Blacksmith Metal Rose DIY Kit with video tutorial



Make your own Metal Rose! My DIY kit and instructional video will take you through a step by step process of how to create your own hand forged rose. In this kit you will receive: 3 x Petal blanks 1 x Sepal blank 1 x Stem Un-forged 12mm ø with pre forged hip and tenon 1 x Private Link to in depth instructional video on how to create the metal rose in bloom. NB: See other listings for kit with fully forged stem, instructional video only, rose kit only etc The metal rose DIY kit is aimed at those who have access to tools and equipment - heat source, anvil, vice or suitable alternatives. Hand tools - hammer, tongs, scroll tongs/pliers etc. I created this DIY kit and instructional video on how to hand forge your own rose in response to being unable to deliver my one to one in-person classes due to Covid-19. I became aware that many were people taking up blacksmithing as a hobby and having access to basic facilities, including my previous students setting up their own workshops. I recalled when I first began, I did not have a wide range of equipment and tools and so I was unable to make certain pieces. By creating the rose DIY kit I am enabling you to create a timeless project - the hand forged rose. Supplying you with the petal and sepal blanks there is no need for you design and calculate the template or try to cut them out yourself, all you have to do is hand forge them! The stem is supplied with a pre-forged hip and tenon, taking the difficulties of creating those parts out of the process too! The pre-forged stem can be supplied in two options. You can chose either Un-forged where you will have to forge down the stem from '12mm ø starting stock' or you can go for the fully forged option where I have done the hard work for you and the stem is forged to size. The fully forged option is great for those who only have a limited heat source (blow torch or equivalent) so all you have to do is texture the petals, fit and sculpt the rose. You will also have access to an in depth instructional video on how to make the rose. This will take you through how to draw down the stem, forging the petals, assembly and riveting the petals, sculpting your rose and surface finishing. I have been creating hand forged roses for many years, they even travel the world as a curated collection/installation on two cruise ships! This kit and video will offer you my knowledge and skills so you can create your own beautiful sculpted metal rose. A great project for yourself to try or a unique gift for someone who enjoys working with metal.

What's included in the price?

3 x Petal blanks 1 x Sepal blank 1 x Stem Un-forged 12mm ø with pre forged hip and tenon 1 x Private link to instructional video on how to make the rose.

What you will need

Heat source: Forge, blow torch or gas kit. You will need to heat the petals and stem. Anvil or equivalent solid metal block to forge work on. Vice or equivalent to hold rose stem when joining and shaping petals. Hammer: Cross Peen. Tongs - to hold the material when hot and scroll tongs/pliers for shaping. PPE - It is always recommended that you wear all your safety gear when making any item. A full list of suggested tools for the project is included in the video.



Suitable for

  • Adults
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  • Teenagers
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  • Wheelchair users
  • Hearing impaired
  • Limited mobility
  • Learning difficulties (SEN)
  • Father's Day
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  • Romantic
  • School holiday workshops & activities
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  • Christmas
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