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Willow & basketry courses

Willow weaving and basketry are ancient traditional crafts practised across the world. Materials used are reeds, willow, pine straw, animal hair, hide or even baleen from the jaw of a whale. Basket and willow weaving produce decorating and useful items such as shopping baskets, ‘live’ fences, garden structures and firewood baskets. You can be as creative as you like with willow weaving and basketry once you have mastered the basic principles.

Devon - Next course on 26th June 2019
Over three days we will explore, experiment and delve into utilising the wonderful range of plants growing at Trill Farm. As much as possible we will harvest from source and discover the variety of ways in which different plants need to be gathered, stored, processed and prepared for weaving. We will harvest willow bark, cattails, soft rushes and sedges from the waterways. Nettles and other trees barks will be explored and we will keep our...
Shropshire - Next course on 9th November 2019
Learn how how  to make a traditional framed basket with professional basket maker Rachel Evans. Framed baskets are strong and versatile, useful in the  garden or for shopping  and make great  presents. You will learn: - To  source and select suitable  material - Create a frame using hazel rods - Work with a selection of willow and different  weaving techniques The course will take place at the Green Wood Centre in the  woodland hall based...
Surrey - Next course on 27th April 2019
Come to Surrey and weave a beautiful garden planter/tipi that can be used for your sweat peas , beans or annuals and even as a light sculpture. Using a variety of willow that is grown locally and from Somerset we start with a group of tall sticks and then weave a ring to bind them all together at the base. From there it is a spiraling weave all the way to the top, changing the...
Surrey - Next course on 27th April 2019
On arrival you will be greeted with a welcoming drink by the fire, a home baked delight and a potted history of willow, where to source it and how to prepare it. Once settled in and the journey to get here forgotten we begin the days weaving choosing between the projects we have on offer. Willow and cane bunting. Willow seed pods and bird feeders.
West Yorkshire - Next course on 30th March 2019
This is my most popular sculpture course! Weave your own Willow Hare, Sitting, Leaping, it’s up to you! Learn simple sculpture techniques to create a unique sculpture that has wonderful movement and form. I really love weaving these Hares and I get such good feedback from people coming on my courses. I teach this at my studio in Todmorden which is light, airy and warm to a group of no more than 8. (other animal...
Surrey - Next course on 6th April 2019
Join us for an outdoor craft workshop in the Discovery Walk Garden at Priory Farm, South Nutfield, an area of outstanding natural beauty and make a Hazel & Willow Obelisk (plant support) you can be proud of! This 2.5-hour workshop will commence by making a mini-obelisk suitable for supporting and protecting the initial growth of sweet peas in a pot, this will allow you to practise the technique of weaving using Willow. Following this, you...
Yorkshire - Next course on 5th May 2019
Hazel Hurdle Making - a one day fence making course Hurdles are traditional fence panels that have been used for a variety of different functions over the years, from animal enclosures to walls of houses. This course will give you a chance to learn with Alistair Hayhurst who is a master of this craft. Based in Wirksworth, Derbyshire Alistair sources his materials from sustainably managed woodlands, coppicing and harvesting the materials he uses during the...
Hazel can be found almost everywhere and as a result is used as a basketry material all over Europe. In England these baskets are becoming more popular and undergoing a resurgence, largely due to the efforts and research of Ruth Pybus in North Wales. I learnt to make them in 2016 and have been teaching them ever since and a recent trip to Slovenia has given me fresh ideas for basketry patterns that I'm eager...
Suffolk - Next course on 5th May 2019
This is a practical one-day course which will leave you with the skills to weave a variety of stick materials for hurdle making. We will work primarily with one and two year old willow but for those interested in weaving hazel you can be assured that the techniques are closely similar so you will find all you need to know. Course will include: • Discussion of the growing properties of willow, simple cultivation and a...
Introduction to batik with artist Layla Tutt & Introduction to basket-weaving with artist Ildiko Nagy. A wonderful day of workshops at the lovely Pavilion at Moor Green allotments, Moseley, Birmingham. Try your hand at these ancient crafts; the art of batik, using traditional tools and methods and basket-weaving using willow.