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Willow & basketry courses

Willow weaving and basketry are ancient traditional crafts practised across the world. Materials used are reeds, willow, pine straw, animal hair, hide or even baleen from the jaw of a whale. Basket and willow weaving produce decorating and useful items such as shopping baskets, ‘live’ fences, garden structures and firewood baskets. You can be as creative as you like with willow weaving and basketry once you have mastered the basic principles.

Come to this exciting new workshop at Usk Castle in June where we will create some colourful and artistic rope weave bowls. An attractive and decorative technique that many work-shoppers have been keen to try recently. We will start the day at 10am with a coffee and informal natter and then get started with the bases. The upsett and rope weave will then ensue, we will break off for lunch about 1pm and continue the...
Large Reindeer Making Workshop Get into the Christmas spirit with your very own, hand-made rustic Rudolph! This course will provide you with all the materials, tools and know-how and guide you through the process of making an eco-friendly, rustic, wooden reindeer full of character, which can sit proudly in your garden or home. No two reindeer are the same and yours will be personal to you. The course will have a fun and laid back...
Shropshire - Next course on 8th June 2019
Make a beautiful basket from hazel in this two day course. You will employ very old techniques developed over generations to split the hazel into thin flexible strips that are used to weave the basket. This course is a masterclass in green hazel working that will leave you with a huge respect for the humble tree as well as a wonderful basket that will look like no other around. These baskets are rarely seen but...
East Sussex - Next course on 30th March 2019
Learn how to make baskets from foraged materials which we gather on the day from the woodland site. On offer is a wide variety of techniques and materials including bramble, bark, bone, wild rose, grass, reed mace, bulrush. Learn about the whole cycle of production- harvesting the raw materials & processing them, through to completing a beautiful and useful basket to take home with you. Please note: courses are scheduled to coincide with the seasonal...
Somerset - Next course on 28th March 2019
Make a Willow Animal sculpture of your choice. Whilst learning Sculpting Techniques you will create a 3D interpretation of your chosen animal. It's great to come along with an ideal of the animal you would like to create. Willow artist and experienced tutor Sarah Le Breton will teach you sculpting techniques and how to maintain your finished creations, enabling your work to add charm to your garden for years to come. All Willow Sculpture Days...
Derbyshire - Next course on 8th June 2019
Join expert, Eddie Glew for this all-absorbing workshop in basketry. On day one you will weave a small round basket using traditional English and French techniques. The second day offers the chance to make a round/oval basket with a handle or another item of your choice. Alternatively you may decide to construct a large log basket or similar over the 2 days. This course is designed for all abilities from the complete novice to experienced...
Suffolk - Next course on 6th April 2019
Students will learn how to weave a sturdy Willow Heart (roughly 12 inches tall). They will learn how to create the shape and secure their piece with binding knots. These look lovely with fairy lights twisted around them and also hanging in a kitchen/on a door with flowers/herbs tied on. Students may be able to make more than one depending on time.
Leicestershire - Next course on 19th May 2019
Whether you are an absolute beginner or have previous experience of Willow Sculpture, Artist Kate Morrell will guide you in a relaxed and informal environment. Create any animal of your choosing but please bring pictures if you have something specific in mind! Learn all of the techniques required to make a truly stunning creation. We have had people make pheasants, herons, hares, cats, dogs, horse heads and even a gheko!
Surrey - Next course on 29th June 2019
Come to Surrey and create a handbag using a variety of materials. We start with an oak base and use willow for our uprights and border. In between it's up to you. We have willow in different colours, strings, wools, and paper twines which you then top with leather handles, available in different colours to match your weaving. Ideal for those who have woven before for the best results. Beginners welcome but can only weave...
Surrey RH5 6QQ - Next course on 11th May 2019
Come for a full day and weave a wooden base to create some a beautiful woven round basket with or without a wooden handle. Learning trac borders, three rod wale and either a traditional or spiral border your basket will be functional and stylish. This basket workshop is ideal for beginners and we also cover where to source the materials and how to prepare them for use.