These are little dishes for the people you love! They are part of my 'Connections' range. The metal inclusions inside the glass change and affect each other where they meet, in the heat of the firing, just like we, as humans, do. Let's spread the love! They measure 7.8-8cm. Great for everyone's bedside or as holders for tea lights or small candles.

How this was made

I love the way different metals react with each other in the heat of the kiln! These are made with two layers of glass and copper leaf, copper wire and hand cut pewter hearts sandwiched between. Each one is different but similar. The hearts are a different shape and size. The wire in a different place. They have two firings in the kiln. Once to fuse everything together in a flat piece, then again with a mould to take on shape. Each firing lasts about 24 hours from start to opening the kiln.




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Jean and Janice have been teaching successfully together for quite a few years now. They met when Janice attended Jean's yoga classes and Janice taught Jean fused glass. The rest is history!

Suitable for

  • Romantic
  • Father's Day
  • Mother's Day
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