Needle Felting starter kit deluxe



This deluxe needle felting starter kit makes an ideal gift and contains the following (more details further on): 1 work base, 1 wooden handle/holder, 3 barbed needles (1 each of 3 different sizes), 1 pair of leather finger protectors in a drawstring organza bag, 2 pieces of flat felt to use on top of the work base, an illustrated Needle Felting Tips instruction sheet. The work base is approx 13cm long and approx 9cm wide and is made from polystyrene foam with a 100% cotton fabric cover hand-sewn onto it. It is essential to needle felt on top of a soft surface (otherwise the special needles will break) and this work base is ideal as it stays flat no matter how much needle felting you do and will last for years. The kit contains 2 pieces of flat felt (one rolled and tied with a ribbon for presentation) - I find it best to use a felt cover on top of my work bases so that when a project is finished, or part of a project is a different colour wool, you can remove the flat felt piece (which will contain wool fibres after needle felting) and start with a fresh piece. Also contained in the kit is a wooden handle/holder - this is a great tool for, as well as being able to use it as a handle, you can turn the needle upside down and store it safely. I have written up an instruction sheet with photos of how to do this. There are several different coloured handles - let me know if you would like a specific colour and I will try to meet your request. There are 3 special barbed needles in the kit, all different sized barbs for doing coarse to fine work. The leather finger protectors really help as it's common to accidentally catch your skin with the barbed needle and that hurts! For presentation and to keep them together, the protectors come in a drawstring organza bag. The kit comes in a biodegradable clear bag and looks very pretty so that it makes an ideal gift for Christmas or birthdays or for no special occasion other than you would like it yourself! There are variations of this kit available from my shop. Incidentally, no one else sells kits the same as these so you have uniqueness too! Each kit varies in colour combination - please let me know your preference.

What's included in the price?

Work base made from polystyrene foam and covered with 100% cotton. 2 felt pieces (work surfaces), 3 needles, 1 wooden handle/storage unit, 1 pair of leather finger shields in an organza drawstring bag. The kit comes in a biodegradable clear bag.

What you will need

Wool or a kit to make a project with.




Josephine Dawn Munroe

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I have been running Needle Felting workshops for several years now at The Hive in Shepton Mallet, Somerset and love it! We always have fun while getting on with our tasks in hand! I have a BA Hons in Creative Writing and have been running writing workshops and groups for over a decade. In my design business, Josephine Dawn Munroe, I sell original fabrics, greeting cards, handmade earrings and more. I am in the process of creating a series of needle felting/sewing kits too, such fun!

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