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Spoon carving courses

Spoon carving courses and workshops all across the UK. Learn from experienced wooden spoon carvers - this could be the most satisfying thing you have ever done!

Devon - Next course on 19th June 2019
A comprehensive two day course with full-time green woodworker Sharif Adams, exploring traditional carving techniques from Scandinavia. Using primarily just two tools; the axe and the knife, tools which humans have used for thousands of years, you will be guided through three projects over the two days. The focus of the course will be on how to use the tools safely and efficiently, providing you with a solid foundation for further practice at home. You...
Learn to carve wooden spoons by hand using wood harvested directly from Court wood. No previous experience or tools needed - all will be provided on the day. The course / workshop takes place in the beautiful setting of Court Wood ; a 17 acre ancient woodland belonging to Llanvihangel Court and managed by the dedicated volunteers of The Crucorney Environmental Group. By the end of the day, not only will you have learned and...
West Midlands - Next course on 20th July 2019
An introduction to all things axe, knife and spoon with world renowned teacher, JoJo Wood. No previous experience required. You will spend the day producing mountains of woodchips, learning to use the tools and creating spoons for you to take home and use. A perfect first step for an absorbing hobby. JoJo is a second generation, world class spoon carver. She teaches and talks globally. Her teaching focusses heavily on technique. She aims to show...
Greater Manchester - Next course on 22nd June 2019
Carving spoons from fresh wood is a fantastic hobby that has become hugely popular recently. Turning a tree into your own practical and unique wooden spoons using an axe and special carving knives is inspiring, engaging and addictive! It's the perfect way to start working with wood. We will work together carving from a log to a cooking spoon. You'll take home a practical and beautiful utensil to use in your kitchen every day as...
North Yorkshire
There is something very satisfying about carving a spoon. Using fresh green wood and some basic tools you can very soon immerse yourself in this traditional craft. My taster session is a great introduction to this craft. During the 3 hrs we’ll work from a freshly split log to a functional spoon. I’ll guide you through the safe use of the tools needed. Initially working with an axe to rough out a blank we then...
Nottinghamshire - Next course on 2nd June 2019
Whittle away a relaxing day, using nothing but your own two hands and a few sharp tools to carve a gorgeous, tactile wooden spoon: Transform green wood from the city into beautiful, functional sculptures fit cook your dinner with! Begin to understand the subtle messages hidden inside the grain. Practice the essential grips for safe and effective carving with the knife. Hone powerful axe techniques, build your confidence & be inspired to create more! The...
Lancashire - Next course on 9th November 2019
During this one day workshop you will learn how to carve your own beautiful wooden art spoons with the simple and easy to learn knife techniques that Giles has developed. Create your own unique piece of functional wood art with nothing more than a knife and a little imagination. An infinitely portable and transferable skill set (and toolkit) that will give you the freedom to carve creatively, whether at home or out in the wilderness....
Learn to carve a medieval eating spoon from cleft green branch wood using an axe, knife and crook knife. Information on wood, tools and sharpening will also be provided. arpening Course times: 10am - 4pm Camping area or on-site yurt is sometimes available. Tutor: Mark Warwick / Jo Alexander
Oxfordshire - Next course on 31st August 2019
Make your own hand-carved spoon at the Sylva Wood Centre under the tutorship of spoon carver Martin Damen. Spoon carving is a traditional craft that most can learn. The tools required are few and affordable and the wood is usually available locally at little or no cost. You too, can learn to make beautiful and useful spoons either for your own use or as gifts that will be truly appreciated. The course requires no previous...
A one day spoon carving course in the beautiful setting of the Blackmore Vale. Create traditionally hand carved spoons from British hardwood with Paul Brayshaw of the Greenwood Workshop. This one day course will teach you how to create your own spoon, using simple hand tools. This skill can be practiced anywhere, anytime! The day will focus on: - Wood selection, teaching you the different qualities of British Hardwood species - Axe and knife techniques...