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About the Directors Foundation Certificate The director is ultimately responsible for every image and sound that appears on the screen – and thus for a film’s artistic success or failure. This five-week film directing course provides a detailed overview of the skills, knowledge and professional requirements for those wishing to direct for the screen. What will it cover? Week 1: The Director and the Script The script is the blueprint for a movie; it is the director’s job is to interpret the screenplay and then bring it to life. Students will first discover how a good director translates the written word into the visual elements on the screen. Analysing the script Discovering the true story Identifying key moments Finding additional visual elements Week 2: The Grammar of Directing Directors use a wide variety of shots and lenses to compose their scenes and create a vocabulary of cinematic techniques. It is especially important for directors to learn the do’s and do not’s of the grammar of directing. Camera placement and technique Framing and composition Storyboarding and previsualization as directing tools Week 3: The Director and the Rehearsal One of a director’s biggest challenges is to effectively communicate his/her vision with the cast. Therefore, it is crucial for directors to learn how to run a rehearsal in addition to creating mood and tension on-screen by inspiring the actors. In addition, this class involves working with and directing real actors. Working with actors Creating characters for the screen Tools for communicating with actors Rehearsal process and staging Week 4: Directing the Shoot It is the director’s job to oversee the production on set and on location. Using professional camera, lighting and sound equipment this class will involve shooting with a plan to having enough material to then produce and edit for the final class. • Shot lists and scheduling • The director’s focus on set • Preparing to shoot • Good communication while under pressure • Making decisions and staying flexible • Shooting for the edit Week 5: Directing the Edit In the edit, the audiovisual material collected during the shoot is organised to tell the story in the best way. It is especially important for the director to thoroughly understand the editing process. Time scale and project management explained Viewing rushes and making decisions Working with sound and music View an edit from last week’s rushes What will you achieve? On completion of the Directors Foundation Certificate, students will have acquired the skills, knowledge and confidence to then undertake their first directing projects. How will you be taught? A mix of lecture-style, demonstration and also practical instruction with tutor guidance. Weeks three and four will also involve working with actors. In addition, there will also be some further reading and additional activities suggested. Who should attend? The Directors Foundation Certificate is suitable for beginner directors, as well as those interested in finding out more about directing for the screen. It is also suitable for those seeking to refresh their existing knowledge.

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You will finish the course with: Directors Foundation Certificate Director’s Foundation Certificate includes how a director works with and interprets the screenplay, working with actors in rehearsal and on-set, and the technical aspects of directing. It will also cover what a director does on the day of the shoot, and then working with the editor.

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A computer with a good internet connection *A notebook is recommended


5 days (6:30pm to 9:00pm)

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Easy - Cancellation and a full refund can be obtained up to 2 weeks before the course starts. Start dates may be amended on request.


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