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Lancashire - Next course on 2nd February 2019
During this one day indoor workshop you will learn how to carve your own beautiful wooden pendant with the simple and easy to learn knife techniques that Giles has developed. Create your own unique piece of wearable wood art with nothing more than a knife and a little imagination. An infinitely portable and transferable skill set (and toolkit) that will give you the freedom to carve creatively, whether at home or out in the wilderness....
West Sussex - Next course on 20th April 2019
Are you looking for a fun day out with friends or want to get creative but don't have the tools or guidance? This is a wooden sign making workshop, where you will be able to make a really fun and decorative wooden sign, ideal for your home or as a gift. We have a variety of designs that you can choose from and some of which you can customise to your requirements. All you need...
Yorkshire - Next course on 16th March 2019
Intro to woodland hand felling Learn how to fell small trees by hand and how to process them ready for use as firewood, craft material and brash. We will use traditional woodland tools such as a bowsaw, axe, felling lever and rope to fell the trees and a billhook, pruning saw and loppers to process the wood. Trees need to be felled to keep the woodland in a healthy state and to allow other trees...
Kids pyrography course in Ecclesall Woods. Would you like to have a go at a traditional folk art? Have you ever fancied burning designs into a natural surface such as wood or leather? This course is an introduction to anyone who is interested in the art of woodburning or pyrography. The course will start with the basic techniques of pyrography focusing on wood, experimenting with different lines, textures and shading. Once you’ve grasped the basics...
Surrey - Next course on 23rd March 2019
Join artist Carol Baker for a day of sketching trees in the ancient woodland of Nower Wood. She will be helping you to use various pencils and charcoal to capture the beauty of nature. A short classroom session will be followed by time in the woods gaining inspiration to draw. Her individual approach to learning allows us to offer this course to both beginners and improvers. If you have a sketch pad (light or heavy...
Shropshire - Next course on 6th April 2019
This 2 Day Survival training course will provide you with an introduction to and good grounding in all the principles and skills necessary to survive in the wilderness. Wild Survivors' vast expertise and experiences throughout the world will develop skills you didn't even know you had, from basic fire lighting (which is not as easy as it sounds) to getting rescued, this Wild Survivors Course is designed for beginners who wish to learn from scratch,...
The aim of the course is to acquaint you with the necessary skills at the lathe and to ensure a pleasurable and rewarding experience, in an informal and friendly atmosphere. A degree of flexibility in the course content is allowed so that the emphasis can be placed where each individual student finds it most helpful. The course is very much “hands-on”. This is a one to one instruction.
This two day course is designed for those who wish to explore the art of turning hollow forms using wet wood. You will learn my technique for hollowing which simplifies the control of the wall thickness reducing the risk of destroying the piece. Learning different methods of sanding and finishing as well hints and tips on creating perfect hollow forms. The course will cover: the recognition, selection, sourcing and harvesting of suitable timbers that have...
Three day woodturning courses - please note we are now taking names for next year's courses! Hello fellow woodturners from all around the world, Would you like to turn as I do, using the same techniques and tools - conventional and modern grinds of bevels? You will learn all that is appropriate for the level of work you are involved with. There aren't any secrets - I tell it all! The way I turn takes...
Woodturning Experience Days for beginners - Come and spend a day turning your first bowl £130 per day, per person. WHEN At your convenience. The Studio operates seven days a week and we will work to suit your availability. Please get in touch to book your day. DURATION The full experience day is from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm, with a break for lunch. WHO FOR Beginners WHAT CAN YOU ACHIEVE? We are all different...