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Traditional longbow making courses are taught across the UK. Get to grips with traditional longbow making tools and techniques such as the shave horse, spoke shave and draw knife. The legendary longbow was used in in medieval battle and is popular with modern day archers and at re-enactments.

Spend two days in an Ancient woodland nature reserve and learn how to make your very own Longbow to take home. Using only traditional tools and devices. Using Ash you will learn how to craft and manipulate it into one of the most important weapons in English history. You will also learn the history of the longbow as you work as well as learn about Ancient woodlands and associated wildlife. A relaxed weekend with the...
Cumbria - Next course on 10th August 2019
During this two day course you will start with a selected quarter length of ash called a stave which will be reduced using the traditional axe and bill hook tools of yesteryear. In time the students will each move onto a shave horse where the draw knife and finally spoke shave will be the tool of choice. The stave will then be 'trained' to bend with great care - also known as 'tiller' the bow...
Gloucestershire - Next course on 20th September 2019
We start on a Friday evening 7-9 laminating three woods together - usually hickory, lemon wood and purple heart - for the stave. Over the next two days we mark out shape and tiller the bow and make a string. We also attach and shape horn knocks and make and fit a leather handle. No previous experience is necessary as you are clearly guided step by step through each procedure. If you are over 6...
During this 3 day course you will make a fully working flat bow similar to those found at Holmegaard in Denmark which are believed to have dated from around 7000 BC. This is an ancient design of bow and is very effective. The bows made on this course will have a draw weight of over 50lbs making them suitable for the primative bow category of archery competitions. Having been taught to select and identify appropriate...
Over the course of 2 days you will learn how to craft a longbow from a laminated stave. Working only with hand tools, you will learn what to look for in a bow and how its profile affects its shooting properties. You will learn how to tiller a bow (teach it to bend) and how to make horn nocks for the ends of your bow. Finally you will learn how to make bowstrings (double loop...
New this year as an extension to our existing courses we are now proud to offer you the chance to come and make your very own Yew longbow. Over the course of 3 days we will show you how to select a stave and how to determine where the bow sits within it. You will then start to craft your bow using traditional tools and techniques. We will cover maintaining the integrity of the sap...

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