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Wood turning courses, workshops and schools across the UK. Learning to turn wood on a machine or pole lathe could become one of the most satisfying and enjoyable things in your life. Wood turning and pole lathe courses will show you how to create beautiful shapes from lumps of wood. You may make your own bespoke turned fruit bowl or a pair of candle sticks. You may also fancy learning the traditional wood-turning craft of bodging, which uses green (unseasoned) wood to make chair legs and other cylindrical parts. Browse UK wood turning courses and workshops here. 

Hampshire - Next course on 10th August 2019
Draw and write with fire - Pyrography workshop with Graham Turner Wood Turner. The event is part of Hampshire Open Studios, there will be two well known local artists Shaun Stevens, Tessa van Hasselt, Martine Mercy and myself (Graham Turner) with a display of wood turning, so there is plenty to see. Open to all ages (8 - 80+), there are seven places in each workshop. I also accept group bookings for a whole table...
MAKE and MEND is a workshop based activity group, based in Wiveton, Norfolk. It opens its doors to groups of up to 4 people who have projects of their own to do, and these can vary from repairing to renovating, to making furniture and household /garden items from scratch. The well equipped workshop is a bright and cheerful place to work and is staffed by an experienced craftsman. The Workshop is open from 2pm to...
Les Symonds is a qualified teacher with an honours degree in adult education and is a member of the Register of Professional Turners. His work has won numerous awards and accolades and has been exhibited at several galleries throughout North and Mid Wales. He is based in Bala, where he has his own small shop and gallery on the High Street, with a studio workshop at the rear where visitors can see him working. He...
Cardiff - Next course on 14th September 2019
Come and join Imants Grindulis and learn simple woodturning skills that will enable you to turn and craft your very own wooden pen that you will take home with you. This exciting workshop introduces you to the principles of using a lathe safely, care of woodworking tools, the suitability and preparation of wood for your wooden pen project and spindle turning. The wood you will use for your pen is natural and environmentally sustainable. The...
If, as a basketmaker, you are anything like me, you are always looking for something to curve your willow rods with. This workshop is an exciting extension of the popular willow and the popular woodturning workshops we offer here at the Rural Craft Centre. Come and make your own unique and personalised wooden willow winder with the expert guidance of Imants Grindulis. You will learn simple woodturning skills that will enable you to turn and...
Cardiff - Next course on 14th September 2019
This workshop is an exciting extension of the popular wooden crafted pens delivered by Imants Grindulis. If you have an interest in the beauty of wood and would like to turn your own unique wooden bowl, come and join Imants for this workshop. You will learn simple woodturning skills that will enable you to turn and craft your very own wooden bowl that you will take home with you. This exciting workshop introduces you to...
We are really happy to welcome the Yorkshire Bodger Chris Helliwell, to Greystoke along with his 8 portable lathes. Join him to learn the process of working with green wood- the importance of choosing the right sections and making the right cuts. Working on a pole lathe is very relaxing and perfect to de-stress it also requires a reasonable level of fitness. £75 adults £45 for 16 to 21 year olds when accompanied by a...
Worcestershire - Next course on 3rd August 2019
The day starts with a brief introduction over a cuppa, and demonstration of the tools and lathes. Learners are then able to begin turning a first item on the lathe using a ready mounted blank of fresh ash wood. Using simple traditional tools, the cleft green wood can be transformed into a range of useful and decorative items. Most people get 2 or more items made during the day from a wide range of possible...
Yorkshire - Next course on 26th September 2019
Make a 3-legged rustic stool. Make a rustic stool in green wood. What is green wood? Green wood is freshly felled, still sappy wood. To work it requires a set of simple techniques based on an understanding of how wood reacts - both to the tools, and to the dry and shrinking process. Because it is green, the wood is soft and easy to work with hand tools, and because of this, green woodwork creates...
Yorkshire - Next course on 10th November 2019
A course to introduce you to green wood craft and how to use a pole lathe. Have you ever wanted to make something amazing but lacked the confidence to have a go? This is the course for you and you will be developing a hobby which connects you with the environment can be profoundly satisfying. Our tutor is a skilled woodsman who makes green wood craft for a living and is keen to enthuse new...

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