Basic to Advanced, Knitting and Crochet Workshops, Leeds

Duration: 2 hours

Price: £15

Run by: Ann Norman
at Leeds Central Faith and Light

07511 571533

Just Grand Vintage Tearooms
Grand Arcade,
West Yorkshire

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About the Course

Knitting or Crochet Workshops are arranged to suit your ability and availability, where you can learn basic knitting or crochet techniques at your own pace. Find out how to knit or crochet blankets, scarves, shawls, purses, iphone covers, flowers, etc.

Learn different stitches and how to follow patterns in both knitting and crochet. Complete beginners to the more experienced knitter/crocheter welcome.

Join us for one workshop or as many as you wish.

Can join monthly crafters group to practice your new skills.

If booking with a CraftCourses voucher for part or all of the course fee, please fill in the contact form above or telephone us. Your voucher code must be provided at the point of booking.

What's included in the price?

Wool and needles/crochet hook provided for 1st workshop.
Take home your first item for free.
Crochet hook and needles used may also be bought.

Proceeds from workshops are for Leeds Central Faith and Light, a charity supporting people with learning disabilities, their families and friends.
Booking required by e-mail, phone or text.

Want to review this course?

Ann is a lovely and kind lady - giving her time to a good cause while at the same time teaching others new skills.

Being new to crochet, Ann took me through (very patiently) many of the stitches that I would require to complete a range of projects and provided me with written instructions for future use. The information Ann gave was very informative - in particular pointing out where American patterns use the same terminology to mean different things! Ann then helped me start on my larger project - without her I would not have been able to complete it. I've definitely got the bug and am two blankets in within 3 months.

I'll definitely be back for further 1-1 tuition as I explore different knitting and crochet projects, and would highly recommend Ann to others.

- - #12912

Response from Leeds Central Faith and Light:

Hi Suchi,

Thank you for your review and kind words. I am glad you enjoyed your workshop and that you are continuing with your crocheting. Your blanket looks fabulous. Thank you for sending me a picture of your work. Well done.

I would really highly recommend this course. Anne explains, demonstrates and then helps you to have a go yourself, and by the end of two hours I could crochet! I am absolutely delighted, and am already very happily making a blanket. I am planning to take a friend soon for her birthday, and will hopefully get some more pointers myself then too!
The cafe is a lovely location, and the coffee and cake just add to the great experience.

- - #12579

My friend & I attended a 2 hour workshop with Ann to learn how to crochet. Ann was brilliant, so patient & a really good teacher. She tailored the workshop to our individual abilities and at the end I felt confident to crochet the basic stitches & start to follow a pattern. I’ve tried to crochet before & not succeeded but this time I felt much more confident and really understood what to do. The written instructions that Ann gave us to take away are clear& a good reminder of what we learned. We had a great time, Ann is so easy to get on with & the Just Grand tearooms serves delicious food& drinks. Such a relaxed setting& a perfect way to spend a couple of hours on a Friday.

- - #12468

I really enjoyed my crochet session with Ann, she was very easy to get along with and helped me to advance my crochet techniques by going through a pattern with me that I am interested in attempting! The venue is a nice relaxed atmosphere too.

- - #11659

Ann is lovely and patient. I learnt a range of skills to prepare me for knitting. One to one tuition really helped, especially as Ann was hand when an issue occurred. Thank you, highly recommend.

- - #10429

Ann is a lovely kind lady, and extremely patient! Went through all sorts of crochet stitches and all done in such a lovely venue where you can enjoy amazing delicious cakes and treats at the same time! Well worth the money, a bargain considering I received 1 to 1 tuition for 2 hours! Thanks Ann!

- - #9556

I really enjoyed the two hour course, Ann was so patient with me. The time flew by I wish there were weekly classes I could attend. The tea room was a delight! Really recommend the course!

- - #9102

Absolutely fantastic Class. The tea room was the perfect location, such a nice vibe.
Ann is a wonderful teacher, very patient and caring, shes so kind.
Such amazing value for money, I couldn't ask for a better experience.
In 2hours we had tea, scones and I learned to crochet from scratch one 2 one with Ann. I was an absolute beginner, Ann's technique was very easy to pick up. I went home the same day and made a phone case that looks so good.
I would recommend this course to everyone, value for money by far, you won't find a cheaper course. And to Top it all off she does it for a wonderful charity so its all for a good cause.
Looking forward to my knitting class on Thursday :)

- - #9050

Ann is a lovely patient lady and she certainly needed to be with me as a student. It was my first attempt at crochet and I was slow to pick it up, but Ann stuck with me and even managed to find a few positives worthy of praise. The setting was lovely too in the tea rooms, worth another visit just for the curly surly brownie! Thank you Ann, I'll be back in touch for my next lesson soon.

