candles after the course. I was a complete beginner but am now planning on making some for all the tables at my sister's wedding.

- - #1118

I really enjoyed the course. Sakeena is a great tutor, full of enthusiasm and knowledge. I arrived home with my candles which have made my house smell delicious. I feel really inspired to produce my own range of candles. Many thanks Sakeena.

- - #1036

As a first timer who has started 1 month ago doing this myself in advance to attending the course, Sakeena with her font of knowledge, history and experience of candlemaking, made me feel fully confident that I am heading in the right direction and chosen the right skill that will continue to enhance my creativity. The workshop was a very informative in a friendly environment, every question I posed was answered and clarified. Overall a fun workshop, which I will gladly encourage others to attend.

- - #964

I had a great time and was surprised at how much we learnt and accomplished in one day. The pace of the course is just right, and you get to take away a great selection of candles and melts you've made yourself. Really good fun, and I'm looking forward to applying what I learnt at home.

- - #925

Really great workshop. Lots of techniques are taught and practised, so you feel confident to go home and try them on your own by the end of the day. I took home some lovely smelling candles I'd made, to show to family and friends! The teacher has a lot of experience and can answer any questions you have.

- - #912

Absolutely great value for money. Not only is it a fun, relaxing day, but you come away with knowledge to continue making candles on your own in a way that more than pays off the price of the course. Great class sizes and a very patient teacher, especially considering everyone in the course was new to candle making. Will definitely be going back for an intermediate level course.

- - #885

It was a great experience interacting with the Lumiere team, they were accommodating to my date change needs without any hassles.

The one day workshop was fun and aptly designed for someone with no candle making experience before. Sakeena no doubt is a great teacher with always a smile on the face and willing to answer all questions even the irritating ones at time. :)
All in all a great fun workshop.

- - #783

I would highly recommend this course. It left me inspired, enthused, relaxed and gave me a sense of achievement at the lovely candles I made and took home. My home has scented and coloured candles which give a beautiful ambience. The tutor was friendly, knowledgeable and patient with me. I totally enjoyed it and cannot wait to book my next course with Lumieres de Londres. It was good value for money and a lovely experience.

- - #774

Good fun, informative, came away with a head full of ideas and aching feet:-)
Highly recommended for the complete novice: no pressure, lots of patience.

- - #744

Fantastic "hands on" day of learning with great hints & tips! Sakeena is a fun teacher that enables what look like complicated techniques to become simple with her teaching style. Highly recommended!

- - #733

Excellent course - I would highly recommend it. Sakeena is very knowledgable and excellent, patient teacher who makes the whole session lots of fun. I have done the introductory and intermediate candle classes and have booked natural remedies.

- - #693

Amazed at what I could achieve in one afternoon. Friendly, informative and relaxed. Can't wait to return!

- - #659

Attended this course today and can't stop raving about it and what I've learnt and my candles that I've brought away with me.

Sakeena and Karina are lovely ladies and Karina was brilliant in the course delivery. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and we had cake too! Can't wait to go back for the Introductory Course. Thank you again ladies.

- - #653

I attended the Introductory course in May this year and absolutely loved it. There were only 5 of us on the course which meant that our extremely patient teacher Sakeena was able to give us very individual attention. The selection of candles we made was really good, and totally inspired me to experiment when I got home. I have been making candles at home through the summer, and this week attended the intermediate course. This was a one day, one-to-one course which was brilliant. Sakeena taught me various processes to allow me to produce an array of extremely professional looking pillar candles. I would definitely recommend both courses - Sakeena is an excellent teacher and a lovely lady!

- - #650

This really is a great course if you wish to learn all about candle making; it covers so much and you really do learn all that you need to know to go solo. I had a fabulous day and felt totally inspired by the experience and cannot wait to make my own products. Sakeena is a lovely lady and an excellent teacher and I am thrilled that I made the effort to go on this course - I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about it!!

- - #599

Sakeena is a great teacher. This course focuses on the doing rather than the listening. After a few introductions we got started straight away. I learnt some really fun techniques that you just can't learn without the face to face teaching.

I took away some lovely smelling candles, and put my new skills to the test that afternoon. Great fun and highly recommended

- - #580

Amazing! This course is the best course I've been on in a very long time and is the best one day course I've ever attended. In just 6 hours Sakeena teaches the skills and practical knowledge needed to go home and start making candles immediately. The workshop if fun, interactive and you produce lots of candle of various types and sizes and using different types of wax. On top of this, Sakeena is lovely, inspiring, patient and extremely talented. I will definitely be booking onto the intermediate class!

- - #539

Sakeena provides the most wonderful course. She is phenomenally patient, creative and inspirational. I literally haven't stopped making candles since and love it even more than I could have imagined! This is all owed to having such a memorable and fun experience.

- - #533

Amazing value for money! I went with a few friends for a girls day out and throughly enjoyed every minute of it. From the moment we enquired to actually making the booking we were given a very professional service and they were very accommodating with their dates (we had to reschedule a few times).

Sakeena the tutor was an ocean of knowledge and very patient with all our questions. The day seemed to pass by very quick, in between making candles, chatting and having a really fun time (Yes, Sakeena joined in aswell!).

I would recommend this class to anyone.

- - #508

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Saturday 3rd March 2018
Saturday 14th April 2018
Saturday 12th May 2018

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