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Spoon carving courses

55 spoon carving workshops found

Spoon carving courses and workshops all across the UK. Learn from experienced wooden spoon carvers - this could be the most satisfying thing you have ever done!

West Yorkshire - Next course on 3rd August 2019
This is a one-day introduction to spoon carving where we will work together carving a cooking/stirring spoon from a log using carving axes, knives and hook knives. You will start by selecting a suitable log and cleave the timber using traditional tools and techniques. After roughing out the blanks using a carving axe you will learn the safe and effective knife grips needed to carve the outline of your spoon with a woodcarving knife. You...
Cumbria - Next course on 14th September 2019
Carving decorative and useful utensils from wood is an ancient skill. Learn the easy, time-honoured and low-tech way of carving creative spoons and gifts out of wood. Revel in shape and colours, whilst learning safe carving and finishing techniques to enable you to continue on your own. If you choose, you can add colour to your carvings or enjoy their natural beauty. The Swedish carving tradition uses mainly axe and knife, which sets it apart...
Bristol - Next course on 8th September 2019
The first in the series of sensory nature craft workshop days is Flavours of autumn, based around the wild foods outdoors in autumn. The day will start with a short foraging walk to gather blackberries, elderberries and other wild foods, then after coffee/tea and homemade seasonal cakes, there will be a 2-hour preserving and pickling workshop with chef, baker and forager Hannah from Herbs & Wild. Hannah will demonstrate how to make a seasonal foraged...
South Yorkshire
The eating spoon: Have you been spoon carving for a little while and although have grasped the basics, still struggle with the form and finishing of your spoons. This is the course for you! We will discover where the crank should lie, what shapes work best for various spoons and also some more advanced axing and knife techniques including knife finishing to take you to the next level. We will look at my spoon collection...
Two day Kuksa carving course with Jon Mac, a leading exponent of spoon and Kuksa carving. Camping and carving in beautiful rural Devon. A two day course with Jon Mac at a beautiful rural location in Torbryan, Devon. Jon will teach you how to carve a Kuksa (wooden drinking cup) from green Birch, using traditional camp or bushcraft tools, namely Axe, straight knife and hook knife. The first day will involve Axe work, blanking out...
Learn how to make a stunning spoon in silver. You will decide on your design, how deep the spoon will be and the design of the handle. Fabricate a spoon by learning how to pierce, form and solder silver. Using a template to create the shapes you want. With two separate pieces of metal you will create the bowl and handle. These will then be soldered together to make a beautiful caddy spoon. All abilities...
Devon - Next course on 5th October 2019
A comprehensive two day course with full-time green woodworker Sharif Adams, exploring traditional carving techniques from Scandinavia. Using primarily just two tools; the axe and the knife, tools which humans have used for thousands of years, you will be guided through three projects over the two days. The focus of the course will be on how to use the tools safely and efficiently, providing you with a solid foundation for further practice at home. You...
Wiltshire - Next course on 12th October 2019
Beginner’s spoon carving course Come along and spend the day with us in our semi ancient woodland near Warminster and learn how to create a spoon from green wood. During your time spent with us you will learn how to: • Select the wood for your spoon blank • Use safe sawing techniques • Mark out the spoon shape on the blank • Use stop cuts • Axe out a spoon blank • Use safe...
Learn to carve wooden spoons by hand using wood harvested directly from Court wood. No previous experience or tools needed - all will be provided on the day. The course / workshop takes place in the beautiful setting of Court Wood; a 17 acre ancient woodland belonging to Llanvihangel Court and managed by the dedicated volunteers of The Crucorney Environmental Group. By the end of the day, not only will you have learned and practised...
North Yorkshire
There is something very satisfying about carving a spoon. Using fresh green wood and some basic tools you can very soon immerse yourself in this traditional craft. My taster session is a great introduction to this craft. During the 3 hrs we’ll work from a freshly split log to a functional spoon. I’ll guide you through the safe use of the tools needed. Initially working with an axe to rough out a blank we then...

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