- - #9008

Ann is a friendly, welcoming, informative teacher who was not only great at the job in hand so to speak, crochet, but was great company also. The 2 hours provide a great starting base/practice time for the skills that Ann teaches you and the surroundings of the tea room are fantastic - staff were friendly and the loose tea I chose was fantastic. This course is excellent value for money and would recommend to anyone starting to learn crochet. Thank you very much.

- - #8885

Ann kindly arrived early when we rang to say we had ordered food earlier than expected. The venue is special - we sat in the old arcade at a table belonging a vintage tea shop.
Ann has a lovely relaxed style of teaching which encouraged and gave confidence to my daughter who was very happy with her own progress. She soon learnt to recognise and often correct her own mistakes which is a very important and positive step as it enables the pupil to continue to develop skills when practicing alone.
I am looking forward to some crocheted presents.
Many thanks,

- - #8608

Spent a lovely morning with Ann in a great setting on my learn to crochet class which I have wanted to for ages. Can't wait to get started on a pattern. Thanks Ann.

- - #8557

Had a great few hrs learning knitting with Ann. The grand tearoom was so relaxing and a welcome step back in time. Can't wait to do the crochet class. Would highly recommend.
Thank you Ann and see you soon

- - #8545

I learnt to crochet as a child but had not done any for over 40 years. I was keen to try again and my son gave me the voucher and details of the course as a birthday present. What a brilliant present! Ann soon taught me a variety of stitches and with a bit of help I soon had a growing practice piece. I then progressed to a granny square which I am really pleased with. Ann taught me how to follow a pattern so that I can try new projects at home and she provided instruction sheets and some patterns to try. Ann was a friendly patient teacher and I look forward to meeting up again next month for another session.

- - #8500

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon!! My (grown up) son & I attended a workshop with Ann this afternoon & had such a great time. The Vintage Tea rooms is a great venue with gorgeous teas & cakes. Ann is a really patient teacher -we were both total beginners -but came away with a real sense of achievement having mastered the basics & being ready to practise lots & then have the option to go back & have another session with Ann. Wonderful to think that the money goes to charity too.
Thankyou Ann.

- - #8267

Ann was a pleasure to meet, a very good teacher who made it very easy to learn. The setting was so comfortable as the lessons take place in The Grand Vintage Tea Rooms in The Grand Arcade just up from the Grand Theatre. I thought the lesson was a very reasonable price and even better you feel good because Ann donates her takings to Charity. It was a relaxed morning chatting and knitting and I would recommend anybody to do it even if it just to have a change.
1st March

- - #8067

A friend and I had a 2hr session with Ann not long ago, and we went into it thinking we were going to be utter failures! Ann told us she hadn't had a failure (yet!) , and was very patient with us as she taught us how to do single, double, and treble crochets, and read crochet patterns.

I have since practiced and used these skills to make little crochet projects and learn new stitches. It's a lovely bonus that the money for the session contributes to charity.

Thanks, Ann!

- - #7897

I had a 2 hour session as a complete beginner with Ann last week, and she was great! So patient and I came away feeling totally inspired :-) I've just bought loads of supplies and have started my first project (a scarf!) Many thanks Ann, and I would recommend you to anyone :-)

- - #7734

Great class. Good location with tea and cake!
Good teacher listens and helps solve issues.
Great to know money is going to charity too.
You can crochet Ann will help you

- - #7730

Ann was a good teacher and the vintage tea rooms was a great location. Even better is proceeds go to charity so come on people sign up and have a go!

- - #7721

I've just had a two hour session with Ann and it was fantastic. Ann herself is absolutely lovely and so patient. It's been a while since I've knitted and even then it was very basic. She answered all of my questions and even demonstrated crochet which I've never seen before. The vintage tea rooms are perfect for these one to one sessions too!

- - #6640

I spent two hours today learning to crochet. What a pleasure! Ann was so friendly and patient and an excellent teacher. The Just Grand vintage tea room is a lovely environment in which to learn. Thank you.

