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Spoon carving courses

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Spoon carving courses and workshops all across the UK. Learn from experienced wooden spoon carvers - this could be the most satisfying thing you have ever done!

Yorkshire - Next course on 8th September 2019
A one-day course with Dave Jackson, basic spoon carving is an excellent, relaxing opportunity to get away from it all and do something different for a day, in the peace and tranquillity of our Woodland Craft Area. Over the day you will learn the basics of the 'age-old' craft of spoon carving using green (unseasoned) wood. You will learn various 'grasps' and carving techniques using a mora carving knife, how to carve with an axe...
Northamptonshire - Next course on 2nd November 2019
Wooden spoons have been carved for thousands of years and, for most of the population, continued as an eating utensil until relatively recently. ‘Spoon’ was originally an Anglo-Saxon word that meant ‘a chip of wood’. Spoon carving requires only a few tools and within hours you can create a unique and practical item from a wooden log! On this 1 day introductory course you will begin by learning how to cleave the wood and use...
Greater Manchester - Next course on 23rd November 2019
Carving spoons from fresh wood is a fantastic hobby that has become hugely popular recently. Turning a tree into your own practical and unique wooden spoons using an axe and special carving knives is inspiring, engaging and addictive! It's the perfect way to start working with wood. We will work together carving from a log to a cooking spoon. You'll take home a practical and beautiful utensil to use in your kitchen every day as...
Devon - Next course on 3rd August 2019
Learn to carve greenwood spoons using traditional axe and knife techniques. This course covers; - Choice of wood. You will learn about the different qualities of the main varieties of common British hardwoods and the difference between suitable and unsuitable material. - Tools. You will use three tools; axe, straight blade knife and curved 'hook' or spoon knife. The focus will be on how to use these tools safely and efficiently. All tools and wood...
Northumberland - Next course on 22nd September 2019
Do you fancy trying your hand at spoon carving? I have been managing woodlands and developing traditional craft skills for the past 6 years at Northern Wood Monkey in Northumberland. Come along and learn safe axe and knife skills in a comfortable environment and make your own spoon. No previous woodworking experience is necessary, though those with knowledge of working with wood will still find fresh challenges in the hand carved spoon. The joy of...
Greater London - Next course on 17th August 2019
This course is designed for complete beginners, so don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before. Using only an axe and knife, we will walk you through the steps to transform a log into a beautiful cooking spoon that you can take home and use in your kitchen or gift to a friend. Guided by experienced spoon carver Ben Collis, you will learn the confidence to make your own spoon at home. We’ll...
Norfolk - Next course on 10th August 2019
This course is an interactive and enjoyable introduction to green wood carving in the beautiful rural setting of the Alderfen Marshes. Let your creative juices flow as you source your green timber from the 9 acre site and then learn to split, chop and carve your log into a unique spoon. Take your new skills (and your spoon) home with you, ready to tackle your next green wood carving project. On the day you will:...
Make a Shrink Pot and Discover the magic of shrink pots. This course will run from our woodland site near Warminster in Wiltshire Shrink pots are often referred to as shrink boxes and are believed to have originated from Scandinavia. These pots are called Krympburk in Sweden, they were traditionally used for storing dry goods. The pots are made from freshly felled green wood. A section from a branch or trunk is taken depending on...
Cornwall - Next course on 3rd August 2019
We'll give you a log. You turn it into a spoon! This practical 1 day course is a great introduction to the world of green woodworking. You’ll learn about the make-up of wood and tips for identifying the best materials to use for your woodcraft. You’ll be introduced to the range of traditional tools used in green woodworking and will be given tuition in the ancient skills of crafting beautiful pieces without the need for...
Please visit the website using the link above to check on course dates and availability The aim of the Spoon Carving Taster Day is to provide an introduction to the craft of spoon carving. While no prior experience is required, the Spoon Carving Taster Day could be a follow-on course to the Knife Skills & Whittling Course or as a means to discover whether you want to take up spoon carving before doing a two-day...

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