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Wood turning courses

Wood turning courses, workshops and schools across the UK. Learning to turn wood on a machine or pole lathe could become one of the most satisfying and enjoyable things in your life. Wood turning and pole lathe courses will show you how to create beautiful shapes from lumps of wood. You may make your own bespoke turned fruit bowl or a pair of candle sticks. You may also fancy learning the traditional wood-turning craft of bodging, which uses green (unseasoned) wood to make chair legs and other cylindrical parts. Browse UK wood turning courses and workshops here. 

Shropshire - Next course on 7th September 2019
Great opportunity to spend a day with a master pole lathe turner to learn the basic principles and techniques to get you started You will learn: - Tool selection - Wood selection - Forming a billet and using a shave horse - Setting up a pole lathe - Turning techniques to create a number of different products The course tutor is Neill Mapes
The Course: This starts with an overview of common furniture woods and their qualities as well as the basic hand tools and how to sharpen and maintain them. Students will be introduced to basic woodworking techniques while making a beautiful wooden box in their choice of timber, with a few options for all skill levels. Finally, they will try out some finishing techniques before choosing one for their box. Next term starts in January 2019...
Cardiff - Next course on 11th May 2019
Come and join Imants Grindulis and learn simple woodturning skills that will enable you to turn and craft your very own wooden pen that you will take home with you. This exciting workshop introduces you to the principles of using a lathe safely, care of woodworking tools, the suitability and preparation of wood for your wooden pen project and spindle turning. The wood you will use for your pen is natural and environmentally sustainable. The...
Devon - Next course on 6th April 2019
Starting with an un-seasoned log, you will use traditional axe work techniques to rough-out a bowl blank ready to mount on the lathe. You will then use your own energy to operate the pole lathe, learning how to shape the outside and inside of your wooden bowl. This is a very old method of making wooden bowls by hand. At the end of the day you will go home with a bowl you have turned...
Shropshire - Next course on 12th April 2019
Make a pole lathe. Involves some carpentry, but tuition provided so no experience necessary. The lathe should be completed in the first 2 days, allowing the 3rd day for getting the hang of using it. The lathe can be packed down and transported in the back of a car. Turning tools available for sale at the course. This is a great way to get into the absorbing therapeutic activity of pole lathe turning or "bodging"....
Shropshire - Next course on 12th April 2019
This is a great way to get into the absorbing therapeutic activity of pole lathe turning or “bodging”. Bodgers are known for their resourcefulness and tend to create the tools they need from materials at hand, rather than visiting the DIY store; so bearing that in mind, building your own lathe is an ideal way to embark on this journey. The course programme: Day 1 and 2 - Marking out lathe beds - Cutting mortices...
This course is designed for those who want to take their first step into wood turning with the wish to create something on the lathe. No fuss, just fun ! You will learn how to mount a piece of wood on the lathe using a faceplate and a chuck. How to cut and shape the wood using gouges, abrasives, finishing techniques, and if you wish and there is time a little carving . You should...
For the absolute best in undivided attention, book onto a day's one to one tuition. By booking one to one, we can go over precisely what you want to know about to either give you a great start in turning or improve your existing skill. You can choose whatever you want to do on your one to one day. This is perhaps the best way to get a great foundation in woodturning if you are...
Yorkshire - Next course on 17th April 2019
Introduction to Pole Lathe Turning - one day course 9:30am-4pm A Course to introduce you to Green wood craft and how to use a Pole Lathe. Have you ever wanted to make something amazing but lacked the confidence to have a go? This is the course for you and you will be developing a hobby which connects you with the environment can be profoundly satisfying. Our Tutor is a skilled Woodsman who makes greenwood craft...
The course on Sat 4th Aug is for beginners The second day ' Pole Lathe - bowl turning' is only suitable for thse who have had some experience with using a lathe- like the day before for example. We are really happy to welcome the Yorkshire Bodger Chris Helliwell, to Greystoke along with his 8 portable lathes. Join him to learn the process of working with green wood- the importance of choosing the right sections...