- - #6549

I had not attempted to crochet since I was a small child so I approached my 2 hour lesson with Ann with some trepidation. I needn't have worried - Ann is a great teacher, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient. I very much enjoyed the lesson and left having completed a square and nearly completed a phone cover which I was able to finish at home. The Just Grand tea rooms are grand too and a lovely venue for the lessons.5

- - #6485

My husband arranged the lesson as a surprise for me as my childhood crochet skills were rusty to say the least. Ann is so patient and explained everything in such a practical way. I wanted to make a granny square blanket as we had these as children made by my Nana. Ann started me off with some brilliant printed instructions and practical help. I have now started a new square at home and am looking forward to it growing into a blanket. I also looked up a pattern for a Christmas star which I can now follow thanks to Ann. I think my family will all be receiving crocheted gifts this year.
Thank you so much Ann, it was lovely to meet you and I hope to have a more advanced lesson once I have more fully mastered the basics.

- - #6456

This was exactly what I needed! I had a one-to-one session with Ann and feel much more confident as a result. She worked at my pace, answered all my questions and I am now keen to start my first item. A lovely location too, so an afternoon well spent and £15 going to a good cause.

- - #6100

Me and my friend met Ann for our workshop, We really enjoyed it and Ann was fantastic and patient :)
Would recommend

- - #6091

My friend and I met Ann to learn the absolute basics of crochet. It was an enjoyable two hours of crochet, tea and chatting!

- - #5926

Met Ann on a Saturday morning in the vintage tea rooms. She was absolutely lovely and very patient with us. I have now been knitting at home and i love it. I will be going back soon for a crochet lesson.

- - #5826

Ann has started a crochet obsession for me!
I was a complete beginner (and fairly useless to be honest) but Ann was extremely patient and a great teacher. There is no way I could have picked up the basics from a video tutorial, I needed personal guidance.
I really enjoyed the class and the vintage tea room in the Grand Arcade is the perfect setting.
Ann kindly gave some patterns and instructions to take away after the class.
I will be practising and booking another class with Ann in the future to improve my skills.
Highly recommended!

- - #5761

Thankyou Ann for helping me build the skills to begin a crochet granny square blanket, I would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to learn how to crochet and build the confidence to continue independently. The vintage tea rooms are also lovely and an ideal location for this workshop. Thankyou xx

- - #5232

My daughter and I had a lovely afternoon learning to crochet for the first time.
My ten year old picked up the basic techniques really quickly and although we didn't finish the toy hammock we started at the session -we managed to continue and finish it off at home (thanks to the written notes provided by Ann).
It was a great starting point and gave us the encouragement to continue with further developing our crochet skills.
Thank you Ann !

- - #5228

My friend and I had a lovely afternoon in the Vintage tea rooms in the Grand Arcade learning to crochet. Ann has lots of patience.

- - #4458

I decided to try crochet after seeing a number of people doing it at work and making some really great items. I have a few books and also used the internet but I felt I needed a person. I found Ann online and met Saturday morning and had a great time. I started with revising a lot of the basics and found it really useful to have someone there just to check what I was doing and point out problems that I was repeating. I got a nice set of lesson notes as well as having a great laugh, a good chat and some nice coffee and cake.

The Vintage Tearooms were lovely for a visit any time, nice cakes and coffee and a lovely atmosphere. It does get busy though so either try book a table or enjoy sitting in the arcade with blankets and hot water bottles if it is chilly.

- - #4173

Ann is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher, and the stitches taught by my mum, 40 years ago, slowly came flooding back. I throughly enjoyed it and it was amazing how relaxed and transfixed by knitting I became in such a short period of time. We spend far too much time in front of PCs, phones, iPads this is a great way to spend your time. The vintage tearoooms are just worth a visit for food and drink at any time. And the Grand Arcade with its different shops is also worth a visit. I imagine
I'll be madly knitting small Christmas gifts for friends to practise, but will be back for further informal 1-1 tuition, as its really worth the money and it supports a good cause. Knitting is a dying art, so if you feel so inclined, pick it up again or try it for the first time,

- - #3654

My daughter and I had a two hour session with Ann as absolute beginners to crochet. The course was great, Ann offers individual sessions arranged for a mutually convenient time, in our case a Sunday afternoon. We met in a lovely vintage tea shop with really friendly staff who were interested in what we were doing and provided delicious home baking. Ann is very patient and provides written instructions to back up the session. We both really enjoyed the session and plan to arrange a follow up later in the year. Ann does the sessions to fundraise for a charity which supports people with learning difficulties and their families, which makes it all even more worthwhile. We would thoroughly recommend.

- - #2960

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